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Take a stunning walk through elegant and fashionable Milan: a perfect mix of a bustling city centre and a refreshing and calming city park.

Milan is a surprising Metropolis, famous for its design and fashion. Stroll over Piazza del Duomo and gaze at the extravagant Gothic Cathedral the Duomo. After a refreshing walk through a lush green city park with the stunning Arco della Pace you visit the amazing Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a huge glass-roofed shopping centre with luxurious boutiques and beautiful mosaics.

This video allows you to experience beautiful Milan without leaving your house. The natural sounds, recorded on location enhance the realistic experience.

Health Benefits
Our Virtual Walks DVDs provide a change of scenery and the possibility to discover the world without travelling. It stimulates the mind and creates a fun, relaxing ambiance.

Milan Walk (downloaded) has a good balance between nature and urban environments and is a very nice walk, with lots to see. The first half of the video is spent walking in a large city park, with many old trees and a peaceful atmosphere. The latter part of this walk takes you to the busy forecourt of the Milan Duomo, then through the inside of the large Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and its elegant boutiques, where you can admire the magnificent glass roof and cupula. Further walking around the Duomo follows. The pace is perfect for walking. Recommended!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

The Walk through Milan inspired me immediately. You really get to see very much of the city on this walk/run. Whether you want to see attractions, a beautiful park, or simply want to stroll through the city with other tourists, here you have it all together. It is very varied. Sometimes you walk through nature, but then again a lot of people pass through the hustle and bustle of the city. You go through the luxurious roofed shopping street with fantastic glass roofs and beautiful mosaic floors. With this video the workout at home makes great fun.
Rita, Germany

Review: Virtual Walks - Milan, Italy
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