Christmas Scenery and Lights and Falling Snow
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Title:  Christmas CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes

The main films shows several Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and festive lights. 
Perfect during a cosy Christmas dinner or while opening your presents. 
The Christmas songs enhance the special Christmas feeling. 

Enjoy a calming and warming fireplace with Christmas music, the real sounds of the crackling fire, or a mix of both. 
Two further tracks with soothing images of burning candles create a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. 

Create a white Christmas whenever you want with the winter movies. 
Dream away with the falling snow and flowing rivers. 

Celebrate your holidays and New Year's Eve with a great spectacle of several firework shows, with a ten second countdown timer. 

All the tracks can be played with the best Christmas songs. 

This cozy and warming Christmas DVD is filmed with the highest quality HD cameras. 
All films are programmed to repeat automatically for an endless Christmas experience.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Christmas    Christmas    

Review of the Christmas DVD

With all their wonderful memories, holidays can be filled with stress. Getting caught up in the chaos of shopping & spending afternoons in the cold, decorating can wear you out. At the end of these long days, curl up with a warm blanket and take a look at the newest DVD from Isis: Christmas.

Run time is 2 hours, but will play continuously until stopped. The different categories are marked as chapters. First up is The Christmas Film. From scene one, you can’t help but smile. Christmas carols play as scenes range from a beautiful nativity to a city with lights in a canopy over a bustling street. Inflatables arranged in a festive display, stunning ornaments, and even Old Saint Nick greets us as we watch.

‘Fireplace’ is the next chapter. View it with or without the instrumentals and with or without the fireplace sounds. How delightful! Perfect for a home without a fireplace or for children who can’t be near a fire, viewers receive all the benefits on their screens. Very romantic, too!

‘Fireworks Show’ is one continuous Grand Finale. As they explode, cascading lights fill the screen in beautiful color. Hearts & other shapes are created in the sky. This one would be the perfect chapter to have playing during you New Year’s Eve party.

Silent Night begins playing as ‘Candles’ starts. Individuals & trios or candles are grouped together in these scenes. It is just so relaxing to look at that it’s mesmerizing. ‘Glitter’ gives you the same feeling. Shiny splashes of light dance around during the songs. Toddlers won’t be able to stop staring.

‘Winterland’ was our favorite. Rural scenes with snow-capped trees and hillsides are displayed in all their beauty. It just felt like home. Those who either have city homes or aren’t in an area with snow will adore these scenes.

My first thought when viewing the DVD was how awesome this would be for a first time mom. It is so calm & relaxing to watch. Mom could rock her new baby in a chair while instrumentals play during the elegant scenes. I believe it would be a perfect gift for someone expecting or with a newborn for the holidays. Honestly, anyone would love it. Think of those on your list who are always busy with a demanding job or who travel a great deal. What a wonderful way for them to unwind! Give the gift of relaxation.
Liz Terek,

Review of the Christmas DVD

This DVD is full of Christmas wonderland making the festive season magical for all the family.Starting with a selection of familiar items including Santa,snowmen and reindeer surrounded by decorated trees and colourful bright fairy lights with carols playing throughout. There's also a roaring fire to relax in front of after dinner or if you prefer why not watch a scene of winterland with snow falling on a creek. I think this Christmas DVD has something for everyone and once Christmas is over you can still bring it out to play again to see in the new year as it has a firework show included. I look forward to playing this DVD for many years to come.
Dean Fletcher,UK

