4K Classic Fireworks 2016
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Title:  4K Classic Fireworks 2016 CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Firework DVD and Event DVD

Enjoy three tracks of amazing fireworks in all different shapes, colours and sizes.
The first track can be played with the sounds of the show for an amazing realistic experience. You can also choose the classical music option. Whatever suits you and the occasion best.

Track two and three can be played with beautiful classical music of Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven or the atmospheric piano music of Simon Daum.

New Year’s eve fireworks or 4th of July DVD

All three tracks are ideal to use at parties and events or just to enjoy the magic of fireworks in your home.

Full HD Videos

This DVD is filmed with cinema full HD and High Speed slow motion cameras and offers an unforgettable spectacle with the brightest images ever seen.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
4K Classic Fireworks 2016    

Three colorful tracks to choose from each is beautifully videographed in brilliant high quality. I like that there is a sound choice on all three of these long tracks. The natural sound of the fireworks is fun, but for relaxing I enjoy the classical music on the first track. The other two tracks also offer classical music or tasteful relaxing piano music.

This will be great to use at my July 4th party here in the states as we wait for the actual fireworks to begin. Great fun!
P. Coffield, United States

The DVD is ideal for any party. You can choose between three different fireworks and you always have the choice of which track you want to hear. You can hear the realistic fireworks noises in one video, in the others you can choose between classical music or piano music. I have watched the fireworks with the fireworks noise on my projector and here it seems very realistic. In all three fireworks the colors are very beautiful. A beautiful accompaniment for celebrations.

Hi there,
I wanted to tell you is am SUPREMELY happy with your fireworks DVD... it played in a loop (who knew! - last time I had my TV on was January - I don't watch TV)
I board dogs in my home, and had several firework/noise/thunder sensitive/phobic dogs for the 4th July weekend. I started paying your DVD Saturday morning at a low volume and brought it up a little bit at a time, until is was medium-range on the sounds scale. I only had to up it a few notches when we had what sounded like mortar fire.
VERY impressed. I work with dog behavior for well over a decade and this was the first time/DVD that actually WORKED! No more alprazolam (Xanax), no more other RX...
now, I have a request - I need you to make a DVD with thunder and lightning, NO MUSIC, that'll play via loop, too.
I will be posting my comment here and your website link to many colleagues in the dog training and behavior world online.
Thunder and lighting DVD, please!!!
Frances Dauster CPDT-KA
CPDT-KA, Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge assessed
SF/SPCA, Graduate San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers
NADOI, Certified National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
TDF, Founding Member TrulyDogFriendly
APDT, Professional Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers
NSCC, member No Schock Collar Coalition
PPG, member Pet Professional Guild
Frances Dauster CPDT-KA

It was so much fun playing this DVD this July. It's a great DVD to have if you like to celebrate with fireworks in the privacy of your own home or while having 4th of July or New Years Eve parties. It seems like so much hassle these days to fight the crowds and then the traffic when seeing a live fireworks show. Although fun, it's not something that's always convenient to do. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular fireworks from you own home and invite your friends!

How cool. The ability to have fireworks indoors at our dinner party. This was great!

love it
-- Zamba zoo


Used this for a elementary and preschool assembly to let them enjoy fireworks for those who had not seen real ones on the 4th of July. It was a hit!
-- Bianca

Review: 4K Classic Fireworks 2016
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