Ducks, Swans and Waterbirds from Sunrise to Sunset
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Title:  Duck Ponds & Swan Lakes CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Approx. duration - 95 minutes

Duck Ponds & Swan Lakes with Bird and Nature Sounds

Imagine sitting by a pond while ducklings bob their soft heads in the daisies around you and birds splash in the water, giving themselves a cooling shower.
Enjoy films with misty dawns, ducks paddling in the Summer sunshine and glowing lakeside sunsets, plus majestic Swiss mountains with graceful swans on the bonus track from the Water Melodies DVD.


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Duck Ponds & Swan Lakes    Duck Ponds & Swan Lakes    

I have purchased many DVD's from this seller and highly recommend them. The quality is outstanding! This DVD is so beautiful and the music is relaxing. A must have for all you nature lovers and when you just want to "get away" from it all. Every DVD that I have purchased from this company is spectacular.
-- Karen, USA

This DVD is not only beautiful to watch, but extremely relaxing. I would love to have a pond like this in my backyard.
-- Sandra L. Germer

Tony Helsloot has surpassed himself with this dvd. If you are stuck in the rat race and cannot find peace put this dvd on, adjust the soundtrack level to your taste turn off your mobile sit back and wallow as the beautiful vistas unfold before your eyes. The geese with their young offspring following in line astern in splendid serenity are matched by the majesty of the swans and the more frantic activity of the ducks As ever with ISIS visuals the title themes are supported by beautiful shots of the surroundings. There is a useful sub menu which allows you to select your favourite scenes if you can only fit in a few minutes.
-- P.V.Williams

I love nature, wildlife, birds, etc so this DVD is perfect for me. Calming scenes and music, what more can you ask for in a nature DVD? It relaxes you and any stress you might have just slips away watching this video The photography is excellent- there is no downside to this DVD that I could find. LOVE IT!
-- Carol L

Very nice dvd that provides a feeling of calm and beauty. Recommended. I used it for a nature-loving gentleman who wanted to see some nature while ill.
-- E. Garella "Churchill" (Seattle WA)

"Peaceful DVD"

We love this DVD. It has a very calming effect. It is great for the elderly population and assisted living facilities.
-- Bernadette Walsh

"Fantastic Must Have Relaxation Video"

When I purchased this dvd I had very high expectations after viewing the preview. My expectations were not only met but exceeded!! I put this on when I'm reading or listening to music or just watch and listen. With the world seeming to get crazier by the day, this video and others like them are sorely needed. At least for me. I have bought and will continue to buy dvd's from Ambient_collection. In my humble opinion the videos are not only wonderfully made but are worth their weight in gold.
-- Jeff goldy

I like the music used on these DVD's but mostly I ...
this is the second DVD I've purchased in this series and I am realy enjoying them.
I like the music used on these DVD's but mostly I like the option to view with the
naural sounds of nature. Just have to decide which one to purchase next.
-- Katherine Webb

This video contains a shot on a small lake where geese and swans swam. in the video you can hear the sounds of animals and there is no music. This video is suitable if you don't want to watch images that change little and slowly, but nice and cute.

Review: Duck Ponds & Swan Lakes
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