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Title:  Nature Walks - Tropical Safari with Birds CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Nature Walks - Tropical Safari with Birds

Take a walk thru the Keoladeo National Park, formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in India. Walk I takes you on a narrow trail where you are alone with the wildlife around you, hearing the sounds of exotic birds, walking with the occasional Brahman cow or group of monkeys, with stops for close-ups of birds and wildlife. Walk II takes you on a wider path thru a well-travelled part of the sanctuary, where you will pass other travelers, horse drawn carts, and will dodge pedestrians and pedicabs. Here, too, you will be serenaded by the birds and view assorted wildlife vignettes. Walk III takes you on a walk through a wetland area where you will be alone with the birds and wildlife except for some nature photographers toward the end of the walk. The quality of the video throughout is stunning. And the video is rock-solid despite the uneven unpaved or paved, cracked sections of the trails. Finally, I was amazed how the videographers were able to dodge the pedicabs that brushed by the camera rig on such narrow trails. I use this and other World Nature Videos to walk to exotic locations on my treadmill workouts.
Anthony Kizlauskas

Review: Nature Walks - Tropical Safari with Birds
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