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Title:  Collection - The Flower - 3 Disc Set CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 14.95
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Item:  3 Disc DVD Set, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Sound, Total Duration - 235 minutes

Three great DVD’s from the Ambient Collection...

FLOWERS OF HOLLAND was filmed at the world-famous Keukenhof Spring gardens in the Netherlands.
Film feature spectacular displays of tulips in every color, shape and form imaginable, delicate daffodils from pure white to the deepest yellow and a huge array of colorful mixed flowers.

FLOWERS OF PROVENCE was filmed amongst the wonderfully aromatic lavender fields of Provence and in the surrounding regions of South-West France.
The DVD has 3 relaxing films: Lavender, Poppies and Sunflowers, set to calming and inspiring music, and four further tracks have natural sounds.

BUTTERFLIES AND FLOWERS brings the delights of the garden into your home or office.
Watch the fascinating behavior of the butterflies as they dance around the blossoms, see how a bee collects pollen from the fragile beauty of a rare passion flower and marvel at the colorful flowers.
Every butterfly, caterpillar, dragonfly, bee and blossom was filmed with HD cameras for stunning picture quality and amazing detail.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Collection - The Flower - 3 Disc Set    Collection - The Flower - 3 Disc Set    

The film I have from your website of the flowers is truly beautiful.
So well done and thank you for creating such great DVDs!
-- Jennifer Freeman, Australia

This is the first ambient DVD I have ordered from this group but it will not be the last. This is a quality production that works perfectly for me.

There are three themes as the description notes: 1-fields of lavender, 2-red poppies and 3-sunflowers.
Of the three the poppies may be the weakest but even it is mesmerizing in that way you would like it to be - guiding your mind to a stressless relaxed place.
The lavender segment was my favorite and I felt the most beautiful of the three. (Ok, I'm partial to light purple).
I noticed within minutes that I was fully absorbed in the colors and movement of the scene and far distant from the work-day world I had just left.
The sunflowers are the happiest and you will be hard-pressed to keep a smile off of your face while you watch it.

The primary segments of each theme have a light slow piano accompaniment which I was a little leery of but turned out to be a very nice addition.
Each theme also has a silent segment labelled Relaxation, so you could play your own background and then there is a final with a montage of the three themes.

This DVD would work beautifully as a background to a small social gathering and I especially like having my big flat-screen tv do something other than sit there
and look like a big black hole in my livingroom when I have guests.
I don't have an HD DVD player but still found the video quality to be quite good. If you have an HD player it will be even better.

The evening I watched this turned out to be some of the best programming I have seen on my LCD tv since I got it last year.
After I watched everything once, I restarted it and notice some periodic hesitation, which may be due to my older DVD player.
I think this DVD will be on my shopping list for friends and family this coming Christmas.
This was exactly what I was looking for and overall exceeded my expectations. Enjoy!
-- M. Schadt, California

I recently purchased the Butterflies and Flowers DVD and also the Underwater Wonders DVD for my friend Sarah who is undergoing hospice care.

The Butterflies and flowers DVD is unique and the colors can barely be expressed. Vibrant, spectacular, awe inspiring..
watching the butterflies landing on beautiful flowers and seeing how they interact with each other was really breathtaking...
we loved it and these DVD's truly bring God's beauty and creation to a whole new level.. hard to capture on film, but I believe you have done it.
Great photography, peaceful music and just a pleasure to watch and experience. I am certain I will be purchasing more!
We live in such stressed filled lives, that stoping to take a deep breath by watching one of your DVD's is just what we all need.
I hope more people find your site and play the 'samples' so they will buy them for their friends and family, as well as for themselves. :)

thanks again so much.. truly love your products!
-- Lisa Gillis, Prudential CA Realty

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the videos we ordered. As always the videos arrived in perfect condition and sooner than expected.
The Flower Collection is wonderful. The videos are beautifully done the colors are vibrant the music is very relaxing.
These videos look great on our big screen TV. We look forward to ordering more of your great videos in the future.
-- Willie Adams

The Flower Collection is WOW! WOW! WOW! Spectacular views, excellent music option, great girl gift esp for upcoming Valentines!
-- Joyce

I gave this set as a gift and the recipient was thrilled!
What could be better than giving the gift of peace, quiet and relaxation!
-- Cynthia McCay, US

I work an overnight shift, which places me at home and ready for sleep when everyone else is just going to work.
The flower collection is one of the mainstays that are always on while I sleep (or attempt to) the music is soothing
he natural sound track is “natural” and not phony sounding, and the photography is, for lack of a better word, delicioius.
The flower collection along with rain are my two favorites.
Tony is only scratching the surface of a vast amount of stunning nature ambient recordings both audio and visual.
I have traveled the world and can suggest some really stunning locales, such as the valley of the flowers Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in India, or Volcan Baru in Panama.
Please take me along as your guide. Thanks again.
-- David Cantu

Excellent quality product. Met my expectations and was surely as good as described. I highly recommend all of the DVD’s and the Sellers.
Thanks for all of your great products! I now have a wonderful selection of relaxing and meditative choices for any time of day or night.
-- Thomas Ernst, PARKVILLE, MD

I love the entire series. The photography is superb. The flowers are perfect.
Endless variety of beautiful scenes. Many could be framed. Very relaxing music.
You really can't go wrong on this set. Besides, it is a very good value.
-- Amazon Costumer

We recently purchased the Holland Tulip DVD for our lobby.
It is soothing, delightful to the eyes and very appropriate as we are a Dutch company, owned by Philips Netherlands.
The built-in TV has ambient lighting which enhances the tulips!!
Thank you for a great product. We are sure to purchase more for our lobby.
-- Helen T. Newton Direct Sales, Philips Lifeline - Home Monitoring

Beautiful I work at a nursing home and this video is perfect for alzheimer residents! Love to get more of these type videos!
-- Dionne Rose

Perfect flowers I love the entire series. The photography is superb.
The flowers are perfect. Endless variety of beautiful scenes. Many could be framed.
Very relaxing music. You really can't go wrong on this set. Besides,
it is a very good value.
-- stellastar

Thanks for the quick delivery of order. We really love all your videos.
The Flower Collection is great, Flowers of Holland, Butterflies and Flowers,
And Flowers of Provence are all amazing. Its hard to say which is our favorite. We enjoy all of them so much. They are all very relaxing and soothing.
The quality of your videos is great and we like the personal service and feed back from you when we have questions. We plan to purchase more of your ambient videos very soon.
Thanks -- Willie
-- Willie Adams, US

"Exceptional DVDS"

These 3 flower DVD's are absolutely stunning. Being a nature lover, flowers and butterflies are high on my like list.
But these are exceptional in their photography. They were well worth the price for the enjoyment I get every time I watch them.
-- northcountry2 "northcountry2" - Springbrook, WI

I use these when doing Pedicures on customers, very relaxing.
-- jeannie

"A winner - buy it!"

Beautiful photography, with a nice blend of motion and zooming.
We like the tranquil solo piano music that accompanies these CDs very much. Highly recommended.
-- C. Devine

Flower dvds contain both images of flower details and images of flower sets, as well as landscapes.
The succession of images of colorful flowers creates an atmosphere of beauty, serenity and joy.

As background images sometimes there are musical pieces and sometimes the sounds of nature (to satisfy all the different needs).

My mother and I watch them every day to create a relaxing environment: both during the day and before going to bed (my mother suffers from alzhaimer and is often upset).

Review: Collection - The Flower - 3 Disc Set
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