Underwater DVD - Coral Tranquility 2016
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes

Spectacular HD underwater videos for relaxation

The bright colours, crystal clear water, beautiful coral and tropical fish make these Underwater videos a wonderful natural decoration in any environment.

Beautiful sea creatures

In four videos you emerge yourself in the wonderful world of the ocean. Explore stunning coral reefs and overhanging coral rocks in different shapes and colours. Swim along a beautiful sea turtle and marvel at a large school of fish surrounded by sunbeams filtering through the water surface.
Meet graceful seahorses and funny clown fish as they swim through bright green water plants and corals and anemones in all kinds of colours and shapes. Watch magical jellyfish dancing in the brightest blue water and dream away by beautiful soothing music.
The video with slowly-changing images of all kinds of rare underwater animals, sea snails, starfish, sea urchins and so much more, in close-up amazes you with every image.

Deep relaxation with peaceful music

The tracks are complemented by beautiful peaceful music that provides a deep relaxation. Perfect to relax after a long day at work, to meditate or to help you fall asleep easy.

HD Underwater movie

All tracks are recorded with the best HD cameras

Coral Tranquility 2016    

Four different scenes to choose from that each offer something different from colorful coral to breathtakingly beautiful scenes of the ocean at night. I enjoyed the different varieties of sea creatures on this DVD and the lovely music added to my enjoyment.

This is one of the best ocean scene videos I've seen. The video footage of the ocean at night was something that I've rarely seen on any of my nature videos and it was both unique and brilliantly filmed. I enjoyed the dancing seahorses as they frolicked through the colorful sea plants.
P. Coffield, United States

With this DVD you can discover the beauty of the sea in several films. We see lots of different fish, sea horses, turtles and whole schools of fish in a wonderful colored underwater world and you can choose as an accompaniment between relaxing piano music, the sounds of the sea, or both. I was very impressed by the cute sea horses, which can be viewed at close range. A very nice DVD in which I reálly like the excellent colors.

This DVD is so serene. The colors are so beautiful and so vivid. It's amazing the images they have captured on video. I would recommend this DVD to anyone that wants to see the amazing beauty of the underwater world. There are 5 films to choose from or play them all together. You can play them individually with the choices of music, waves, or music and sea sounds. It really is captivating!

If you have ever gone scuba diving or enjoy getting out under the water, this DVD is for you. I didn't realize I would like something like this so much. You can't help but watch the screen to see all the unusual creatures. Very well done.

I believe it was John Shedd (founder of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago) who once said, "if there is any magic on this planet, it is contained in water." That quote goes through my mind as I view this DVD. If you enjoy coral reefs (and let's face it, who doesn't) you will love this release. I was amazed how colorful the fish and corals are - such soothing eye candy! As the DVD progresses the filmmaker ventures into deeper waters, and a mysterious underwater technicolor world unfolds right in front of you. Aside from the stunning, high definition footage, I loved that you had a choice of accompanying audio playback as well: soft, new age piano, a blend of piano and surf and surf only. Personally, I like the surf sound and then I can listen to my own music while it plays. (A suggestion: Hawaiian ukelele music seems to compliment the footage perfectly!)
Kirsten Ball

Great quality
-- Katrina Hicks

"Highly recommend it!"

A very relaxing DVD. Highly recommend it!
-- Amazon Customer

love the beatufil tank and fish
-- Jessie Belcher

Review: Coral Tranquility 2016
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