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Fireplace with Christmas Scenery and Lights and Snowfalls
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Title:  Christmas Collection - 2 Disc Set CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 200 minutes

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with High Definition cameras

This 200 Minutes  2 DVD Set is all you need for Christmas or other festive days. 
It comes with many options and bonus features. You can choose out 2 DVD's

This Christmas DVD has many different themes to choose from accompanied by various styles of music,hymns and Christmas carols. 
The main film features Christmas decorations and festive lights and has a musical medley of cheerful carols, which is great to play while opening your presents. 
A log fire adds warmth to any house in the Winter and the next track on the Christmas DVD makes your TV look like a fireplace and can be played with Christmas music, 
the real sounds of the crackling fire, or a mix of both. Two further tracks show calming candles to create a relaxed or romantic atmosphere, 
two Winter tracks have softly falling snow, and a scene with a lake of midnight blue water and sparkling glitters makes an ideal ambient background during the festive season. 

Snow And Winter Wonderland brings Christmas and the sheer beauty of winter to your TV screen with gorgeous landscapes of lush forests and falling snow. 
This is a little bit of Christmas magic which you will want to play over and over again. 
Snow And Winter Wonderland is a compendium of a main 30 minute wonderland feature and three more 
scenes taking you deeper into its Alpine forests. If you love the glow of a White Christmas this is the one sure way to bring it alive on a screen near you.
Enhanced with a beautiful ambient score with a bonus film featuring Vivaldi Four Seasons, 
this DVD is sure to become a family favourite Snow And Winter Wonderland is perfect for a chilled out evening at home, with a good book or some friends! 

All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location. 
Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function. 

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Christmas Collection - 2 Disc Set    Christmas Collection - 2 Disc Set    

Review of the Christmas Collection 

Like the Christmas DVD of the Christmas Collection (would have preferred orchestral or choir singing Christmas carols rather than synthesizer versions) but really love the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD.

I especially like the fireworks display set to a Straus waltz on Christmas DVD (great for a New Year's party) and the Vivaldi tracks on the Snow & Winter Wonderland DVD.
W Olson

Review of the Christmas Collection DVD

Holiday Options for all and a perfect background for gift wrapping,
I was thrilled to have this new two disc set from Isis Visuals in time for the holidays. I have a lot nature films by this producer and have never been disappointed. I was sad to see another reviewer here was not happy with the disc. I would bet that the producers would let you trade it for an alternate title to see if it meets your expectations.

I hope my description will help potential buyers make an informed choice - and check out free clips of scenes at their website, [...] or Vimo or YouTube. The first disc is a Christmas specific disc, and the second is called winter wonderland. There is something for every holiday mood here!

The Christmas disc has a main film that is busy with sounds of the city, shots of decorations, lights, a nativity, and even city traffic through a decorated area during the holidays. The music changes from slow to mid beat tempos, and while it is not my ideal, it was great background while I wrapped presets and took care of holiday shipping needs. It helped me get into the spirit for these mundane tasks.

I also like that this disc has a fireworks film, which is just the sounds of fireworks in the sky and a lovely light show. I can see having this on as background for New Year’s Eve or any other celebratory party.

There is a nice fireplace selection too, and it has the option to have two different types of holiday music or just fireplace sounds. I prefer the more traditional track of music on this one, while the other is more upbeat.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a separate candle film, with panning shots of a solitary lit candle, transitioning to multiple candles and even a bowl of candles floating on water. This film has Christmas music set to it, and is another comforting scene to have as background while having family time during the holidays.

A couple of “decoration” scenes are also included, another of candles, an icy creek scene with upbeat music (not my favorite), and a shot of gently rippling water with glitter spots of light appearing on the surface. This one is very tranquil, and may be reflections from ice on overhanging trees.

I no longer live in a snowy area, and I do miss the beauty of the snow, but don’t miss the horrific driving conditions that come with it. The Winter Wonderland disc has a film set to Christmas music all with wintry outdoors scenes. There are also six stand alone scenes to choose, each with various wintry places to enjoy apart from the main film, such as two versions of an icy creek, an pine tree laden with snow, a canyon scene, and two other wonderful selections. I often choose these scenes more frequently than the main films on other titles from this producer as they are so nicely done.

