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Title:  Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 65 minutes

Clown fish are playful and cheerful fish that will brighten up your day. This DVD creates a refreshing ambiance in any environment and kids will love it as they recognize the funny clown fish and its friends from the movie Finding Nemo. 

In three beautiful movies you will discover a great variety of clown fish (anemone fish) and their friends in their natural habitat. 

Discover a great variety of clown fish in bright orange, red pink and even black darting through the waving anemones and colourful corals. 

Follow a stunning sea turtles on a peaceful journey through the deep blue ocean. Glide through beautiful corals in all kinds of shapes and colours and surround yourself with stunning tropical fish. 

Let the slowly changing images of stunning underwater scenes relax you even further. Ideal to play in the background while you are reading, working or playing with your kids. 

This underwater movie is ideal to create a relaxing atmosphere for children as you can play it with relaxing music and ocean sounds. 

The movie is filmed using the highest quality HD cameras and it repeats automatically for endless relaxation on your TV-screen.

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Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean    

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

The real Nemo
Amazing that the characters and relationships among fish can be so diverse! Another beautiful film by Tony and Liz with incredible underwater footage by Klemens Gann. I work in marine science as a biologist and I must say that the quality of this work is truly exceptional. A must have!
Simon, marine biologist

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

The life of a clown fish
Very nice and relaxing scenes of clown fish (anemone fish). This DVD is shows very good clips from the real life and behavior of these amazing marine animals. It is a wonderful dive at home in the living room. The beauty of the underwater world in the form of clown fish creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere for more than an hour. Top DVD, here is not only the price fair - but also the qualityin HD! With a good conscience I can recommend the DVD with my best intensions!
Jim, Kent, U.K.

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

Nemo and Friends at Home
Actually I bought this DVD for my children because of the clown fish or Nemo, but then I found myself sitting banned in front of the television. This film is very nice with quiet music and fantastic images of clownfish. Wonderful various anemonefish swim here in their natural environment. Nemo the clown fish attracts through its vibrant orange coloration and many more marine animals like turtles, colorful fish, shrimps and impressive variety of anemones are assembled on this wonderful DVD.
The HD quality is excellent and the image is sharp and crisp.
An underwater adventure for the whole family.
Peter, underwater photographer

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

You just have to love Nemo and this DVD with the real Clown Fish is simply beautiful. I didn't know that there are so many species of anemone fish and so many colorful anemones where the clown fish live in. The DVD is vsery relaxing and offers an extra film with "Nemo's friends" including turtles, shrimps and many more beautiful marine animals. A fantastic Underwater DVD, thanks a lot.
Kirstin, colorado

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

What a wonderful Underwater DVD of the Clown Fish living in the Ocean. Originally bought for my children I realized that I enjoyed this Ocean DVD as well and by now play it many times as it helps me to relax and entertains me at the same time. The images are crystal clear and the underwater scenery look peaceful. Thanks a lot for this fantastic DVD.
Adriane, Netherlands

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

The natural answer to Nemo and what an answer. This is a beautiful Underwater DVD about the clown fish in the tropical ocean including many different anemone fishes, shrimps, trtles, colorful coral reefs and beautiful Ocean scenes. Thanks a lot for this colorful relaxing Ocean DVD for the whole family.
Tina, Germany

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

Beautiful Ocean DVD with Clown fishes underwater in their natural habitat. The delivery of the DVD was fast, the packaging beautiful, nice Underwater cover and the help via your website excellent. Thanks for all.
Regina, Switzerland

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

This is the best Ocean DVD I have as of now in my great Underwater DVD collection. I will have to buy some more of your Ocean DVD and hope that the quality is the same. As for now thank you already very much and I will purchase more in the future.
Tom, Belgium

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

I purchased the DVD through because my two year old grandson likes fish. The DVD production is beautiful with bright colors and soft music. It is ideal for playing on a computer just before nap time. The photography is very settling and peaceful. I would imagine this type of DVD would be great for many uses with children and older insomniacs such as in nursing homes. it is nice to have it run on the TV for everybody. It is well worth its price for what it accomplishes.

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

It’s amazing how Clown fish swim about in those Anenomes, and they are poison to most fish. Amazing. Brilliant video Bravo!.
Youtube Visitor

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

My nephew who loves all things clown fish is going to love this video for his birthday. The DVD is over an hour long so this will be a big hit!
Angela Hays, MI

Review of the Ocean DVD: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean

Dazzling while restful,
Fine resolution and brilliant colors. This is an enjoyable and mesmerizing DVD. Love the music. Excellent photographic subjects.

This dvd is delightful...I really like it. I can't help but think of Nemo when I watch the clown fish. They seem to have so much fun swimming in and out of the sea anemones. The turtles in it are so graceful and seem so at peace. This is a great dvd to put on loop and let it go through the whole day. You can choose between sea sounds and music. I prefer the soothing music that I can listen to throughout the house.

My opinion is that this DVD is not just for kids as some people have mentioned in reviews. While I can see how they'd like it - especially with Nemo and all, anyone who loves watching fish, etc will love this video. Swimming creatures are so calming and yes, mesmerizing to people like me, who need the peacefulness of watching this kind of video. The photography, as usual, is absolutely beautiful and well done. So colorful, and the music is excellent as well. I too, prefer that to the sounds of the sea.

All in all, another 5 star DVD! Keep up the good work!
Carol L

Review: Clown Fish of the Tropical Ocean
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