Title:  Ambient TV Jukebox 2 CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Ambient TV Jukebox 2 - Relaxing Backgrounds for your Old TV

Choose out of 9 Relaxing Scenes with Natural Sounds or Music Tracks.

This new widescreen version of our successful Ambient TV Jukebox DVD is ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere in your home. Choose out of nine popular themes to turn your television into a unique feature.

Three tracks show some of nature’s amazing beauty with a waterfall set in a scene of luscious green, a wonderful sunset over the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean and a calming forest creek.

Three further tracks show falling snow, a fireplace with the cosy sounds of the crackling fire and a softly glowing candle for those romantic evenings.

Three aquarium tracks show Discus fish swimming through slowly rising bubbles, a tropical tank full of exotic fish and an award-winning aquarium with colorful coral.

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