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(03-15-2021 01:08) James E Johnson, USA: Hi, I recently purchased the "Sunset Waves" for my 91 year old neighbor lady and after watching it with her I am ordering another one for myself! FANTASTIC! Hey, DID I SAY FANTASTIC! Beautiful scenes always changing; sounds of the seagulls, the sunsets, cloud formations! HEY FOLKS, THIS IS IT FOR TOTAL RELAXATION AND STRESS RELIEF! I mean why watch all of the "stuff" on TV when you have this in your DVD collection! Thanks for a really great "wave and sunset" collection! JEJ
(10-23-2020 11:01) Roberta Green, England: Many many thanks for these fabulous dvds. Have about ten keeping me fit and happy through the Covid pandemic.
(09-05-2020 18:21) Roger L Young, United States: I recently purchase two from the Ambient Collection. I already owned two others. They are all EXCELLENT! I am an extremely satisfied customer and I will probably purchase more.
(06-08-2020 19:33) Judy Hyde, Canada: Just purchased a couple of your nature videos and we are thrilled. We are a healthcare facility and we are setting up a Distraction Break Room for our front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The videos have created a calm, peaceful atmosphere that gives our front line workers a much needed break through these challenging times. Thank you so much for these wonderful creations.
(02-06-2020 19:01) Dr. Linda Kelley, United States: I recently purchased your Cascades DVD. We use it in our waiting room. Very calming and relaxing
(01-10-2020 14:40) MIchelle Lenzi, USA: I LOVE your Fitness Journeys videos! They are so well done! The picture has been stabilized so I don’t get motion sick, the scenery is beautiful and I love how the wildlife appears occasionally just like on a real hike! Thank you so much for producing these top notch videos! I’m a fan for life!!!
(05-08-2019 23:54) Nathan Littlefield, United States: Virtual Boat Tour on the Singapore River - There is nothing like experiencing a location by boat. It’s a completely different experience than on land. Whereas on land you may be frustrated by traffic and crowds, on the water you can truly relax and enjoy the sights. The Virtual Boat Tour on the Singapore River captures this experience in a spectacular way by means of ultra clear, high resolution photography and a crisp, clean audio. It really creates a “you-are-there” feeling. As the name suggests, each of the two tracks feature a boat ride on the Singapore River. Track 1 is a sunset cruise and track 2 is a nighttime cruise. The sound of water rippling past, sea birds, and ambient noises like background conversations and passing boats lend to the realism of the videos. Of course, these are great for just watching by themselves. But, even if you choose to use these two tracks as an accompaniment to your rowing workouts, the effect is mentally relaxing and calming even if you are exerting yourself in your workout. Another excellent selection by World Nature Videos!
(02-09-2019 23:15) Nathan Littlefield, United States: Regarding the Virtual Cycle Ride entitled Sunflower Fields, this addition to the Ambient Collection has you cycling amid the endless and vibrantly colorful fields of sunflowers in Spain. You may have never seen so many sunflowers in one area in your life but this video transports you there. The sharp, vivid colors of the scenery and the relaxing sounds of crickets, birds and other wildlife engage your senses as you tour the paths and roads.

There are three tracks on the DVD, which can be played individually or as a continuous loop. The first two tracks feature the rolling hills of Spain’s beautiful countryside and the fields of sunflowers that gives the video its name. Rocky outcroppings of the hilly countryside and the occasional bird flying by your path keep the tours interesting and varied. The high definition video makes for a full appreciation of the blues of the clear skies, the varying greens of the trees, the browns and tans from the county grasses and the yellows and oranges of the sunflower petals.

The third track is an extra treat that starts off on a paved lane and travels into a picturesque village before continuing up a large hill dotted with white stone windmills and a castle. Atop the hill is a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

Each track proceeds at a relaxed pace that lends itself to either a steady, somewhat leisurely, bicycle ride or even a brisk walk. If you’re looking for a more strenuous workout, the third track allows you a fun opportunity to crank up the resistance on your trainer or treadmill as you climb the hill on your way up to see the windmills.

