Scenery of Flowers,Orchids,Lotus,and Koi Ponds
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 97 minutes

Sit back and relax with one of the most soothing and meditative DVD’s from our Ambient Collection DVD range.

‚ÄčImagine yourself sitting by tranquil ponds full of beautiful flowers and fish. Surround yourself with lush tropical plants and enjoy the calming sounds of nature or relaxing oriental ambient music.

On the Lotus Pond DVD you’ll find 2 films of pure calmness, with slowly changing scenes set to specially composed music with an oriental tint, by talented artist Denise Young. Relax whilst slowly-moving Koi fish swim around in beautifully designed lotus ponds and see close up shots of water flowers backed by gentle fountains or small waterfalls. For an even more meditative experience, select our second film with peaceful images of Buddhism-inspired water features and dreamlike scenes of floating lotus flowers. Enjoy softly-toned images and serene scenes of ponds full of fish and surrounded by vivid tropical flowers. Both films can be viewed with music or relaxing natural sounds.

A further 6 tracks on this DVD, each 10 minutes long, show 6 different pond scenes. Select a flower-filled pond to dream away by, or a pond with a fountain or waterfall to refresh yourself. All 6 tracks have selectable audio choices of music or soothing nature sounds.

*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Lotus Pond    Lotus Pond    

I recently purchased this beautiful DVD ‘Lotus Pond’ as an aid to my visual meditation practice. I could not be happier with it - just what I had hoped for and more.The picture quality is nothing short of exceptional (you really feel like you’re there) and having the options of music or natural sounds make it appropriate for different occasions, i.e. for meditation I have the natural sounds on low, whereas if I am using it during a reflexology or crystal treatment on the family, having music gently playing in the background is ideal.I like the fact I can choose from several viewing options too – although I use the meditation section, the scenes that last 10 mins could also be useful for shorter meditations, giving a calm natural time end without having to set a timer or anything.

Actually whilst I think of it, I’d like to mention how much I like it when every so often scenes converge, or go into soft focus – this gives an almost Mandela/kaleidoscope pattern type effect, which would make a lovely dvd in its own right, a sort of natures Mandela.Whilst I bought this primarily as a meditation aid it’s obviously beneficial to relaxation in so many other ways too. Infact this purchase has led me to look into some of the other dvd’s now, like the ones for indoor runners/joggers, taking you down paths, or along beaches as you exercise (much more interesting than gazing at the curtains). And what about for people with insomnia - we all know how sleepy we get gazing at open fires, let alone therapeutic use for anxiety, stress and illness.I’m very happy to have discovered this site and can think of so many applications where these dvd’s can be of benefit and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
-- Nel, Dorset, UK

Excellent product at a fair price, delivered promptly. This is everything I ask of a seller.
-- Digby Willard Engineering

What an uplifting, soothing & relaxing DVD this is! It's ideal for unwinding with in the evening. There are a number of choices of lovely films on this wonderful DVD, with a choice of soothing 'zen' music & natural sounds, making this excellent value for money. I prefer the natural sounds, but it's nice to be able to ring the changes with music aswell. You can put the two main films on to play continuously with natural sounds, which I love doing. All the tracks are beautifully filmed, and a joy to watch. I highly recommend this lovely DVD to anyone & everyone!
-- Ali H.

Beautiful - visually pleasing and very relaxing. Very good images good quality. The waterfalls selections are amazing just listening to the water relaxes the senses and watching the fishes swim is a pure joy to behold. The lotus is such a beautiful flower with amazing colors to behold.
I Love it my clients Love it. It is very soothing and relaxing. The visual diary is awesome and the calming music puts you in a most relaxing state. I have seen my client transfix in the gaze of the images when sipping a cup of tea.MOTIVATING MILLIONS TO BETTER HEALTH
-- Sharon Green, CEO/Founder

these are wonderful DVD’s. The images are beautiful and help create a tranquil, relaxed, mood. They are very good for meditation. Thanks so much for your efforts in producing them.
-- Mike, Benbrook Public Library

I bought the Lotus pond CD to use it to complement a Yoga and relaxation class that I do for an elderly group of 15 people every week. They absolutely loved it! The colors and the sounds worked very well with my relaxation class as it gave my students something to focus their attention on. I liked it so much, that I have bought another 3 cd’s to use for the same purpose. Thank you so much for the work you do and the quality of the photography which makes it easier to imagine that we are there ourselves. I will keep buying these films in future and recommend them to my friends and colleagues.
-- Lilian

Excellent quality product. Met my expectations and was surely as good as described. I highly recommend all of the DVD’s and the Sellers. Thanks for all of your great products! I now have a wonderful selection of relaxing and meditative choices for any time of day or night.
-- Thomas Ernst, PARKVILLE, MD

It is a beautiful and relaxing film. With the gorgeous colors of the lotus flowers and the peaceful, leisurely swimming of the koi fish under and around the lily pads, this DVD easily puts you into a tranquil state of mind. Even just seeing the beads of water sitting on the lily pads with the sun glistening off them is peaceful to me. It has 2 tracks, each with natural sounds, or you can have music too. While I really liked the choice of the music - especially in the first video, I am a purist about nature videos and I prefer the actual natural sounds. But either way, I loved this DVD and will be watching it whenever I want to go to a state of tranquility. Great job!!
-- Carol L

"Couldn't disagree with the negative review more!"

He missed the simplicity of this DVV in its goal to promote a meditative tranquil environment to relax to. The sounds and visual journey melts away your stress until you think you r sitting at the edge of the Pond enjoying the gentle movements if the lotus flowers in the water.Yiu don't need special effects and an orchestrated score to enjoy what the DVD has to offer...
-- Edward rodriguez

"Excellent DVD."

-- PB

good product
-- Amazon Customer

Beautifully produced! very soothing!
-- Richard Costa

Review: Lotus Pond
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