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Title:  Fall Cascades CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 70 minutes

Enjoy the Softness and Colours of Autumn

Three films with gorgeous fall scenery of waterfalls surrounded by trees dropping their last leaves in all its grace.
Get up close with colourful foliage through the mountain stream and explore dark caves with stalagmites and water drops.
The 3 films are complimented with specially composed music by simon daum.

The soothing scene track has 20 minutes natural relaxation experience with a 3d binaural sound which was recorded on the actual location.
The two static scenes are perfect for endless looping and also come with 3d binaural sound.

Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones,
Arranged with the intent to create a 3d stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in with nature.
So the listener can almost feel the power of nature which can calm us all even at the most stressfull times.
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Fall Cascades    

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, and running water over rocks - these are two of my favorite things. This DVD shows off both in all of nature's glory! I can't find ANYTHING bad to say about this video. It's winter here now with sub-zero temperatures, snow, and ice - so to be able to watch the absolutely beautiful colors of the fall leaves floating gently down from the trees, along with the colorful leaves floating on the peaceful water running over the rocks is an absolute dream for me. It also has some gorgeous tall waterfalls which are calming to watch. While the movie has soft piano music which is pleasant, the waterfalls have the nature sounds which has always been my favorite sound of nature films. It's like being right there in the middle of it all. The photography is outstanding and it gives me great pleasure to watch a film of this quality.
Definitely a 5 star video!! If you love Fall and/or moving water, try this DVD out. I have no doubt you'll be so glad you did. It's a peaceful, calming, and beautiful video.
Carol L

There's something bittersweet about fall - as nature winds down and prepares for a peaceful and quiet winter slumber, it puts on quite a final show. Tony's video perfectly captures the special - yet fleeting - moments of peak autumn on a perfect day. You can almost feel a bit of crispness in the air as cascading leaves in orange, red and yellow swirl to the ground, or are swept downstream in a slowly flowing creek. The New Age piano music provides the perfect musical accompaniment to the scenery. The real show stopper here are the! I don't know where this video was shot but it's a very special place. I play this DVD often. It is gorgeous on my flat screen TV and one of my top favorites from the Ambient Collection (and I have quite a few titles in this series). Very highly recommended.
Kirsten B.

Love this DVD! Cool and refreshing Autumn images.
Movie Watcher

Review: Fall Cascades
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