Most of these have a nice classical music background, and my favorite is the close up of the pin tree covered with snow. The snow has been on the tree long enough for it to stick to each individual needle and shows a gorgeous pattern. The background on this one has no music, but the icy wind of the snow falling that makes this a delightful chilly scene to enjoy from the warmth of your home. I like the icy creek one for the same reason, the natural sounds set to the snow bluster and the water sounds of the flow. The classical music is nice too.

I will include this set as part of my holiday preparation and celebration for years to come!
Dana Paull "teagal" - Central CA

Review of the Christmas Collection DVD

I have been meaning to get a DVD for several years of a crackling fire. This year I finally did. Liked the winter
Scenes, crackling fire and candles the best with or without music. Would like to look into other DVDs like
Ocean waves/sounds and maybe others.


Review of the Christmas Collection DVD

This video is more than advertised. It contains loops of winter scenes, fireworks, Christmas ornaments, and others. The reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 stars is because of the audio on the disk which is sub par. I did not need the sound, so the video was perfect for me, but if you really want the audio to go with the beautiful scenes, then turn off the sound and turn on your stereo with the holiday music to go with this video.
Amazon Customer "music doc" - Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

Review of the Christmas Collection DVD

One neat Xmas package!,
This set of DVD's is everything you need for Xmas. We used both while decorating the house and there was no need for extra music either. A really good selection of fires, candles, busy streets and outdoorsy footage. I like the fact that each film is separated so on my DVD player I was able to loop fire and outdoor scenes as well. Fabulous quality as well. Love it.
Mr Ed - UK

When I think of Christmas, three images comes to mind: falling snow, a warm fireplace, and a beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with ornaments. This DVD has it all. And the photographic artistry of master cameraman Tony Helsloot is really on display, as he captures the essential spirit of each environment. The snow scenes make you feel as if your are outdoors, pausing on your skies to appreciate the stark beauty of the landscape:  gentle white blanketed slopes, trees shaggy with snow, and high elevation views of snow capped mountain tops. The outdoors photography is remarkable. But the living room experience is equally vivid. The fireplace throws off light that is reflected by the baubles on the Christmas tree, making you feel warm and cozy, as the snow falls outside the window. What I especially liked was the way the Christmas dolls were photographed—they looked so “happy.” And I think that sums up the experience of this DVD: it is joyful. I plan to play it continuously for the family on Christmas day---and on any day of the year when I feel the need for warmth, comfort, security, and natural beauty.

Dan Carson,Los Angels

I have read mixed reviews of this DVD. What I found is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this case, whether you will like this DVD will be determined by what you are looking for. I watched this straight through for three hours and I would never do that again! What I would do with the first DVD which is entitled, Christmas, is have it play in the background while putting up the tree or if I had company and I just wanted something on the TV screen, I would play it. The Christmas Decorations at the beginning of the DVD are what I would describe as Modern European.

The second part of the first DVD is a nice crackling fire in a fireplace with your choice of 3 different music/sound backgrounds. The first selection is very nice classical music. The second is Christmas music with fire burning sounds and the third just the fire crackling. Since I was sitting right next to my own crackling fireplace, this did not interest me BUT if I did not have a fireplace and was looking for a DVD of this sort, then this would be perfect. It was great having the three sound choices because you could play it other than at Christmas time.

Next was a section with fireworks. I think this would be perfect for New Yearís Eve Party.

Then there was a selection of burning candles (not my thing).

If you have read any of my other reviews, I am more into the relaxation DVDS from the Ambient Collection. This is where the second DVD called Snow and Winter Wonderland comes in. There again, watching it right after watching the other DVD, I was Christmased out and didnít appreciate the Christmas music at the beginning of the DVD but about half way through when the music changed, it was perfect Ė nice relaxing and just what I love! Watching it a second time without having watched the first DVD- I appreciated it so much more. The HD quality of the winter scenes was very good. Watching the snow in the warmth of my home was very enjoyable. I have snow where I live but I think donít always get to enjoy the nature scenes that are presented on this DVD AND if you donít live in snow country Ė you will probably enjoy this even more. It definitely gets you into the mood of the winter season.

Having said all that, there is a lot to choose from with these two DVDs (about 200 minutes worth!) and I think there will be something on it to please everyone. I did receive this DVD at no cost in exchange for my honest review.


Best DVD I have seen in a long time. Very soothing and relaxing. music was overall ok, would have chosen other instrumental song artist. But not bad. Overall picture and quality were very good. Would recommend these types of relaxations videos to friends of mine. Worth the money.
Denise Winnick-Holady

Review: Christmas Collection - 2 Disc Set
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