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Title:  Virtual Walks - Lavender Fields, France CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Turn your cardio workouts into virtual journeys and stay in shape. Step on your treadmill or stationary bike and explore the most beautiful lavender fields of france.

Seniors and people who have alzheimer disease can really benefit from our virtual walks dvds. Several doctors have indicated that the movies stimulate the mind and help to relax. Nursing homes play the movies during exercises or just to create a calming ambiance.

THREE COLORFUL VIRTUAL WALKS...The amazing scenery and atmosphere make the lavender fields one of the summer must-sees in the provence. Walk or ride some of the most scenic routes in france. Imagine yourself breathing in the wonderful smell of lavender and feel the fresh air in your face.

Experience a stunning walk over many small paths while you enjoy amazing views over bright purple lavender fields and amber gold wheat fields. End your walk in a magical scenery as the sun fills the valley with a soft golden light. 
As you descend the mountain road you walk towards the beautiful and photogenic village salt, surrounded by breathtaking lavender fields. The soothing sounds of the birds give this amazing scenery a calming atmosphere. 
WALK 3 – 20:01 MINUTES
This unique walk gives you a glimpse of the warm culture of the provence. You start passing a picturesque, authentic french village overlooking lavender fields under a perfect blues sky. As you walk further you discover farms, cottages and lavender mills. Enjoy the soothing sounds of crickets, birds and bees. 

All walks are complemented by nature sounds, recorded on location.

All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized hd camera system and repeat automatically for an endless workout. 

Do you have a fitness centre and want to offer your customers something extra that allows them to intensify their workout routines? Our series of fitness journey and virtual walk dvds are designed for use in gyms for treadmills, stationary bikes, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and steppers.

ISBN:  646809738128
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Virtual Walks - Lavender Fields, France    

My favourite scent is Lavender, so I had to have this new Virtual Walk DVD, which I received today! Just the thought of being in the lavender fields of France was enough for me to place the order. The 3 walks are beautiful and very serene, isolated from the stress and noise of modern city living. The HD quality of the video is great! I don't own a treadmill, but I use these Virtual Walks DVDs (I have many) with my stationary bike for indoor cycling and the pace is just right for a leisurely bike ride at moderate speed. I must say that the trailer doesn't do this DVD justice, because the full DVD is much nicer than the trailer. Some parts of the video are almost like a tapestry, with beautiful shades of green, gold and the purple of the lavender blooms. You get to see some farm buildings along the way and pass through some stone-walled towns. I usually play 2 walks continuously for a 40 minute ride, but you can do all 3 for a full hour. It also loops for a longer workout. Very nice DVD for walking/jogging and even bike riding!!
Margarita Ney - Brisbane, Australia

This is such a tranquil dvd. It's perfect for an early morning walk. You walk or ride through the fields with all the of the beautiful purple lavender. You hear all of the birds & crickets & it is so peaceful. On the other walk you come up on a beautiful village with the sound of bells and then walk through more fields & see cottages. Just a great dvd to get you day started.
Regina Butler

This DVD is ideal for a relaxed workout, it exudes a sense of infinite peace. Here you meet almost nobody and only occasionally a car comes by. You only can hear birdsong and the ringing of bells. Whether you want to work out on the treadmill, exercise bike or stepper, everything works perfectly with this DVD. The speed of the video works with any of these. Sometimes you pass rocks, but you also pass by a small alley of a village, then again you can see the width of the lavender fields. The colors are very soothing and beautiful to look at. A very nice DVD where it all fits together.
Rita, Germany

I couldn’t wait to “walk” through the French lavender fields. Have read about them, and this is definitely the closest I will come. This lovely DVD contains 3 walks (although it could probably be used with a stationary bike as well as a treadmill), and it displayed beautifully on my HDTV.

Walk 1 provides a leisurely pace taken on paths going by meadows, lavender fields, wheat fields, and trees, and is accentuated by bright blue skies and clouds. The nature sounds (birds and crickets) only enhanced the adventure. The only thing missing was the scent of fresh lavender in the air! Quite relaxing and with no outside interference – just pure nature.

Walk 2 starts on a mountain road above a small and picturesque village. I loved the varied scenery while the road wound down into the valley. Enjoyed the occasional building and even a car once in a while. This segment showed more of the countryside, as well as the lavender fields, and was totally delightful.

Walk 3 starts off by coming into a French village. The stonework is amazing, the roads are narrow, and the church bells were wonderful. The walk then opens up into meadows, farmlands, and lavender fields, and is accentuated by the fabulous sounds of nature from birds to bees. You still walk by the occasional farm and cottage, too. It’s an absolutely stunning snapshot of a French rural area.

I think this DVD is perfect for either exercising or just relaxing. Personally, I liked Walk 3 the best as I felt immersed in not only the beautiful scenery and lavender fields but also the ambiance and warmth of the French countryside.

Jeannine - USA

I love lavender and I love this DVD. It is actually one of my favorites, because it is so tranquil and provides such a peaceful walking environment. This DVD offers three twenty minute walks filmed in high quality HD through beautiful countryside, small villages with stone walls and along lovely brilliant purple fields of lavender. The colors in this DVD are magnificent. I enjoy burning a lavender scented candle during my exercise session which in my case includes my gazelle. These walks provide a good workout for an exercise bike, treadmill (great for a walk or a jog) or a Gazelle. Sometimes I play my own music in the background or just enjoy the sounds of crickets and birds on the DVD.

Pam Moorman

This program is a great way to exercise, and it generates wonderful feelings of invigoration and well-being for me. The scenery is beautiful with verdant green hills and many rows of lovely, deep purple lavender in bloom; and the wonderful cloud formations amid the bright blue skies add to the relaxed summery atmosphere. I sometimes use lavender scents to enhance my enjoyment as I watch.

The invigorating sounds of birdsong and crickets merge with a church bell ringing across the hillsides. I enjoy moving through the small French village; it is pleasant to walk along the mix of small lanes and footpaths past farms with green grass and golden fields of wheat. In one section, there are picturesque buildings on the hillside to the right and glorious lavender fields to the left. I find this DVD really calming, and the time seems to pass very quickly while I am exercising.
- Joanne H

I really love this Virtual video I have purchased. It is so relaxing and soothing. I felt like a traveler without leaving my apartment and the scenery is so beautiful. I just put it on and let it play continuously. With all the terrible and tragic events that is going on in the world today, this is the perfect DVD to just relax and unwind and to have a little bit of peace and calmness in your own place. I highly recommend this DVD even if you don't do the actual virtual walking.
C. Goodwin

-- Sheila D. Hicks

"The scenery is beautiful and the path is intriguing"

This DVD makes my time on my elliptical very pleasant. The scenery is beautiful and the path is intriguing.
I love this one and will be ordering more of other places. They have a great variety.
-- Prime shopper

"... this DVD to use with my treadmill and I love it! It's filmed to look like you're actually ..."

I bought this DVD to use with my treadmill and I love it! It's filmed to look like you're actually walking outside. You hear birds chirping and see the grass and trees swaying when the wind blows. Some scenes take you past a Marina where there are people talking and they look your way as if you're actually walking their way. It beats staring at a blank wall in the exercise room.
-- Bonnie M. Bellinger

I use this video to jog on a trampoline...the scenery is stunning. This is my " go to" video when we have extended periods of cloudy and rainy lifts my spirits! You can almost smell the lavender, and the solitude of the road is so relaxing. Church bells and stunning vistas are especially enchanting.

Review: Virtual Walks - Lavender Fields, France
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