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Virtual Cycle Rides - Lisbon Portugal

Explore Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and discover the best cycle and jogging routes of the city.
The diversity of this city is really amazing, as you can enjoy the palaces and churches of Lisbon while also getting to know the modern side to historic and traditional Lisbon.
The Parque des Nações (Park of Nations) is an example of modern Lisbon which you will get to enjoy with its beautiful views.
Marvel at the limpit sky and cycle on steep cobbled streets while cycling through this magical European city.

Ride All Over Lisbon, Portugal With Music to Keep You Going
These virtual traveling videos are perfect to play during your cardio workouts at home or in a fitness center. The uplifting music motivates you even more..


I really like the colors of this video. It is very sunny and the nature just looks gorgeous beneath the cloudless sky. I feel like being on vacation while working out. The music is also really great for my motivation, a great addition to my workout routine.

As this video shows, Lisbon has it all. A huge, glittering river with what seems a never-ending bridge, stately palaces and monasteries, cobbled alleyways, modern architecture and as much history on show as you would expect from the oldest city in Western Europe.

If you want a feel for what Lisbon is like this is definitely worth a watch as the fact it is shot on a foot bike works perfectly for what is essentially one of Europe’s smaller major cities. It doesn’t seem to have the bustle of a Paris or London but is that really a bad thing?

I use this video on a treadmill and I’m not sure I’d fancy running some of the inclines on show in its Subtropical-Mediterranean climate but it’s a great way to distract yourself during exercise. In summary, this has convinced me to want to visit so another one to add to my list.

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Lisbon Portugal
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