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Tropical Rain with Rain and Thunder Sounds

Tropical Rainfall was filmed in Thailand, Singapore and Bali during the wet seasons.

The film is one hour long and simulates a real Tropical Rainfall with a Thunder Storm approaching with the rain slowly falling from the dark sky and slowly intensifies to a real heavy downpour of rain.
You see many elements of nature and diverse landscapes of jungle, wetlands and rainforest and all together with many tropical and water birds who all get soaked big time.

Some scenes are taking in slow motion and ultra slow motion where you can see the raindrops forming and falling from leaves at 1000 Fps filmed with Phantom Flex.
The film has a well multi-layered dynamic stereo track with all types of rain, thunder, rainforest and bird sounds.

The soothing scenes are filmed in the world famous Bali rice terraces and mountain lakes with some intense rainfall and misty cloudy and moody scenes come with a thundering soundtrack.
The loop is from a flamingo pond with rainfall and raindrops in the water together with those gracious birds and comes with continues rain and flamingo sounds.


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