Scenic Mountain and Snow Landscapes Scenery and  Colourful Fall Foliage
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Title:  Seasons - Winter and Fall CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 60 minutes
The colorful images of autumn were filmed in the ancient forests of England and Wales, where scenic rolling hills are blessed with an amazing palette of vivid fall colors from a great variety of trees. Stroll next to woodland streams and watch raindrops ripple their patterns on smooth lakes.

The impressive images of winter were filmed in the Dolomites in Italy. Watch soft snow falling as sunrays filter through the trees and streams wind their way through snowy fields. Be amazed by breath-taking views from high peaks covered with heavenly white snow.

All movies are complemented by beautiful and relaxing ambient music, specially composed by the talented musician Denise Young.

This relaxing nature DVD is filmed with high quality HD cameras. All tracks play 10 minutes before repeating automatically, or use the Play All function
ISBN:  9789089701428
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Seasons - Winter and Fall    Seasons - Winter and Fall    

Super video. The drops of water on the leaves and small plants seem beautiful pearls. Beautiful images and beautiful sounds of running water that communicates serenity and life.
-- Gian ;-)

The ambient DVD's of "Winter and Fall" and "Waterfalls of Wisconsin" are terrific. Everyone who visits enjoys the peaceful images as we visit and converse.
-- Becky Reda

The relaxation DVDs that we have purchased now have pride of place at the top of our collection. We find the scenery stunning and the fact that the camera spends some time on each scene really gives you time to take it all in. The background music is the best we have come across and is very soothing and relaxing. It has taken us some time to find your website but we will surely be browsing there for some more DVD's to add to our collection. The European scenery is a pleasant change form that of America and appears much like New Zealand scenery.
-- Mike, Sydney, NSW

I just finished watching Seasons: Winter and Fall. The scenery is beautiful - my favorite time of the year is Fall - (I'd recommend Tony Helsloot's Forest Seasons for even more brilliant fall colors) - It starts with Fall, showing the colorful leaves as well as things like a spider's web with raindrops. Even though I am not a fan of spiders, you have to admire the intricate webs they can make. Add raindrops to it and it is awesome. The fall scenery is so relaxing, which is what I'm usually looking for in these DVDs. Then it takes you to winter - snow, mountains, ice - they're all beautiful, but I think the next time I'll watch that part will be during the summer months, instead of in an extremely snowy, and bitterly cold winter where I live. Don't get me wrong, the photography is top notch, but since it's February, I'd rather see warm things at this point in time. They did a great job again!
-- northcountry2

"Slow Paced DVD in a Fast Paced World"

You will enjoy this DVD if you will take one hour to yourself and allow yourself to slow down and relax. It actually took me a couple of times watching it to really let myself get to the point where I was “one” with the beautiful nature shots of Fall and Winter. There are six segments: Autumn Showers, Woodland Glades, Fall Awakening, Snowfall, Winter Mountains and Melt. You can choose to watch one or Play all and there is a loop where it can play continuously. The slow pace of the DVD allows you to examine each frame and enjoy the beauty of nature. Watch a single leaf fall, see the gentle breeze in the trees, look at the beauty of a spider web with the gentle rain. The scenes fade softly from one to another. When I look for the beauty of each scene, I found myself taking slow deep breaths and my stress being released. This is the second DVD I have purchased from the Ambient collection and both have had that affect on me. In the Winter scenes, there are trees, water, clouds, mountains, a winter wonderland to explore. My favorite one from Winter is Melt, at the end there is a beautiful blue sky and with melting comes the hope of spring! If you live in a place where you don’t get to enjoy the four seasons to their fullest, this DVD and the Spring & Summer DVD are a good addition to your DVD collection. A bonus for me after watching this DVD was to discover Denise Young whose piano music is featured throughout all the scenes. You can just put this in to meditate or to do your Yoga by just listening to the music. I am very impressed with the DVDs from the Ambient Collection so far and look forward to discovering more beauty through them!
-- Hillary73


Nothing is more serene and relaxing than quiet, peaceful music together with scenes of nature. I actually purchased this as a gift for a friend. The friend loves it, and so did I!
-- Carol B - Oklahoma

"Best of Two Seasons"

Travelers flock to New England each year simply to view the leaves changing colors. Save time & gas money. Pop in the DVD & view, in HD, all of autumn’s splendor. Those who adore overseas travel will appreciate the scenes from Wales & England. From the winter films, get a once in a lifetime view from the Dolomite Mountain Range of Italy.
‘Winter & Fall’ also allow us a peak into glaciers, ice sculptures, & frozen waterfalls. How magnificent! Again, composer Denise Young has gifted viewers to her talents in all 6 films. Run time for the films is also an hour.
World Nature Video has DVDs for everyone. These are perfect & quite thoughtful gifts for baby showers, gift basket additions, or even wedding gifts. All of their DVDs can be found through Amazon easily. Make your New Year’s resolution to relax more. World Nature Video can help.
-- Liz Terek

Lovely DVD. I was nervous about buying this DVD as it was not Blu Ray (spoiled now). However, the images are very clear and crisp. The music is relaxing and perfect for use in our home. I would highly recommend this DVD. I plan on buying more in the series.
-- LaurieinCA,USA - California

"Great relaxing video"

Love this. I expected just music but what a treat. Arrived in time expected, good packaging, good price. I will purchase others. Will reccomend.
-- Debra Shady

"Gorgeous views on my own tv.,"

Wonderful! Colorful, soft music, beautiful calm scenery, just gorgeous..very relaxing.
-- Lambie's MOM "lnlemonlime" - Northeast, US

Calm and soothing... Using for students who enjoy the beautiful scenery and soft music.
-- Kay

"FABULOUS dvd's!!!"

I bought quite a few of The Ambient Collection dvd’s for my health food store. These dvd’s play constantly in the area where I put a tv on top of an electric fireplace console surrounded by individual leather chairs and table. People sit with their smoothies and relax to the sights and sounds on these dvd’s and they are AWESOME!
-- Shireen

"A lovely DVD."

This DVD is so beautiful and relaxing. I use it daily in my marriage and family theraphy office.
-- MKB in LA

"Great for dementia patients, too!"

I purchased this for my 88 year old father who has dementia. He loves watching the landscapes. The music is very relaxing, though sometimes he prefers to just watch the pictures (actually, they are, for the short videos instead of still pictures). Sometimes, we put this on all night long, so we appreciate the looping. This is very relaxing for ANY one who is in the room.
-- juliek

Review: Seasons - Winter and Fall
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