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Beautiful  Winter Landscapes with Snow and Frozen Waterfalls
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Title:  Snow & Winter Wonderland CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 110 minutes

Imagine looking out of your window right into a stunning and refreshing winter landscapes.
Two natural decoration tracks, shot from one point of view provide deep relaxation. The natural experience is enhanced by the nature sounds, recorded on location. 

Enjoy a stunning movie of the dramatic Italian Dolomites and the beautiful music of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. 
- Soothing music by Simon Daum
- Nature sounds
- Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons 

HD Quality
Filmed with HD cameras for crystal clear picture quality this DVD is a beautiful natural decoration, like a moving painting.
All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically and the Play All function allows you to play all tracks in turn.
ISBN:  9789089707352
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Snow & Winter Wonderland    Snow & Winter Wonderland    

Review of Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD


I LOVE this DVD. At Christmas or frankly any time of the year as it makes a nice change from tropical shores and fireplaces… If you love snow then this is for you, especially viewed at home on a cozy sofa… Lovely and so reminiscent of those Christmases we used to know as Bing once sang!
Mr Ed, UK

I buy this for our family gathering for christmas ,as I live in south ,I love the idea of showing snow while we unwrapping our gifts .

Is well done with beautiful scenery of mountains ranges and forest with falling snow .

Also a nice feature are the snow loops they run forever with calming sound of nature.

Overall great idea and i look forward playing to my family .

I love this DVD. Musics and videos are very beautifull. I regret simply to find some images already purchased in another of your DVD.
Anyway, it's wonderful !

Where I live there is nothing like snow, so this dvd was for me perfect solution to still enjoy the winter in the sun.
I love the scenery high above the clouds and overlooking the mountains tops.

Highly recomend
Patricia ,Brazil

Put a sweater on for this DVD, because the sound of the wind and the falling of the snow will make you and yours huddle before the television with delight. This DVD will take you to remote snow covered valleys and mountain peaks that you will probably never, in the course of your life, see for yourself. The scenes are exquisite. The snow is un-trodden—no footprints—so you feel like an explorer, but of a strange and beautiful snowy planet, from which the Sun seems like the star it really is, and where the clouds build up before your eyes to hide a towering mountain peak. Mountain climbers often return from the summit with a faraway look in their eyes. You will have that look in your eyes, too, after experiencing this breathtaking excursion into the various and beautiful stages of Winter.
Dan Carrison,USA

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Excellently done. Beautiful views of snow falling in several remote settings (streams, mountains, woodlands etc)..with lovely background music that sets the tone for Christmas...or I have played them just to relax. Perfect as a DVD backdrop for those mid-winter get-togethers. Also very romantic. I would recommend these DVDs to anyone who loves the snow and enjoys watching it fall (without the prospect of shoveling it later!I)
Johnathan McWray - Old Fort, NC

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

I love this dvd! It's just what I wanted! I love Winter, Snow, and Lakes etc, personally so this was awesome for me. I loved the beginning with the snow and the Christmas music. My favorite other than that is the rivers one where you see the snow and different rivers, hearing the water. It was so soothing. That is saying a lot when you have panic disorder as I do. I recommend this to anyone that loves winter.
Melissa A. Martin "Wolf Soldier Girl!" - USA

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

VERY Nice,
With or without the music, the displays are stunning. The music is very low key and is totally in character with the videos.
On a big flatscreen, it looks like the winter scene is seen thru a window.
Diane T "Loves Books" - Atlanta

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

The magic of Xmas is its "whiteness" as Bing Crosby has always maintained! Well, there's plenty of snow here and it is beautiful. It is a really lovely contrast in our house at least with all the decorations and lights around the room to have this cool collection on. It brings the outdoors indoors and what outdoors! Everything you have ever thought as a Christmas card but alive and beautiful. Absolutely mesmerizing!
amazon costumer

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

just what's needed on a hot tropical/desert Christmas!!!,
GREAT photography!!! had it running throughout our Christmas party with outside temp at 75...didn't play the music during the party but it is very relaxing... can't wait to run it at next years party...

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Lovely Snowy scenes,
The DVD is lovely. Perfect backdrop for Christmas parties. My family & friends really enjoyed it. Recommend to all. AND, IT ARRIVED JUST IN TIME FOR THE CHRISTMAS EVE PARTIES.
Amazon Customer

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

very festive, a true winter wonderland. husband and i are enjoying very much. great dvd. will be ordering more down the road.

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Nicely done!,
Really helps calm the stress of the season...beautiful music and soothing visuals.
Highly recommended either as background or for enjoyment.
Francis A Roberge

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Five Stars,
just beautiful, incredible quality.....
Maestro Benjamin D. Price

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Five Stars,
love it! Beautiful

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Five Stars,
love it! Beautiful

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

I really am impressed with my dvd. I have it on every day. I love Amazon and so I always feel good when I get a good deal. I won't go through another company but Amazon.
Linda Hartig

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

Five Stars,
Love this soo relaxing so beautiful !
Holly Bishop

Review of the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD

This was a Christmas gift to my family in California and they thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will as well.
Tennessee Buyer "HappyShopper" - Winchester, TN USA

I just received Snow and Winter Wonderland. It was advertised as HD. I played it in my Samsung Blu-Ray player and my Samsung LCD hi-def TV and quality is terrible. You can see the checkerboard pattern from a distance. I tried it on another Blu-Ray and TV and the same thing. This is going back.

2/3/2016 (mercredi)
WOW....I was really taken with the majestic feel of the scenery! It's BEAUTIFUL, just how nature revives the soul. Then there was a quality that gave me the feel of being in a really cool painting- it was dreamy. Merci Beaucoup!

"Was very soothing for my Mom's last few days on ..."

Was very soothing for my Mom's last few days on earth. Now it lulls my 6 month old grandson to sleep
-- Janet Train

super relaxing and brings back fond memories
-- millard p blanchard

"It was exactly what I wanted for my party ..."

It was exactly what I wanted for my party. This DVD showed moving picture scenes and also a video of all the combined. I had a lovely winter scene on my wall instead of my TV screen just being black while turn off.
-- Darlene

"Didn’t have to clean out my fireplace!!!!!!"

Loved watching this on my big screen tv and didn’t have to start a fire and drag anything in!!!!!!!!!
-- Linda L Smithson

Review: Snow & Winter Wonderland
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