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Fireplace - Filmed in 4K
Title:  Fireplace - Filmed in 4K CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Create a cozy place to sit and read or a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the company of your friends.
Imagine the warmth of a glowing fire as you listen to the soft crackling sounds and the flames flicker and dance around the burning logs.

Fireplace was filmed using high-definition 4k cameras and professional sound recording equipment for the ultimate fireplace experience.

Ideal for that romantic evening or to play in the background at dinner parties, just select one of the 3 different tracks and the fire will keep burning continuously, or use the play all function to play each fireplace in turn.

Fireplace - Filmed in 4K    

I just finished watching this DVD on my 1080P TV and like his other fireplace DVDs I have, I love it! The photography is exceptionally clear on all 3 tracks and it's filmed back from the fire far enough that you get to see the whole fire, not just logs. It wouldn't feel like a fireplace to me if you couldn't see the whole fire. While I still prefer to listen to the actual fire sounds crackling, etc., I played part of it with the piano music to see how it sounded. I'm not a huge fan of piano music, but the music chosen for this DVD was extremely pleasing to me. That's a definite plus as now I know I can listen to either while playing the DVD and enjoy it either way. I definitely find this DVD relaxing and will be playing it often until the weather gets hot. It's April here and it snowed again yesterday!

Carol L

This dvd is great for a relaxing evening at home or a romantic dinner. It loops over & over & it's just like having a fireplace at home with all of the sounds of a crackling fire.
Regina Butler

This is a brilliant, colorful HD DVD. This DVD features a choice of three clear and vibrant fires or all can be played together and will loop continuously for a relaxing evening. My favorite part of this DVD is the fact that the whole fire shows clearly and burns down as an actual fire does. I prefer the natural sounds of the fire as it crackles and burns. However, you can add lovely piano music if you prefer.

There is an hour worth of footage on this DVD and as I mentioned it does loop continuous for uninterrupted enjoyment.
Pamela L

With this DVD you can have an almost realistic fire in your house, even if you have no fireplace. You can choose between three different log fires that create a very cozy atmosphere. Either you watch them with the sounds of fire or with relaxing piano music. The DVD is a very good way to quickly bring a cozy atmosphere in the cold winter months in his home. I like the DVD best with the natural sounds of the fire, you can hear the crackling of the logs and the blaze of fire.
Rita, Germany

enjoyed these dvds a great deal
-- Amazon Customer

Perfekt ☺
-- L. D.

"Fireplace DVD"

Great DVD. Looks good and plays well. Sharp picture and sound. Arrived on time in great condition.
-- Scott Haltom

"Great Service/Provided Nice Visual Setting"

Purchased this DVD in order to play on Church Video Screen as the Senior Choir sings a series of Campfire Songs. It works great and the DVD arrived in only 2 days!!! Thank you!!!!!
-- Ron

"worth it"

Love the longer version, and the crisper, brighter picture.
-- Mary P. Morris

Review: Fireplace - Filmed in 4K
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