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3 Hours of Aquariums from Tropical Seas-Rivers and Lakes
Choose out of 18 Fish Tanks in FULL HD 1080p with Relaxing Music or Sea Sounds
This will bring a fresh and relaxing atmosphere to any environment. You can choose out of 18 different aquariums

With these 3 DVDs you can immediately bring 18 aquariums into your house, there is something for everyone. You have the choice between lake, sea and river aquariums, therefore this DVD set is very varied. Also you have many options to select different background noise. There are relaxing ambiente music, piano music but also waves and bubble sounds. With these DVDs you can see the variety of different habitats and a variety of different fish. I particularly liked the clown fish aquarium, these fish fascinate me by their brilliance. But the many colorful corals are always wonderful to see, too. With this DVD set you can bring different aquariums from many countries of the world into your house, a great enrichment of my DVD collection.
Rita, Germany

Brilliant HD color and clarity, high quality sound choices and 18 different scenes to choose from, which includes six sea, six lake and six river aquarium scenes. There is even a shipwreck and lovely Asian temple complete with swimming marine life. I really like the fact that these DVDs will play on a continuous loop or you can play all the scenes on each DVD continuously. There are several sound choices to choose from also, which include bubbles, waves or ambient music. These are lovely DVDs with many options for personalizing them.

These are all lovely, however my favorite is the river aquarium dvd, I love the colorful Amazon scene. I highly recommend this set.
Lady Song

This 3 disc set includes such a variety of fish - it's just fascinating! 18 aquariums in total with all different kinds of fish (sea, lake,and river as the title says), They're all interesting in their own way, each disc different from the others, but they're all entertaining if you like to watch fish. I do, and my favorites have always been the sea fish. They're more colorful and dart around a lot. The coral playground they have really is a feast for the eyes. Oh, and I have to mention that there are jellyfish in that disc too, Jellyfish constantly amaze me while watching them and I look for jellyfish DVDs anytime I can. There''s just something so peaceful about the way they glide through the water. All in all, great photography as usual, and an excellent presentation of many different kinds of fish. Love it! What a treat it is!
Carol L

This is a very relaxing and restful DVD for me. While watching it I can feel all my worries draining away. I find it a great way of unwinding after a particularly stressful day.

Each tank has a different selection of fish with backgrounds varying between rocky sculptures and formations intertwined with a variety of plants. I am fascinated by the manta rays and sharks seeming to be taking part in a slow ballet performance over the sandy sea bed. To accompany this display there is restful music.

I like the choice of three discs with one lake, one sea and one river each with six tanks. Each disc has a choice of soundtrack, and each track can be played on a continuous loop or a play-all function. I enjoy the brilliant variety of different fish. Of all the different programs of this type, this one is my favourite!
-- Joanne H

This beautiful, relaxing DVD set consists of three separate DVDS – one for lakes, one for the sea, and one for rivers. In total, you have access to 18 different aquarium segments. Soft music or appropriate nature sounds provide a lovely backdrop.

Disc 1 contains lake aquariums that showcase a wide variety of beautiful fish from Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi, both of which are located in Africa. The fish are dazzling and among the most beautiful that I’ve seen. With such a rich array of colors, these aquariums were a delight to behold.

Disc 2 contains sea aquariums with a wide variety of backdrops including a sandy ocean bottom, corals bathed in light and shadows, beautiful sea anemones, and even a sunken ship. You are able to enjoy everything from stingrays to clown fish. In one aquarium, there are amazing jellyfish that appear to be performing an underwater ballet.

Disc 3 contains a wide variety of river aquariums. Each aquarium has a unique backdrop to showcase the lovely fish – even a sunken Asian temple. The colors, both of the fish and various plant life, are incredible - some even appearing luminescent.

The DVDs looked spectacular on my HDTV and are very relaxing. I think they are superb for not only enjoying at home but also while in a waiting room setting such as a doctor’s or dentist’s office.
-- Jeannine in Idaho

Very relaxing
-- phantommaster

Review: Sea Lakes and River Aquariums
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