Sunflower Fields is an excellent addition to the Ambient Collection and is highly recommended.
(01-03-2019 23:53) Nathan Littlefield, USA: The Virtual Boat Tour in Doha-Qatar video has a very even, unhurried pace in both tracks that makes for a steady rowing cardio workout, or maybe just a relaxing background video of a boat tour you might take on vacation. Like all the World Nature videos, this is a stunning high-quality production with sharp, vivid imagery, creating a you-are-there feel.

The first track starts mid-cruise and shows the city-scape coastline from a nighttime, side-on perspective. While it's interesting to see the buildings and skyscrapers lit up, the side view doesn't lend itself too well for the feeling of rowing. Still, as a tour, it's interesting and the personal watercraft that comes cruising by mid way through the track adds a nice change to the relatively calm waters.

The second track is obviously filmed from the front of the boat and does a much better job of creating the feeling of forward momentum. In my opinion, this makes for a more realistic and enjoyable rowing experience. As you continue to row, the coastline slowly gets closer until you join the docked boats alone the shore, with the lighted city-scape in the background.

All in all, I think it's a great addition to an exercise library, or just an interesting boat tour video to play at a party or social occasion. If you like being on the water, this video does a great job of capturing the experience.
(12-10-2018 17:33) Jim and Linda , USA: We have ordered several DVD's from different categories and are amazed at how fantastic each one has been. It is indeed a joy and privilege to enjoy these DVDs. All aspects of the process has been extremely smooth and the quality is impressive. We watch each one in a bit of heaven itself. What a wonderful gift to the world this company is. Thank you from our hearts to all people and staff of this company.

For years I have waited for DVDs like these and such variety is amazing. I have had contact on the phone and was treated very well. I would write more but I want to get back to these DVDs now...try an order for yourself!
(10-20-2018 19:23) Veronica Miller, USA: I've watched many of these videos in many different formats. Whether you are looking for a nature scene, a water scene, a fish tank, a fireplace, or a scenic stroll thru another country, these videos are pure beauty. Picture quality, sound quality, and enough time to fully immerse yourself in the scene. I can't find anything but beauty in these.
(09-25-2018 20:12) Janice Decker, : I am so happy to hear from you and I'm glad you are continuing to travel and capture footage for all of us to view, exercise to, and enjoy.  Yes!  I'm interested in your new destinations, particularly Thailand and INDIA  (ooh!) mentioned in your second paragraph.  

We have just remodeled our home, and I've been given a new "gymnasium" which I'm in the process of creating a decor of ambience using a combination of Zen/yoga, Bohemian-Indie-Gypsy-Raj theme. This is my new "Zen Den" for me to enjoy your fabulous destination videos, exercise on my Gazelle, and with the southeast windows to the woods for more privacy, and in the more private section of the house (makes me feel safer when I'm alone - should any more monkeys run out on your videos - ha ha
So, I am ready for some new, exciting destinations ...

This summer, my sister, niece, daughter, and I suddenly developed a passion for INDIA! (After watching a wonderful BBC miniseries.)  I already have your DVD Through the Rainforest with Elephant Jungle Road.  LOVE IT!  While I live worlds away in the North Pocono mountains of northeast Pennsylvania USA, that road looks a lot like our R307 going past Lake Scranton to the city ... though you would NEVER see any elephants here!  Oh, so thrilling!  I replay that segment a lot to get a closer look at those elephants.

I find it serendipitous that your new treks include India, Thailand, & Rome because this year also I built what I named The Appian Way sidewalk from my garden gate to the greenhouse.  It impressed my Italian relatives!  I showed them your videos and demonstrated on my Gazelle how I can venture out without leaving the house!  They live in cold-climate area of New York, and I can tell I got them thinking.   I will definitely be ordering more DVD's to survive the cold, long dreary winters here. .. they are getting worse, and longer!  

My most recent purchases are Balinese Rice Fields (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!) and Tropical Palm Trees.  I've not yet reviewed Palm Trees, but I'm sure I'll be delighted.  (Some of my equipment got affected by lightning & power surge, so I'm slow reviewing as I don't want to have a disc get trapped, but I'm getting all new stuff).

