Relax with worlds most beautiful beaches with sound of the waves
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Title:  A Day at the Tropical Beach CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 17.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 80 minutes


Enjoy a full day on a tropical beach whenever you want! 
This relaxing DVD creates an instant summer feeling. Ideal for a relaxing day at home or at the office.
Throwing a (dinner) party? 
The Beach DVD ‘A day at a tropical beach’ creates that extra atmosphere you are looking for.


The main track is a spectacular 22-minute film of a whole day on several stunning beaches in El Nido Philippines, complemented by calming ocean sounds. 
You start the day with a wonderful refreshing sunrise, spent a hot, lazy afternoon on a sun kissed beach and end up with an amazing, colourful sunset over the sea.


An extra section offers six different beach movies. 
Enjoy the clear blue sea of Coron Beach, relax on amazing white beaches with waving palm trees and create a romantic atmosphere with a stunning sunset movie.


Dream away with soothing ocean waves sounds, recorded on location.


This relaxing DVD is filmed with high quality HD and high speed slow motion cameras to enhance your relaxation experience.
Play one track continuously or choose the Play All function.

A Day at the Tropical Beach    A Day at the Tropical Beach    

Review of Relaxing Beach DVD - A Day at The Tropical Beach

We got the DVD within a few days and played it during a party. Everyone loved it (as we did). The pictures are gorgeous. We love the beach and this was like being there. We are totally satisfied with everything....the ordering, the quick delivery and the product. Thank you!

Review of Relaxing Beach DVD - A Day at The Tropical Beach

This disc is the closest thing to the place I'd like to go to. It is magnificent and like all good ambient DVD's it really gives the feeling of "being there".... you can almost feel the sun burn through the TV screen. It is astoundingly well produced and if like me, you are not that keen on winter then get it on, close the door, mix yourself a cocktail and enjoy!
Mr Ed - UK

Review of Relaxing Beach DVD - A Day at The Tropical Beach 

Wow, this title delivers in a way I didn't expect. It has scenes of crystal clear aqua waters, but so much more. It seems that the Isis Visuals team has made it their personal mission to provide viewers a full experience of the location on this disc. This disc has all nature sounds matching the scenery The main film shows transitional scenes around beaches, BUT the location chosen makes me think that the beaches are in several different parts of the world instead of just one place. There is the white sand dream beach, as well as the rocky coast and tide pool type of scenes in the main films. As with a lot of the films by this producer, you get to experience the beach from morning until dusk. The beaches are completely clear of people, so you can feel like you are there experiencing the proverbial walk along the beach alone. All of the gently transitioning scenes show a shoreline with gently lapping water. The wave ripples and tide are light, even at the rocky parts of the shore, I love crashing waves, but this sets a slow and relaxing tempo that is utterly relaxing. A favorite part of this film is the switching the scene from looking our to the water to looking to the shore from the water. The shoreline is a jungle setting. I really like this, as I can make my imagination fill a 360 degree view of my location. I also like shots into the water from a crystal clear location, revealing the rocks and coral under the shallow surface. This disc provides a bonus 6 scenes, each spending a little more time at one of the locations we got to view in teh main fil. Both the aqua water and rocky shoreline types are represented, but a surprise to me was that one of the scenes has to be close to an all time favorite Isis Visual scene for me - the closing sunset. I am not a fan of sunsets, not meaning that I don;t like them, but they re not a scene I would choose on its own in selecting nature scenes to watch. I've seen orange, purples, and dark hues in many scenes, but this one is the most magical gold color I've ever seen, and has an along the shore view with symmetry that I couldn't even imagine being so perfect until I saw it. The way that light and show meet in this scene is unforgettable. This disc will remain high on my rotation list, and is another reason to give this production company a chance at providing your next vacation from the comfort of your couch!
Danna Paul,CA,USA

Review of Relaxing Beach DVD - A Day at The Tropical Beach

I ordered this dvd, and still have not received it. I did receive one dvd, but ordered two.
Ambient collection

Review of Relaxing Beach DVD - A Day at The Tropical Beach

Ideal for Relaxation,

A Day at the Tropical Beach’ HD with high speed, slow motion camera work to give you a glimpse of the beach that you couldn’t even achieve in real life. No chaotic, overcrowded beaches. No disruptive sporting events or crashing Frisbees. It’s just the best the beach has to offer.
With a run time of 80 minutes, you’ll be transported to El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. Here you’ll visit the UNESCO world heritage site. Enjoy a moonlight night &/or the sunset. Drift off to sleep with the rhythmic sounds of a symphonic sea. Pick between continuous play for one or all of the tracks.

Ideal for relatives who are no longer able to travel, these DVDs are priced to move via Amazon or directly from [...]. They’re also great go-to gifts for busy, working folks or that person who has everything. Gift a copy to your Church nursery to create a relaxing setting or for your child’s daycare provider. Anyone will appreciate being able to go to the beach whenever & however many times they wish.
I was provided with the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
Liz Terek

Review of Relaxing Beach DVD - A Day at The Tropical Beach

Very relaxing!
You can imagine being on the beach watching the sea.
Loved the variety of beach scenes.
Wold love to be able to smell the sea air.

I really like this DVD. On the DVD there are 6 different videos from various beaches and also a short film with different beaches at different times of the day, from sunrise to sunset. I really enjoy watching the videos which show the turquoise sea. The videos are a very good method to relax, since they are also accompanied by the sounds of ocean waves. The colors and the picture quality are really great. A very good relaxation DVD.
Alina, Germany

Nice surround atmosphere.
-- Jason Snavely

"Peaceful and Serene for Everyone in the Family"

I LOVE the Tony Helsloot, directed, ambient dvd's. The films are vibrant and colorful, set to lovely, soothing music.. So relaxing, calming and serene. I know it sounds probably silly, to some people but I have (2) older rescue dogs, they both came from bad homes, with high levels of abuse and neglect. Our "Ambient" dvd collection, has helped both of them to calm down, to sleep better, and to be more relaxed . Both of them, now sleep soundly when the dvd's are on. There is no more anxiety, or fear from them, they love the music and the bird sounds. A family member, bought these as well, for her very fussy little toddler. The nature sounds soothed her, right down. After (3) nights of Ambient music with a nice tuck in before bed time, the toddler settled in and looked forward to what sounds she would hear, each night. The dvd's worked like a charm! The parents got more rest, as did the little child. These are also great when one is home, sick. The soothing sounds, music and videos are so calming, so peaceful, and so easy to fall asleep to. I just love them...all of them.
-- Lambie's MOM

Review: A Day at the Tropical Beach
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