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  Gathering ideas from comments and viewers perspective, we at Worldnaturevideo spent months in creating a new range of Streaming Channels. Below are variety of options we offer for your specific needs and viewing pleasure. 

* TV Channel

- These are designed for apps, TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and so on and contain all the videos of a specific theme like Virtual Fitness TV.

* 365 days - 24/7 Channel (Public Peformance included)

- Designed for business where longer videos are needed such as the care sector, entertainment  or just at home. Programs are much longer and neatly categorized so they can be used in a more targeted way.

* Online Streaming Channel

- These contain the DVD structure so the videos can be played by DVD title. This means tracks are shorter but more titles are available in one channel.



  USD 7.99


Virtual Fitness TV - Get Unlimited streaming to all our 1000+ Virtual walk, Cycle, and Rowing Videos


  USD 9.95


Virtual Walk and Cycle Channel - $9.95/mo Unlimited Video Streaming on over 570 videos


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