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Virtual Cycle Rides - Windmills and Waterways
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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Windmills & Waterways CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes
Three beautiful brisk bike rides through the flat countryside of The Netherlands, perfect to watch during your daily cardio workout. So jump on your treadmill or stationary bike and stay motivated
Take a brisk bike ride over paved road surrounded by trees alongside a peaceful canal.
Explore one of the most amazing landscapes of The Netherlands: Kinderdijk. This UNESCO World Heritage is a unique phenomenon with its waterways and many windmills. At leisurely pace you ride in between two canals, surrounded by fresh green meadows, low bushes and gorgeous windmills.
In a brisk bike ride you ride alongside the famous canal The Vechte, a beautiful waterway surrounded by green vegetation and wild flowers. Under a blue, sunny sky you explore the green and wooded rustic area as you listen to the rippling water and chirping birds. Imagine the gentle breeze on your face and enjoy the lovely view over the water and pure green scenery.
The videos are filmed with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD cameras.
The videos are recorded with the real life natural ambient sounds to enhance the realistic experience. Enjoy the sounds of the rippling water, chirping birds and cow bells.
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Virtual Cycle Rides - Windmills & Waterways    

Two brisk rides and one at a more leisurely pace with over an hour of colorful HD footage of the Netherlands and its charming windmills. Professionally filmed in high quality HD in full color. Actual soundtrack produced on location to give the feeling of being on an actual cycle ride. The only thing missing is the breeze blowing through your hair. This is a very nice DVD and like all the others I have purchased from World Nature Videos it is a high quality product. I really enjoy these virtual walk and virtual cycle ride DVDs with my exercise routine on my stationary bike, on my Gazelle or on a treadmill at the gym. Many such as this one are great for just relaxing, too.
Pamela Moorman

This is what a cycling tour through Holland should be like. Beautiful landscapes nearby the water and many other cyclist and walkers are on their way, too. A beautiful DVD with wonderful pictures, just perfect for a brisk workout. I really liked the walk with the many windmills, it is a marvelous area which I didn´t know yet.

Great Recovery Ride

Virtual Cycle DVDs always give you great, stable straight-ahead imagery of a well-edited themed ride. This is a great recovery ride. Ride 1 is waterways and mostly runs along a straight, flat paved path with a canal off to your right. Occasionally the ride is diverted through a small town, but it always comes back to the canal. Windmills first make their appearance in ride 2, but they are featured throughout it. There are a few more people sharing the path on this ride, and the pace seems a bit slower, although it is still faster than a walk. Near the end the ride transitions from a pave path to a dirt path, and slows quite a bit. The ride ends close to a windmill with a Netherlands flag flying and a few other windmills off in the distance… Very nice. Ride 3 now has the canal on your left. Trees and grass are green and lush. You’ll come across one more windmill not long after the midpoint of the ride.
- Cliff B, USA

This is a lovely ride or fast jog through the Netherlands...it is lots of fun visually...the scenery is gorgeous and there are also people of many cultures walking, biking...you even get a wave from a local! You feel like you are one of the visitors participating in life. One note...I have many exercise DVDs..this is the first one I have encountered that made me a bit woozy in the first segment...it is visually quite rapid..I slowed playback to 60% speed and although you lose a little bit of quality (not enough to be a problem) it rectified the issue. Segments 2 and 3 were not an issue at all..perfect speed for a jog at a nice pace.

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Windmills & Waterways
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