As you can observe by my purchase history, I prefer the tropical Southeast Asia titles because these are destinations that I feel I will never get to in my lifetime, and our weather here is so cold and brutal in winter.  If not for your videos, I think I would die already!!!

I will be sure to put five-star reviews on Amazon.  You can find some of my previous reviews under the username of "Jandy"  ... this is short for my name Janice Decker, or Jan D. (get it?). You may also find me on Facebook under my real name Janice Decker, with a mutual cyber friend, Karen Glick, whom I befriended online and encouraged her to buy your videos as she is a fitness aficionado. It took some convincing, but now since she has tried them, I think she loves them.  

So, in closing, I just want to thank you for reaching out to me as I'm a big fan of yours and I think you are a STAR!  I prefer to own actual tangible DVDs (as opposed to downloads) because of my technology constraints here and my ability to get the images up on the giant screen so I feel I am "walking the walk"  -or running the run- while using my Gazelle glider aerobic gym machine. Really, in this capacity, I feel I'm right there in real life. 

I will surely check out your 25 new titles and see what I might put on my list for Santa Claus this year.  I might also invest in some of the non-walking for just the ambience for the Zen Den /Tea Room meditation.  Yes, I purchased your Christmas/fireplace/decorations DVD set, and I just LOVE it!  I know when I order a DVD  done by The Ambient Collection, it's always of good quality and superior cinematography. I will be sure to check My Amazon to be sure I put a stellar review on all the videos I purchased thus far. 

Thank you for the links below.  I will surely check them out, give you some feedback, and purchase more for my collection. Again, thank you for contacting me and keeping me up-to-date.  

Very sincerely yours, 

Janice Decker
(09-25-2018 20:08) guest, : This seller is the penultimate producer of the finest destination walking/jogging/cycling or Nature escapes videos for exercise or meditation with a huge inventory of exotic location footage from all over the world done in vibrant, crisp cinematography. Great customer service. Ambient Collection is the go-to merchant for products of this nature. As they keep making them, I will continue to buy.
(05-12-2017 20:31) Carol L, United States: First of all, let me say that I LOVE watching nature videos. Of all the varieties of ambient videos, straight nature ones capture me the most. I ran across the Ambient Collection in 2011, I was enthralled with the videos they had available. I bought several of them that year including Lotus Pond, Ocean Dreaming, Living Ocean, Alpine Elements, Flow of Nature, Fitness Journey – Palm Trees, Fireplace XL, as well as several others. These DVDS literally changed my life – they gave me the peace and serenity which was very much needed then, and still is now. Since that time, I have gotten many more of their videos, from nature to Virtual Walks, Virtual Cycling, and Fitness Journeys. The Virtual Walks and Cycling videos show me places in the world that I would never see in my lifetime. They show fascinating glimpses of all kinds of scenery, buildings, and sometimes people from around the world. But my favorites are STILL the nature ones. Canyon Rivers, Cascades, Koi Fish, and Jellyfish come to mind – (it’s a beautifully filmed DVD and I still love to watch the jellyfish). Coral Tranquility is another favorite of mine – the photography is outstanding as the DVDS always are – I love the seasons DVDS, the flower DVDs, and so many others. In this world we live in, I absolutely need the tranquility that these DVDs allow me to feel. Another major plus is that you almost always have the option of listening to music or use the natural sounds. I sometimes just leave the sound off. These are really nice options to have. Also, in another category, the Fireworks Show is the best fireworks film I’ve seen. It’s strictly fireworks, no buildings or peoples’ heads looking up and talking. That has always been a major annoyance to me. So whatever type of ambiemt video you like, you’ll probably find it here.
(10-22-2016 15:23) Lilias Darcy-Fox, United Kingdom: I have purchased several of tne dvd's and the latest one, Canyon Rivers is absolutely gorgeous, it taakes you on a wonderful journey to sounds and sights not normally seen. I enjoy all thye dvd's I have bought and I am looking at the next one with anticipation. However, I would prefer a choice of sounds on the Canyon one as I find some of the music irritating and too downbeat. That said, I would heartily say buy them .
(05-28-2016 22:18) P Jongeneel, Nederland: What a wonderful DVD with images of tropical birds and beautiful plants. The waterfalls and water birds pass by at a steady pace . It is a relaxing DVD which I always enjoy it. a topper )
(06-05-2015 04:18) Pamela Moorman, United States:
Sea, Lake and River Aquariums is great.
Brilliant HD color and clarity, high quality sound choices and 18 different scenes to choose from, which includes six of each; sea, lake and river aquarium scenes. There is even a shipwreck and lovely Asian temple complete with swimming fish and marine life. I really like that these DVDs will play the individual tracks on a continuous loop or you can play all the aquariums on each DVD continuously for uninterrupted viewing. There are several quality sound choices to choose from including; bubbles, waves, piano or ambient music.

