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Title:  Ocean Waves with Sounds of the Sea CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 90 minutes

Marvel at Stunning Ocean Waves

Filmed in USA, Australia, Bali, Philippines, Thailand and Portugal, enjoy breathtaking views of captivating images of crashing waves, moody misty cliff scenery and spectacular sunsets over tropical oceans.

The immensity of the water will impress you with scenes of dramatic coastline images of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Parts of the scenes are filmed in aerial cinematography. Also see huge whales, wonderful seabirds and massive meter high waves.

Get to see amazing and romantic views of the ocean in the evening with the reflections of the sun in the water. The sound is equally dramatic with realistic waves and sea sounds all sync with the scenery to make this an unforgettable experience.

Wait, There's More

Included with this DVD you will get the same set of videos but in Full HD resolution in the digital MP4 format, which will look fantastic on any 4K TV and Mobile Devices when you're on the go. In the DVD package you will find a card stating the instructions on how to download those great 4K videos.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Ocean Waves with Sounds of the Sea     

I watched this movie a few times and I think I think this is a very nice movie. Beautifully filmed & beautiful images of the various beaches & waves. An ideal atmosphere / relaxation film to enjoy, especially on an evening when you do not want to have other things on your mind.

Segment one: waves day, 25 minutes. The ocean. Vast. Serene. Rolling. Peaceful. Terrifying. Waves are one of Mother Nature’s most mighty forces and this video captures them in all permutations all over the world. While you enjoy these wonders of nature, you catch a glimpse of a whale and enjoy a peaceful sunset accompanied by the ambient roar of the powerful sea.
Segment two: waves sunset, 25 minutes. A whale rolls joyfully as mist and clouds close in nearby. How wonderful it would be just to sit in this place! We are there in spirit as we look for a spot on the beach or atop one of the many cliffs to take in the sun, setting behind an uninterrupted horizon. There is not just one glorious day’s end here…there are many sunsets to enjoy!
Segment three: Atlantic, 19 minutes. Turquoise waves glide over a pristine beach on a cloudless day. Still accompanied by ambient sounds, this segment concludes with yet another glorious sunset.
Segment four: cliff view, 10 minutes. This is a stationary view of rocky cliffs and the shoreline below.
Segment five: cliff view, 10 minutes. Another stationary view of waves rolling over the rocks on the shore.
This DVD can be played to enjoy each segment on its own or in the play all mode. It is 90 minutes of wonderful relaxation!

I have recently purchased the Ocean Waves dvd and I love it to bits. let me explain, I lived all my young life by the sea and now I live in the middle of the UK so far away and I miss it very much. This dvd gives me the experience of not only sound buy I can almost smell the ozone with the dramatic crashing waves. The photography is wonderful,and the added shot of whales is a treat. I wholeheartedly recommend this dvd.
Lilias Darcy-Fox

Review: Ocean Waves with Sounds of the Sea
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