Review of the Christmas DVD

I have, over the years, acquired many ambient DVD's. Beaches, aquariums, name it I bought it! Christmas in truth should be the easiest of genre to come across but oddly enough I have never found a collection suitable enough. I have fireplaces, outdoors and fireworks dvd's but why this one wins hands down is because everything is in one stop shop package. There are different films that you can loop or play in succession of one another (you can choose different options from the menu) and they range from twinkly lights and Christmas ornaments to snow scenes in a countryside, firework displays to a log fire, and lit candles. Some films such as the candles and the snow scenes are available in two choices which, again, adds to the fun. All are beautifully filmed and edited. What is also worthy of note is that you can have a variety of soundtracks from musical backgrounds to just the crackle of the log fire or the bang of the fireworks. This is the ONE DVD I shall use this year from Christmas Eve right through New Year's eve as it has everything I need. Gone are the days where I have had to try produce my own (slideshows of reindeers!) or have three or four DVD's at the ready... I will actually buy a couple for friends as presents because it is a terrific value disc for those who do not necessarily buy ambient videos...everyone loves the right mood at Christmas! Recommended.

Review of the Christmas DVD

I bought this one for my good friend and neighbor who is crazy for Christmas and loves to have people over. I can see her playing it during one of her Xmas parties. I think she'll love the fireplace both with the fire sounds or the Xmas music. Same with the videos of snow falling on a river etc. and Christmas decorations and candles. I like the sparkles on the lake, which remind be my childhood at the cottage.
John Woolfrey - CANADA

Review of the Christmas DVD

Hard to make up my mind what to choose -- you have so many! Such excellent photography. I don't want anything with background music. I'd like anything with birdsong. And I'm interested in aquariums. Maybe another fireplace or two. Cheers! I am really happy with my Fire Ambient DVD. I've had real fireplace for most of my life, and I'm fed up with the mess and bother. On the widescreen TV in my apartment, I enjoy it almost as much. I can see it out the corner of my eye as I work at my desk, and my guests love it too. I burn Chinese stick incense, the kind that smells like woodsmoke, to add that 'odourama' effect, which contributes more to the realism! Speaking of which, the psychological effect is such that if it's not cool in the house, I start to feel warm. The sound is great, too. In fact, when I hear a log fall against the andiron, I start: I have a reflex action to push the log to the back of the fireplace! And I love the way the fires progress -- way better than a gas fake fireplace. And I often just put on the video of the plain gas flames, too, which fit in with my modern décor. The campfire with the crickets chirping was a lot of fun when we had friends over for dinner this summer. I enjoy rainy Saturday afternoons when I can curl up on the couch and listen to the sounds of the gently crackling fire. I can't wait for the cool evenings to 'light' a fire, and soon enough there'll be Christmas. Good job, Ambient people. I will buy some as gifts. My parents will love it!
John Woolfrey - Canada

This DVD is very nice to have on as background video and music during the Christmas season. The images of Christmas figures and lights are very pleasant, and the nature scenes are very relaxing. The DVD has several options that can be used to fit different moods or events. At different times it may be more appropriate to view the wintry nature scenes, or the candle scenes, or the tree and ornament scenes. The music is pleasant and would not intrude as background music during an event. I think this would be appropriate in homes, retail environments or health clinics.
Greg Irwin

Review of the Christmas DVD

enjoyable ambiance,
My husband and I have found the fireplace very relaxing, especially with just our Christmas tree lit in the room. That and some quiet music makes you want to just snuggle together and doze off. Grandbaby will love the fireworks! Thanks!
J. Stewart "avid reader" - US

Review of the Christmas DVD

love snow!!!,
The snow scenes were very nice. I had hoped, however, to have the snow piling up. I understand that you have a DVD that shows the landscape slowing filling up with the snow and there is a creek in the picture as well that fills up with snow. Then the scene plays over again. If it is possible, I would very much like to have such a DVD. Thanking you in advance, Dr. Carole
Dr. Carole

Review of the Christmas DVD

I Loved this DVD as I felt like I was there with the snow falling . I live in Virginia Beach and we don't see snow very often so I put the dvd in and enjoy the snow falling without having too shovel or get wet in. The fireplace comes with music or of the sounds of a fireplace. I love the sounds of the fireplace it's like curling up in front of the fire. Late at night reading a book I can feel the heat from the fireplace. It's a good deal I highly recommend this DVD. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Robbie - va. beach, Virginia

Review of the Christmas DVD

Great DVD,
I have a 55" TV above my fireplace . During the holidays, I used the DVD to add holiday music and background to my living room and dining room during parties. Sure beats a big black TV for ambiance .
CJ Neumann

Review of the Christmas DVD

This is an excellent Christmas DVD for parties or personal enjoyment! I've purchased 3 other Christmas DVDs and this one is the best!