Another fine quality product from Tony Helsloot, Isis Products/World Nature Video.
Great for meditating or just relaxing. Would be great for a professional office for viewing when you customers have to wait.
(06-04-2015 23:59) Lady Song, United States:
Tropical Reef Aquarium XXL Two DVD set. Just received it and it is great. Very relaxing and great for meditation, helping you to fall asleep or just to relax.
Brilliant color filmed in HD. It's like having your own aquarium without all the mess. There are 4 different scenes of tropical reef aquariums and one HD film from which to choose on the first DVD. The aquariums may be viewed with a choice of bubbles, relaxing piano music or sounds of the sea. My personal favorite is the colorful HD film which fades from one scene to the next. I love the sea horses as they do their graceful dance through the ocean plants.

The second DVD offers 5 sound choices and 4 tropical reef aquarium views from which to choose.
This is a high quality, relaxing dvd set that gives you several options to choose from for both sound and viewing pleasure. It is easy to use and will loop for continuous uninterrupted viewing. I own many of Tony Helsloot's DVDs and love them.
(06-04-2015 23:51) Pamela Moorman, USA:
Just got the Aquarium DVD Tropical Reef and it is amazing!
Very relaxing. Brilliant color filmed in HD. It's like having your own aquarium without all the mess. There are 4 different scenes of tropical reef aquariums and one HD film from which to choose. The aquariums may be viewed with a choice of bubbles, relaxing piano music or sounds of the sea. My personal favorite is the colorful HD film which fades from one scene to the next. I love the sea horses as they do their graceful dance through the ocean plants.
This is a high quality, relaxing dvd that gives you several options to choose from. It is easy to use and will loop for continuous uninterrupted viewing. I own many of Tony Helsloot's DVDs and love them
(05-24-2015 22:13) Janell, USA:
I work at a non-profit, no kill, animal shelter and we recently revamped our main cat adoption room! We added in new windows, paint and brand new flat screen TV for our enrichment program. We received the Goldfish Aquarium DVD from our Amazon Wishlist and the cats LOVE it! Its the cutest thing watching the cats watch the fish on screen and listening to the bubbles! The different styles of relaxing music help greatly in winding the animals down for the night, all while providing perfect entertainment and enrichment for the felines we care for. Our customers love the video too and comment all the time how peaceful our Cat Room is and how happy the cats seem! We hope to receive more of these DVDs from donors in the future. Thank you SO much!
(05-10-2015 02:39) LadySong, United States:

I own over twenty of your dvds and have been purchasing them since 2013. They are amazing dvds with high quality sound and videography. I just got the Christmas and New Year's Eve Fireworks set. I really like both of them, however the Christmas DVD is amazing. It has some of the most colorful Christmas scenes I've found on any of these types of DVDs. It includes a great variety of scenes with so many addition options as all your videos do, which makes it one of the best on the market.

