Virtual Cycle Rides - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Enjoy Amsterdam and its surroundings in six stunning walks / cycle tours.

Amsterdam offers a surprising combination of a 17th century historical atmosphere and a modern metropolis mentality. Walk through the Old Town with its small, intimate streets and famous canals, cycle through the beautiful green surroundings along the Amstel River or join the locals at The Vondelpark.

These stunning videos allow you to explore Amsterdam without leaving your home.

The videos are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD camera system and professional sound recording equipment to create a real life experience.

Cardio Workouts
Amsterdam is one of the most cycle-friendliest cities of the world. The videos are recorded at fast pace, ideal for a work out on your exercise bike or a fast run on your treadmill
So step on your treadmill, exercise bike, stair stepper or elliptical machine and explore all the unique must-sees in Amsterdam.

Health benefits 
Our Virtual Walks DVDs support people who are recovering from an injury, seniors and Alzheimer’s patients. The DVDS make it possible to virtually travel around the world and exercise safely and healthily. Doctors have indicated that patients recover faster and have more fun during their recovery.

Explore by bicycle a city just meant for cycling! 
What a wonderful taste of Amsterdam this DVD provides. From bustling streets to woodland parks to open countryside along the canal. Moving between dappled shade and bright sunshine. 
You pass through residential streets, beside canals, tram lines and historic buildings and mingle with tourists, shoppers and many, many fellow cyclists!  
The sounds of bird song, chatter, children, dogs and above all the merry jingling of bicycle bells all accompany you on your journey. 
Amsterdam is a vibrant city and with this DVD you will really feel like you are there, surrounded by your fellow cyclists. 
I'll get on with the rest of the DVDs now too! 

Many thanks
Jill Leslie

Virtual Cycle Amsterdam Vondelpark Original Sounds 0:21:54 in length

I really enjoyed this video, it was like I was there riding through the park with
all the activity around me. I could go at my own pace and enjoy the sounds and
scenery without a clock timer to push me along. I love that I can visit different
parts of the world from my home and get a glimpse of how others live and enjoy
life. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!
Mary Sun

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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