Soothing Scenery of Flamingo,Ducks,Geese, and many other Water Birds
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Title:  Flamingos & Waterbirds CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 17.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 84 minutes

Flamingos & waterbirds was filmed in and around the regional nature park of the Camargue, in the Rhône Delta in Southern France.
The DVD has 3 relaxing films, set to calming music, showing graceful flamingos and many different species of waterbirds in their natural habitat from dawn through to sunset.
Five more tracks use the natural sounds: four natural decoration tracks show egrets at a peaceful lake, flamingos wading in blue water, a lake full of birds at the end of the day and a beautiful twilight lagoon. A further track of soothing scenes has slowly changing images.

* All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
* Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.
Flamingos & Waterbirds    Flamingos & Waterbirds    

Review of the Nature DVD of the Flamingos & Waterbirds DVD

Forest & Waterbirds DVDs were great. Thank you!
c. Holloway, Georgia, US

Review of the Nature DVD of the Flamingos & Waterbirds DVD

My father lives in a nursing home and has dementia and aphasia. He can no longer talk and rarely resonds to his surroundings. I recently purchased this DVD for his 87th birthday, and it was extremely successful. It is a series of beautiful scenes in nature accompanied by either natural bird sounds or restful music. He watched the entire DVD very intently, nodded at me, and seemed to relax and enjoy himself. I intend to purchase other similar DVDs to provide the sensory and outdoor experiences which meant so much to him earlier in his life. I recommend this product for use in nursing homes and with individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Barb Sweigard, USA

Review of the Nature DVD of the Flamingos & Waterbirds DVD

Forest & Waterbirds DVDs were great. Thank you!
Don Aerts

Review of Nature DVD: Flamingos & Waterbirds

I like the waterbirds, however the flamingo's are very far away to me. I would have liked a little closer. But at least their 'natural' sounds are actually natural to the setting and not just ocean waves that this director and series have a habit of doing on other films. I like the natural sounds of the setting. But it is nice and relaxing, I would buy again.
B. Glover, Washington DC

Review of Nature DVD: Flamingos & Waterbirds

I never realized that I "liked" birds. I enjoy their sweet songs, but never really thought of any bird being part of a relaxation dvd that I would love so much. I was blown away by this dvd because I think it is the most relaxing one I have. It has films set to music, and then a series of relaxation films with natural sound.

The birds themselves are varieties of water birds, so the scenes are birds not in flight, but walking around in various marshes, lakes and ponds. Sometimes even the natural sounds are nearly silent. I feel like I'm sitting at the edge of the water body in a camping chair and just watching nature do its thing. One other reviewer wished the view were closer, but I feel that the scene is more natural, as in the real setting we'd not be that close. I feel more like I'm right there with them.

I highly recommend this dvd, and the producer even puts clips on their website world nature video, or on You Tube so you can get an idea of the quality of the cinematography. This was not the first selection I bought from them, nor will it be the last, and this particular one I reach for frequently for a peaceful background as I do housework or write. I would envision this as a perfect selection for a loved one that might be in a elderly care facility too.
Dana Paull, Reno, NV

I love pretty much everything nature, I own MANY of Tony Helsloot's DVD's and I highly recommend them for anyone who is interested in relaxation and really excellent photography. This particular DVD was so enjoyable for me because I love all kinds of birds and like to watch them - it brings me peace. I especially love Flamingos - they are so beautiful. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!!

And while you're at it, pick up some more of his DVD's. I haven't been disappointed in any of my many purchases. (My newest favorite is the jellyfish - awesome photography!)
Carol L

Review: Flamingos & Waterbirds
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