I wish I would have had this dvd last Christmas when I was in a skilled nursing facility recovering from surgery....I recommend it for any shut-in, patients in hospitals or anyone away from home on Christmas. There is everything on this video from candles to bright festive decorations to winter snow scenes. Great dvd...Thanks!!!
(05-07-2015 13:50) Jeannine Sims, USA:

Virtual Walks – The Alpine Mountains – Switzerland and Italy
Indulge the armchair traveler within you with a choice of 3 walks (or cycling journeys) through amazing scenery in the Alpine mountains.  If you love the mountains, this DVD is for you.  This is fabulous, real scenery – not CG graphics -- and the DVD played beautifully on my HDTV.  All three walks have captured the sounds of nature, whether it’s the wind whistling through trees, birds calling, or water rushing by in a river.
In walk 1, enter the realm of the high Swiss Alps with powerful snow-capped peaks where you feel you can touch the clouds.  This segment has its own stark beauty and varied topography, including glacial rivers and all sorts of snow-covered rocky scenery.  End your journey at a beautiful lake as you head to a nearby chalet where you can probably enjoy a much needed rest!
In walk 2, enjoy a trek through the incredible Dolomite Mountains.  You’ll head past a chalet, go under bridges with stone embankments and meander through lush forests - watch out for fellow travelers on your journey whether in cars or on motorcycles.  I especially loved the feeling of heading through the mountains towards incredible peaks while going past split-rail fences and meadows.
Walk 3 was one of my favorites.  It was peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful with the only interruption being an occasional cyclist or two.  A winding bike path takes you next to a river and through lush, beautiful greenery.  The walk then changes a bit as you work your way through meadows and forests.  The ever-present Alps are amazing.  Loved the end of the walk as you come into a small, picturesque town.  Only wish I could have stopped and sat down on one of the benches just to enjoy the view!
Working out was never this fun before!  Time literally flew by.  Thanks Tony and crew for another great DVD.
Virtual Walks – Lavender Fields France
I couldn’t wait to “walk” through the French lavender fields.  Have read about them, and this is definitely the closest I will come.  This lovely DVD contains 3 walks (although it could probably be used with a stationary bike as well as a treadmill), and it displayed beautifully on my HDTV.
Walk 1 provides a leisurely pace taken on paths going by meadows, lavender fields, wheat fields, and trees, and is accentuated by bright blue skies and clouds.  The nature sounds (birds and crickets) only enhanced the adventure.  The only thing missing was the scent of fresh lavender in the air!  Quite relaxing and with no outside interference – just pure nature.
Walk 2 starts on a mountain road above a small and picturesque village.  I loved the varied scenery while the road wound down into the valley.  Enjoyed the occasional building and even a car once in a while.  This segment showed more of the countryside, as well as the lavender fields, and was totally delightful.
Walk 3 starts off by coming into a French village.  The stonework is amazing, the roads are narrow, and the church bells were wonderful.  The walk then opens up into meadows, farmlands, and lavender fields, and is accentuated by the fabulous sounds of nature from birds to bees.  You still walk by the occasional farm and cottage, too.  It’s an absolutely stunning snapshot of a French rural area.
I think this DVD is perfect for either exercising or just relaxing.  Personally, I liked Walk 3 the best as I felt immersed in not only the beautiful scenery and lavender fields but also the ambiance and warmth of the French countryside.
Virtual Cycle Rides –Through the Forest
This lovely DVD offers the opportunity to take three great bike rides – all of them through a fabulous forest area with wonderful bird songs in the background.  I think this would also be a good treadmill DVD if you wanted a fast walk or run.
Ride 1 takes off through a beautiful lush green forest at a somewhat leisurely pace.  Loved the bird songs and dove calls as I wound my way down the bike path.  You’ll get passed by a few other cyclists, which just adds to the feeling of actually being there.  The variety of trees was amazing and the play of light and shadows through the trees was a visual pleasure!
Ride 2 will give you a workout as you pedal along at a faster clip through a forest dressed for fall.  The colors are absolutely brilliant, and once again the sounds of nature add to the joy of the journey.  I was just waiting to hear the crunch of the leaves!  Also enjoyed coming out of the forest at the end of the ride into a grasslands area.  The change of scenery was great.
Ride 3 starts off in a lush meadow and heads into the trees.  Felt like it was truly a great day for a ride when working out to this segment.  Once again, the bird songs and passing cyclists just added to the realism of the ride.  Some of the forest areas were much denser in this ride, which seemed like a nice change of pace from the previous rides. Once again, the colors were fabulous – loved the greens and shades of red and gold.  From the forest you head into a grassland area where the bike path runs next to a dirt road then back into a forested area again.  Loved the end of the ride because you come out into a meadow and go by a farmhouse, which to me was very picturesque.
Although all the rides were beautiful (and displayed well on my HDTV), I enjoyed Ride 3 the most because of the variety of scenery included in this segment.  Happy cycling!