Review of the Christmas DVD

A Good Christmas DVD with fireplaces
I bought this one for my good friend and neighbour who is crazy for Christmas and loves to have people over. I can see her playing it during one of her Xmas parties. I think she'll love the fireplace both with the fire sounds or the Xmas music. Same with the videos of snow falling on a river etc. and Christmas decorations and candles. I like the sparkles on the lake, which remind be my childhood at the cottage.
John Woolfrey

All the DVDs are great, but this one, it is an amazing have a warm and comfortable feeling during the Christmas time...
Mauro Reschini (Italy)

I own this DVD, but I read the reviews before writing my own. I absolutely cannot understand why anyone would give this Christmas DVD a low rating!! Personally, the Christmas film at the beginning is not very enjoyable for me - I'm just not into all the Christmas figures, etc. It just reminds me of how much money people waste on Christmas "trappings" only to be put away after a short time. But that's just my opinion and it's a small part of this DVD. It also has gorgeous films on it, fireplace, winter snow tracks, and fireworks too. They were all done in excellent fashion, I especially like fireworks, although it doesn't really remind me of Christmas all that much, but they're always beautiful. Mr. Helsloot's company has the BEST fireworks DVD I've been able to find (it's called Fireworks Displays and it is amazing!). But back to this DVD, There is one section called Natural Decoration that has the most beautiful films. One is called Glitter and shows a beautiful sparkling lake at night - that part alone gave me a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility. It also has a candle film (there are 2 different ones on the DVD). I could watch these candles continuously. There is quiet Christmas music on the films if you want to hear that too.- the overall effect is calm and peaceful - and isn't that what you want on Christmas?? I Do.
Carol L

Lots of variety for Christmas time viewing
By Greg Irwin on December 5, 2013
Format: DVD
This DVD has great variety in Christmas scenes to fit different moods. Each scene is soothing and great for reminiscing about Christmas past, with scenes of Christmas ornaments, creches, and cheerful Santa Clauses. The wintry scenes are very soothing. The music is relaxing and would not be obtrusive in any setting. I think it would be good for family gatherings with all different age groups- much better to have on than loud blaring TV shows and commercials. Different scenes, like candles, winter scenes of snowfall, and Christmas imagery would be appropriate for different groups of people.
Greg Irwin

A DVD with which you will feel the spirit of christmas. There are fireplaces, christmas decorations, candles, winter landscapes and snow and you can choose between carols or hymns. I think the DVD is excellent for using it on holidays as background or to feel the christmas spirit now. It brings a relaxed atmosphere to your house. If you are already looking forward to New Year's Eve , then this DVD is also great for you as there are also fireworks, either with music or the natural fireworks noises. On this DVD there is something for everyone, I like it very much. Especially the colors are my favorites, they light up so beautifully.
Rita, Germany

"Sure wife tamer."

My wife loves its calming effect. She has always loved the lights.
-- Rasta man

"A great holiday enhancer!"

A lovely addition to the holidays. Lovely music, peaceful and beautiful scenes. Put us all in the Christmas mood.
-- naomi m. tsujimura

"Great to have playing on the TV for Christmas when company comes over."

It will be nice to have pretty pictures and background music playing on the TV when company comes over for Christmas. It will look much nicer than a big black blank TV screen.
-- K. Hagerty

"Christmas dvd"

Really enjoy the dvd, fire place looks so real. Music was good also.
-- carnut

Great for the Holidayss, playon your large screen and welcome the family!
-- Richard

Review: Christmas
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