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Tropical Fishes and Marine Sea Life ,Coral Reefs and Salt Water Fish
Title:  Aquarium TV Jukebox 2 CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 80 minutes


And you don’t have to worry about feeding the fish or changing the water.
With eight different aquariums and six soundtracks to choose from, this aquarium dvd is an asset to every environment and will always create the right ambiance.


1. Freshwater tank, a relaxing aquarium with wonderful magenta plants, 
2. Coral reef, a superb seawater aquarium with beautiful coral, 
3. Malawi aquarium, with colourful fish from lake malawi in africa, 
4. Seahorses, a tank with fish and yellow seahorses, 
5. Tanganyika tank, an aquarium with lots of small fish from africa's lake tanganyika, 
6. American cichlids, a realistic underwater environment with fish from central america, 
7. Tropical fish, with lively fish in a bright aquarium, and 
8. Night aquarium, a great tank to enjoy in the evening


1. Aquarium bubbles
2. African lake sounds
3. Ocean waves sounds
...And three specially composed music tracks 


This aquarium dvd is designed to make your television look like a real-life aquarium. There is no camera movement.
Just select an aquarium and it will play continuously, or use the play all function to play each track in turn. 

Aquarium TV Jukebox 2    Aquarium TV Jukebox 2    

Review of the Aquarium DVD: Aquarium TV Jukebox 2

Hey Hello to all tropical fish enthusiests out there! If there are any new begining tropical fish hobbyists thinking of getting into the Tropical Fish Hobby.Before you do,first ask Amazon.com in Amazon Customer Service to give you some advice on what tropical fish Dvds you might need or consider asking them also about trying to buy a how to set up an aquarium vidio Dvd too.Two yeard ago I started back into the tropical fish keeping hobby and have found it to be alot easier to work with the aquariums in my home than back in the 1960's when as a young person I had much more work in keeping the fish healthy.Now in today's modern world its so much simpler with buying the chemicals needed for the various water conditions that I now use for my own tropical fish.I personally recommend to Amazon.com the following tropical fish water chemical products to all their pet fish loving customers to sell to them online that I use myself.Here is the list of them:Wardley fish food and Wardley fish products,Jungle fish products and Jungle Aquarium products,Stress Zyme Aquarium Start and Clean and Stress Coat Fish and Water Conditioner,and Tetra Fish and Tetra Aquarium products.All these products have made my tropical fish hobby more and more enjoyable and easier to maintain.Now about the Aquarium.m Jukebox 1 and Aquarium Juke box 2 Tropical Fish Dvds.They are very much enjoyable to watch and I play them here and there after I have to turn off my aquarium lights because pet fish and live green plants like to go sleep after 9 or 10 hours of light on them.The tropical fish dvds take up the slack in case I want to watch tropical fish swim longer. I enjoy everything I buy from Amazon.com and I am always enjoying both Aquarium Jukebox 1 and Aquarium Jukebox 2.Both Dvds have 8 different vidio aquariums to choose from so theres something for every fish lover out there.But if any of you out there want to get away from everything else just so you can relax check out the sample vidio of Aquarium Jukebox 2 it has lake sounds of crickets and frogs.The feature just takes you to feel like you are in your own tropical equator world of your very own.I listed the aquarium water chemical products. I use so Amazon.com can have knowlege of what to recommend to me and to all fish lovers out there and they can keep the aquarium water chemical conditioners and waterproducts in stock for all of us aquarium hobbyists.If anybody out there hasn't tried Tropical Fish Dvds for TV Aquarium viewing they should try these 2 Tropical Fish DVDs.Secondly for those out there who don't like the actual upkeep of real aquariums then they will enjoy Tropical Fish dvds,I know I do all the time.The tropical fish dvds play over and over so its like having an aquarium in your TV.Thanks Amazon.com I'm hoping soon to buy another 3 Tropical Fish Dvds again soon.It is such a great pleasure to shop with Amazon.com Thanks Amazon.com Sincerely Yours: Tim Kemp
Tim Kemp, USA

Reviews of the Aquarium DVD: Aquarium TV Jukebox 1 & 2

When I've had enough of watching boring TV, I can now transform the corner of the lounge into a variety of Aquariums.
Mark Jones, Leegomery, UK

Review of the Aquarium DVD: Aquarium TV Jukebox 2

This is probably one of the best DVD's I have bought this year. Pure relaxation. I am partial to the bubbles soundtrack, but the sea waves are also quite peaceful. I can walk past the TV and see something different and beautiful each time. I highly recommend it.
Gayle Edwards - Parramatta,NSW, AU

Review of the Aquarium DVD: Aquarium TV Jukebox 2

Five Stars
Was exactly what I was looking for. !!!

Review of the Aquarium DVD: Aquarium TV Jukebox 2

Bought this item for my autistic daughter who LOVES fishies. She was thrilled ! Totally Worth buying and I recommend for any fish lover !

Review: Aquarium TV Jukebox 2
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