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Take a dive into the wonderful world of the ocean with these two relaxing dvd’s and change your TV into a bright colorful, tropical aquarium. Perfect for a relaxing day at home or as a unique eye catcher during a party or in a public place.

This incredible relaxing dvd shows you the most beautiful creatures of the ocean. Swim along sea turtles and sharks, watch the sun shine through the water and discover rare species.

Six short tracks of ten minutes bring you a great variety of ocean reefs aquariums and deep sea aquariums. Enjoy three scenes of colorful corals and fish and three magical and serene scenes in the deep ocean.

Relaxing Blue Oceans    

I love the way these DVDs show such a wide variety of unusual and sometimes very colourful fish in their natural settings.

There are two discs in this DVD set. The first disc is an hour of continuous views of life in the blue ocean, which I find very calming and soothing. I almost feel as if I am swimming with the turtle and the wide assortment of marine life large and small – all accompanied by very restful music. I find it fascinating to watch the great shoals of small glittering silver fish as well as the close-up views of a shark.

The second disc features another great range of ocean life, including: a wonderful variation of different species of seahorses, highly-coloured clown fish, penguins and unusual jelly fish set among colourful coral reefs and rocky outcrops. The backdrops vary through a surprising range of light to deep blue water.
Joanne H

I have seen some strange and wonderful marine creatures in other movies, but in this DVD set I saw some creatures that I have never even knew existed. Beautiful! Colourful and amazing! Not only will you enjoy a variety of fish, coral, sting rays, turtle, etc, but there is one creature that looks like a transparent light bulb and another one that is like a see-through ribbon dancing in the water. Absolutely beautiful to watch! Some even seem to generate their own electricity as they seem to glow in the dark. The music is soothing and with a hint of the mysterious, which matches the underwater filming very well. Not only are these 2 DVDs beautiful to watch, but they ar! e very interesting too. Highly recommended!! - I use Apple TV to stream the digital versions and it looks great on my HD TV.
- Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

This is an absolutely beautiful set of HD DVDs of the ocean and its many inhabitants. The first DVD is an hour long film of the ocean with everything from starfish to sea turtles. My favorite scene is the sea horses as they gracefully glide through the ocean plants and sea. This DVD will loop for extended uninterrupted viewing.
The second DVD offers six diverse scenes of the ocean, which can be looped individually or all together. The scenes on both DVDs are clear, professionally recorded as evidenced by the high quality, offer great sound options of waves or music. The second one even offers the sounds of the ocean combined with music as an option.
Great set for just relaxing or for use during meditation. I am sure you will enjoy this set and also find some creatures that you didn't even know existed. Some of the creatures even seem to glow.
- Lady Song

This is an absolutely amazing set of ocean videos! I have many fish and ocean videos, but this one far outshines them all!! I always love watching the grace and beauty of sea creatures and these 2 DVDs have an abundance of this. Disc One has a multitude of ocean creatures, many of them I've never seen or even know what their names are. A lot of this disc is filmed in the lower, darker waters where really beautiful and unusual creatures live. I don't think my eyes left the screen once during the disc - I didn't want to miss anything! Watching the sea turtle effortlessly gliding through the turquoise water is such a peaceful feeling - especially when you've had a stressful day! Then there's the! jellyfish, starfish, clown fish, huge schools of small fish that glide in sync, and all the other creatures you get the pleasure of watching. Mesmerizing. The music is really special, NOT loud and annoying - it just draws you in and hangs on to you. The second disc is also beautiful, colorful, and all the other adjectives that compliment both these videos. Awesome all the way around! As an added bonus, I also liked that at the end of the second disc there's even a film of penguins swimming and playing in the turquoise water. This set is gorgeous. I just don't have enough words to praise the quality of the photography and subject matter of these videos.
- Carol L

These two DVDs show wonderful creatures of the ocean, there is a wide variety of animal species. What I particularly liked is that even penguins are shown. This video is my favorite. The turquoise water and the beautiful funny animals, it`s just wonderful to watch them as they splash around in the water. But the other videos and the movie of disc 1 are marvelous to behold. There are many colorful corals, sea turtles, as well as entire schools of fish can be seen. The water always looks different, sometimes darker and mysterious, then turquoise or deep blue. I really like the variety of these DVDs. You can choose between relaxing music and ocean sounds. A DVD set for relaxing, in which Iīve met ! sea creatures, which I've never seen before. I can only recommend this set.
- Rita, Germany

"I REALLY enjoy this DVD"

I REALLY enjoy this DVD. It is exactly what I was looking for. It's nice to put on while doing housework, reading or just thinking. I will continue to buy products from Ambient to keep and give them as gifts!
-- Amazon Customer

"Best DVD I've seen."

I am totally thrilled that I bought this DVD. It is beautiful, varied and shows many sea creatures that I had never seen.
And I love the fact that it loops so I don't have to restart it. I highly recommend it to everyone.
-- Slow Learner


Awesome product to keep me centered!
-- MJ

I watched this movie a few times and I think I think this is a very nice movie. Beautifully filmed & beautiful images of the underwater world. An ideal atmosphere / relaxation film to enjoy, especially on an evening when you do not want to have other things on your mind.

Review: Relaxing Blue Oceans
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