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Water Scenery and Waterfalls in Canyons Landscapes
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Title:  Canyon Rivers CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Approx. duration - 75 minutes

The beautiful images of nature, calming music and soothing sounds of nature provide a deep relaxation.
Perfect for a quiet evening at home, during your daily meditation routine or to help you concentrate for work or study.

The main track is a stunning canyon rivers film, shot in the wonderful Gorges Du Verdon in France and the beautiful landscapes of America.
Enjoy refreshing canyon rivers with turquoise, crystal clear water, impressive waterfalls surrounded by rain forest vegetation and stunning rock formations.
The perfect combination of gorgeous images of nature and inspiring and calming music by Simon Daum create a wonderful relaxing ambiance.

Two Soothing Scenes tracks offer slowly-changing, longer scenes of diverse canyon landscapes, complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location.
Ideal for meditation and to help you fall asleep easily.

Three static Natural Decoration tracks show a wide green river, a shallow canyon creek and a peaceful river at sunset, all recorded with the original nature sounds.
These moving paintings are a unique eye-catcher in any interior: at home, at the office or in public spaces like doctor's waiting rooms, dentist's waiting rooms, spa and wellness centers and restaurants.

This relaxing DVD is filmed with high quality HD cameras and professional sound recording equipment.
All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically or use the Play All function.
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Canyon Rivers    Canyon Rivers    

Thank you so much for Canyon Rivers Video! While growing up in Montana and taking these beautiful nature surroundings for granted (you never know how lucky you are until you leave) I was forced to move away for school and work. I was beginning to go a little stir crazy after 6 years separated from the Montana I grew up in. Your videos bring a bit of hope and sanity in my hectic city life. I will be returning to Montana in a few years and with your videos I am inspired to succeed (study) and get on with it. I cannot thank you enough. Never forget how lucky you are to witness this beauty.
-- Erik Lehman, USA

I have written several reviews on these products because I own quite a few. It all started with a search for background noise to help me study that was steady and relaxing but not distracting. I find myself watching them in short bursts when I need a break but on-task when I need to be. I use this for background sound to help drown out the random and distracting noises around me ... but I found myself playing them just to escape for a little while or relax without having to listen to the radio or TV. I have a bunch of these and I love them for their imagery (So I can get out when I need to get out) and their even natural sounds. I am into the nature sounds and natural flow more than the music, but the music is nice. I like that there are many options regardless of which DVD I am listening to. Orignially I only wanted a rain DVD, but then I realized the variety and imagery I was missing. I have about 12 of these I think (That’s all I can see from where I am sitting, I may have a couple more upstairs) and just ordered another one. I cannot always get out and feel I am missing a lot on nice days. There is not replacement for getting outside, but sometimes I just cannot do it ... so I bring nature inside with these DVD. Documentaries and nature movies require too much focus and are usually filled with dialogue or little to no sound if just a nature movie ... these have a variety of sound tracks that fill the sound voids for me and help me both study, relax, and focus, depending on what I need at the time. Canyon Rivers, and Cascades, are similar, but with different imagery. Like all my DVDs in this series I like to switch them out now and then. Both are very well done and you will not be disappointed. Funny, but I used to get out a lot when I was kid. Sometimes, these DVDs and their subtle imagery take me back to those times. It is times like that, that these DVDs are simply good for meditation.
-- Brian Clark, California

This DVD is an emotionally moving journey into landscapes and waterways that you will probably not otherwise have the privilege of seeing. The “Canyon Rivers” excursion is accompanied by music that will simply carry you away, as you witness perspectives of natural wonders from a grand overview and from intimate peeks into the secrets of nature itself. This 22 minute section is beautifully and patiently photographed. I’ve got to get more music from the German composer Simon Daum.

But that’s not all: “Canyon Rivers” is followed by two Soothing scenes and three Relaxing scenes that are accompanied by the sounds of running water and the chirping of birds. As always in Isis productions, the scenes are perfectly framed, whether it’s of an grand view of dragon-back mountain ridges leading down to a pool of deep blue running water, or a close up inside a green grotto reflecting back its own lights. Many of the scenes are perfectly stationary, so that you feel as if you are sitting at the water’s edge, watching Nature’s eternal rhythms—until the sense of pervading peace has permeated your consciousness. This DVD is not only relaxing but psychically fulfilling.
-- Dan Carrison - Santa Clarita, CA USA


This was an unsexpected treat. A friend, knowing how much we love ambient movies, bought us this film as he also knows we love water ones! And at first I was not quite sure but as soon as we played it, we were really pleased with it. there is nothing like water scenes to ease the day away and this really brought us Nature inside the house. Really lovely to look at and a good talking point to!
-- Mr Ed - UK

Do you love outdoor scenery? Then this DVD is for you! The music is beautiful, but the film is absolutely fantastic. I personally love the outdoors in general - add in breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, mist, even a rainbow - and I was hooked. With the beautiful background scenery - I am in heaven! I watched it twice in a row. It's so calming - I also loved the round river rocks under the water with the sun sparkling off them too. It felt like you could reach out and put your hand right in the water. Peaceful. In parts of it, you feel as if you're right there sitting at the edge of the water enjoying it all. The stresses of everyday life just dropped away from me while watching this film. They did a wonderful job filming this DVD, and I know I'm going to be watching it often. I knew I was going to love this DVD from the preview I watched on this website. It shows a small part of what is now one of my favorite ambient videos - and I own a LOT of them!
-- Carol L

If you enjoy the outdoors and it's beauty, you will love this DVD. The film plays with music that goes so well with the scenes. It has rainbows, flowing rivers and amazing waterfalls going off the edges of the mountains. The soothing scenes and relaxation scenes play with the natural moving water sound. This DVD video is so beautiful and vibrant.
-- Danni

Relaxing music that intensifies with the sight of spectacular waterfalls and slows down with the flowing rivers. Also has natural sounds but I prefer the relaxing music in the background. This DVD is amazing!
-- Liam

This is a wonderfully relaxing DVD. Here you can see spectacular waterfalls, as well as scenes with only slightly flowing rivers. You get the feeling as if you are sitting on a bench nearby and watch the magnificent surroundings. Sometimes I had the feeling that I am standing in the middle of the river on a stone and watching the flow of water. As background noise there is nice relaxing music or the splashing of water, this is what makes the experience even more real. After a stressful day this DVD is really relaxing. I think this DVD is perfect as a background for a cozy dinner with friends.
-- Rita

"great nature dvd"

This my favorite nature dvd; and I play it often. I highly recommend it.
-- Brian Pienta

Review: Canyon Rivers
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