(05-07-2015 13:37) Cliff Baker, :

Tyrol 5 stars
This DVD has 3 visually stunning journeys beginning with a variety of vineyards and fruit tree groves.   It is a beautiful day, with incredible mountains stretching out ahead of you, a lake at their base, and a picturesque cloud-scattered sky above.  Every once in a while you pass a small town or a few buildings with distinctly European architecture.  On the third video you have made your way to a higher elevation with pine trees lining a path that winds along the side of a hill.  Snow-capped mountains appear much closer and you can hear cuckoos in the distance.  The entire DVD has the fewest transitions of any video of this type I’ve seen – and those that do occur are nearly seamless.  You are always on a path with no vehicular traffic and only an occasional pedestrian or bicyclist.  The view is smooth and straight, and although the pace is about that of a brisk walk, I’ve found it to be just fine for riding a spin bike hard and fast with separate music blasting.

Tuscany 4 stars
This DVD provides a wide-ranging look at Italy’s Tuscany region.  The ride begins on a side street of a small Tuscany town.  Within a few minutes you emerge in the countryside where you can see for miles across rolling hills with fields of grass, hay, trees, and more, all under a clear blue sky.  The second ride brings you through the streets and pedestrian walkways of Pisa.  There is light to moderate pedestrian traffic.  Although the famed tower shows up frequently, it is not the focus of the ride and there are plenty of other beautiful architectural landmarks to admire.  For the third ride you are back in the country on a quiet dirt road or bike path with cypress trees, rolling hills and a stream as you make your way passed a few small towns.  The quality of the video is excellent.  The view is smooth and straight and the pace is about that of a brisk walk.

(04-25-2015 07:03) Margarita, Australia: I have been buying these DVDs through Amazon for about 2 years now and my collection of Virtual Walks and Virtual Cycle DVDs from this company is growing rapidly! I absolutely love all the scenery shown in them, in particular in the newest releases, like Thailand Beaches, Switzerland and Italian Tyrol. There is really so much choice, from beaches to forests and city walks. I use all these DVDs with my stationary bike and lately also just "walking on the spot" in my living room, which is great fun too. I have gotten to see places that I can only dream of one day visiting, whilst also burning a good number of calories. The HD film quality is first class and the ambient nature sounds contribute to a relaxing experience. The camera work is absolutely stable with no wobble nor any up-down movement. I also like to play my own music whilst using these fitness DVDs. I have also tried some of the digital downloads, which work great with my Apple TV. You will never be bored again whilst using your home gym equipment or just walking indoors. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. - Highly recommended fitness DVDs!!
(04-24-2015 00:44) Pam Moorman, United States: From Lady Song, USA I own several of the nature, fireplace, virtual walks and the virtual cycle dvds. I have a large collection of nature and relaxation dvds and I find myself always coming back to your dvds. They are the best I have found anywhere. They are clear, colorful, well-videoed and have quality sound. The winter one is my favorite. It has lovely winter scenes as well as the sound of the winter winds.

My favorite part about your products is the wide selection of dvds that you offer. I really like the virtual walks and the virtual cycle dvds they are a great tool to make your exercise routine more interesting. They also give you a choice of three walks or rides. It feels like you are actually riding in the Alps or the Dolomites (I have those two) complete with sound effects and passing traffic.

Don't waste your money on inferior dvds...I have. If I had found this company before I bought the others, I wouldn't have. These are always quality dvds from Tony Helsloot and they are shipped quickly to your door.

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