Fireplace And Tropical Reef Aquarium 2016
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Title:  Fireplace And Tropical Reef Aquarium 2016 CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes
Enjoy a two disc DVD set with roaring fireplace fires and crystal clear tropical reef fish tank videos. Perfect to create a unique ambient lounge at home, your office or in a public space.

The best fireplace videos are like having your own fireplace in a luxury hotel: you just enjoy the fire and don't have to worry about chopping the logs, keeping the fire burning, extinguishing the fire when you go to sleep or cleaning up in the morning.

Watch the flickering flames and listen to the crackling logs. These videos warm up every room. One is complemented by the soothing sounds of a crackling fire, the other one creates a romantic vibe with beautiful relaxing music.

The tropical aquariums, one with calming sounds of aquarium bubbles and one with soothing music, show a colourful spectacle of corals and anemones in all kinds of shapes. Watch the blue tang fish and bright yellow discus fish dart through the water and plants. Perfect as unique beautiful wallpapers and to help you relax and fall asleep after a busy day

The videos are recorded with the highest quality HD cameras and sound recording equipment to create a stunning realistic experience. All tracks repeat automatically or choose the play all function for endless relaxation and coziness.
Fireplace And Tropical Reef Aquarium 2016    

The DVD set is really great. Here you have not only fireplaces for a cozy evening at home but also relaxing aquarium scenes. What I like best is that you can play both DVDs with natural sounds or music. Personally, I like the sounds of nature best, the fire and the aquariums seem even more real with its many colorful fish. I also like that you can see the fire burn down, it even makes all more realistic.
-- Alina

" Turns your TV into a virtual fireplace or an aquarium "

Relaxing, HQ static video scenes designed to turn your TV into a virtual fireplace or an aquarium. The fireplace disc has two soundtracks to choose from - crackling fire (very realistic sound) or soft piano music. Very soothing - all the visual benefits of a cozy fire without the fuss! The second disc in this set features two long aquarium scenes and your choice of "new age" classical piano, bubbling aquarium or trickling water audio to accompany the visuals. Tank one is a lovely community fish tank with an array of small, peaceful freshwater fish (I spotted mollies, tetras and neons). The second tank is a colorful African cichlid tank. Great dvd set to enjoy as background ambience.
-- Kirsten B

" Great 2 disc set "

I love both of the DVDs in this set. Disc 1 has two different kinds of fireplaces Vivid and Big Log. Both give you choices of sounds - fire sounds and music. In all cases of fireplaces, I REALLY prefer the actual fire sounds. I don’t want music to be playing while I could be listening to the actual fire. That’s what I like to hear – the crackling and popping of a fireplace. I also like that it encompasses the whole TV screen. Just two wonderful videos of fireplaces.

Disc 2 is a set of two aquariums and you have your choice of bubbles, water, and piano music. Whatever you choose, it’s so soothing and takes me away from any stress I may be having. The first aquarium is peaceful with the gentle movement of the coral and fish. The music is quiet so it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the tank. Personally, I prefer the 2nd aquarium, so many fish in an array of beautiful colors – I am especially fascinated by tropical reef aquariums. I could just sit and watch the fish and coral endlessly. It settles my mind. Normally I prefer nature sounds, but with an aquarium, the soft piano music (which is on the first aquarium) is best for me. As for the second aquarium, the music is louder, and I just decided that I didn’t need any sound at all on that one. That worked out fine for me.

This is a great 2 disc set if you’re into fireplaces and/or aquariums.
-- northcountry2

"Crystal clear images and great sounds and music options"

Great to have fireplace videos and aquarium videos in one box! What I love most is that the fires start from the beginning and then completely burn down, leaving soft glowing embers, just like the real deal. And I get to choose to play a fire with relaxing music, which I love! or with the real sounds of crackling wood for an even more realistic experience. For every mood an option!

The aquarium videos are a natural decoration in my living room that I play when I’m working, reading or cleaning up or when friends come over. They are colorful and relaxing and you can choose to play the video with calming music or aquarium bubbles.
The images are crystal clear, the music is romantic and relaxing and the sounds are realistic. I’m a fan!
-- Kim Asma

"make you calm and happy"

It is really soothing...make you calm and happy.
-- Amazon Customer

Love it.....
-- N.Barrows

-- Amazon Customer

"Finally A Fire In SoCal I'm Happy About!!"

I absolutely love these DVD’s. We live in Southern California and most of the time, having a fire is not possible (unless you want your house to feel like an oven). I missed having a fire during the holidays and this totally made up for it. Love the crackling of the real looking fire or you can choose to play the music version (without crackle). The aquarium one is ok. Other reviewers are right.... One aquarium has too many fish and one has too little fish, not to mention there’s a bully fish in one tank that keeps picking on the other fish... LOL!! Other then that, the fish tank one is relaxing. You will not regret this purchase and great price for 2.
-- rjv4EVER

"Loves It"

Love it got two one for me an one for momma she loves to so thx.
-- Susie Wade

"Well Worth The Price.... No Disappointments"

I have used these crackling fire DVD and fish with live bubbling to relax me at night when I cannot sleep right away. They are as if I am sitting in front of the fire (wish I could feel the heat too).... Reading my favorite book. Or I am mesmerized by the relaxing view of the various fish swimming carefree in my virtual aquarium. These DVD's are so worth the price.
-- Amazon Customer

"Is a advertised."

Is a advertised.
-- Regular Joe

"Cozy Ambience"

We absolutely love this dvd in our rv. In fact, I will purchase more as gifts to our rv friends who do not have an rv fireplace. The sound and glowing fire is very realistic and makes for a cozy evening in our travel trailer. We will use the aquarium in the summer when it is warmer but for the winter this is perfect. I like the continuity and the fire that truly burns down.
-- Lily

Great DVDs.
-- Mel R.

Review: Fireplace And Tropical Reef Aquarium 2016
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