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Title:  Snowfall CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 90 minutes

A Winter Wonderland Experience With Falling Snow

The main movie is filmed in USA, Switzerland, Canada, the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites. Enjoy stunning aerials over snow- capped mountains, fly over frozen lakes and snow-dusted forests. All comes with snowfall and wintery natural sounds of high altitude freezing wind and other winter nature sounds.

The wonderful soothing scenes are a set of static scenes from the incredible French Alps with heavy snowfall over beautiful mountain streams lined with gorgeous snow-covered trees.These marvelous scenes come with water sounds. Four snowfall loops can be played over and over again to have the snow falling at any time you wish.

All of these fantastic tracks come with super cool breeze and snowflakes falling sounds to give you the best realistic experience.
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Warm beverages, balsam scented candles, family, friends......grab any or all of these and enjoy this snowfall DVD. There are 4 segments: the first segment is a movie that runs approximately 42 minutes. It is like looking out a window all the while finding yourself thankful that you are watching from your cozy warm hideaway! The wind howls through the mountains as you experience the beautiful isolation that winter offers.  Silent snowfall, incredibly clear blue skies and slowly dripping icicles are all part of the wonder. As you pass partially frozen lakes you feel like some sort of planetary explorer..aerial footage has you zooming over frozen forests that civilization seems to have ignored. The tempest surrenders to the thaw and the sound of rushing water is accompanied by the songs of chickadees and nuthatches. There is no more perfect duo than snow and evergreens...and there are many here to see. Add some sunshine and it is heavenly. The magnificence of the northern lights speaks for itself. If the sounds of winter leave you shivering, you can opt to view this movie accompanied by a  relaxing, soulful instrumental soundtrack instead.

Segment 2 is 10 minutes of a lone igloo on the tundra. While a warm glow is seen emanating from the inside, a gale blows outside. I felt the need to send a rescue party for the inhabitant.

Segment 3 is a 10 minute snowfall loop. The howling wind continues here and the road is lonely..will a yeti appear from the woods? It would seem this time we are safe!

Segment 4 is 25 minutes of snowy streams...the scenes change about every 5 minutes and all are beautiful and solitary. It is snowing, sometimes the snowflakes fly directly at you.

This DVD would be a great way to set the mood for your winter gathering. Show off your new HD TV or your holiday decorations. Whatever you decide, you will be in awe of all that mother nature has to offer.
- Karen

It's a Saturday evening, December 8th, and shortly the largest snowfall in North Carolina in recent times will begin to fall. In anticipation I am enjoying your Snow Fall, the lovely background music and savoring the smell of a scented sugar cookie candle close by. Doesn't get much nicer than this, and my constant companion, Maple, a five year old vizsla dog, snoring at my feet wrapped in her favorite warm blanket, would heartily agree, could she speak!
Thanks for your lovely work, will be used often to accentuate my times of peace and blessings! 

- Linda Whicker, Denver, NC

If you like snow and winter you will enjoy this DVD. This winter DVD is a very relaxing to watch. Breathtaking scenery and is wonderful to hear the nature sounds of the winds and snow falling down.

Brilliant dvd.I love the snow but don't get Much snow where i live.this DVD is brilliantly made .It relaxes me and I imagine I am there in the dvd.thankyou.
Jonathan lubina.

Review: Snowfall
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