Scenic Autumn Landscapes Scenery with Coloured Leaves and Fall Forest
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx.Duration - 122 minutes

The Four Seasons DVDs offer you a completely natural experience with the sounds of nature and beautiful, natural images.

Part of the only DVD series to feature seasons which is complemented by natural sounds, the main track on this Fall DVD is a calming one-hour film, with beautiful scenes of dawn forests, carpets of fallen leaves, rain-filled rivers and tumbling waterfalls, to completely relax the viewer.

A further 20-minute track has more Fall woodland scenes and longer, slowly-changing images to relax you further. Four more tracks each show a different Autumn waterfall scene for a great natural decoration in your home or work environment.

Let the relaxing, natural images and nature’s soundtrack of forest birdsong, softly falling rain and soothing water, transport you back to the calmness of nature.

*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.

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Four Seasons - Fall    Four Seasons - Fall    

Review of the Nature DVD: Four Seasons - Fall

AWESOME, I have ordered other DVDs from this company, I enjoy several of them... I love watching this DVD with the natural sounds. I also enjoy Ocean Waves and Clouds. I will continue to buy more DVDs, they are worth watching.
Patricia Dobry, US

Review of the Nature DVD - Four Seasons - Fall
I've bought the Season's dvds : they are great. I like especially the "ambient collection" . Thank you very much, this is exactly what I need to relax.

Review of Nature DVD: Four Seasons Fall

The Four Seasons DVDS are like living paintings whith sounds. When I'm watching them, it's like having a deep breath. They are an excellent way to relax and meditate, photography is amazing : the colours of the forest, the raindrops on the leaves... Great job ! I'm a fan ! Thank you so much.

The images are fine. I would have liked to have a simple looping scene of leaves falling in the forest.
alan davison

Review of the Nature DVD: Four Seasons - Fall

Wonderful way to experience the delights of Fall!,
Warning- don't be put off by the first part of the DVD in which the scenes are all overlaid with orange and seem more to belong more to a post
apocalyptic scene in a science fiction movie, than a nature scene. As you move on the scenes move into natural normal colors. The photography is quite amazing, and the scenes have just enough variety and the right pace for relaxation. The thing that makes this among the best nature videos are the sounds of nature, without any annoying musical enhancement. For those of us who no longer live in an area where the change into fall can be seen in the landscape around us, this is a refreshing memory of years past.
p gehris "pagehris"

Review of the Nature DVD: Four Seasons - Fall

4th DVD I've bought from ISIS,
This was the fourth relaxation DVD I've bought from these people. I've ordered 2 more- the birds & Japenese Zen gardens!! Breathtaking! If I get any more relaxed, I'll turn to jello!
Diane Elaine Bickle

Review of the Nature DVD: Four Seasons - Fall

A Wonderful Experience,
The Four Seasons series from Isis is very unique. By foregoing a musical score—and letting you hear the natural sounds of nature at work—you are, if effect, IN the scene, instead of watching the scene. The camera perspectives are what you would expect from Isis: intricate close-ups and vast panoramas—from a single leaf to a swirl of leaves that seem to take on a ghost-like, wavering form. And the pace is perfect, as the camera reveals the dimensions of the natural order before it.

Many of the scenes begin like framed paintings. But then the photographer does what your eyes want to do with a painting, but can’t: the camera explores the “painting” in detail, as it penetrates into the mysteries of Mother Nature. You have the feeling that the photographer is spellbound, and his sense of awe is catching, because you feel it, too. This DVD reveals Fall in every aspect: broad colorful landscape panoramas, quiet streams and swelling rivers. It’s both fascinating and relaxing, but more fascinating than relaxing. In other words, you won’t fall asleep while watching this DVD, because it’s as if you are taking the journey, yourself.
Dan Carrison - Santa Clarita, CA USA

Review of the Nature DVD: Four Seasons - Fall

WOW, this is sinply stunning. It really shows the scenery that has to be one of the best seaons for nature incredibly well. We live in a town that has no real access to forests and trees and this DVD just brought it all back from when we were little. It is a real delight and I cannot recommend it enough. Bravo...
Mr Ed - (UK

Very calming and beautiful video. I have many from this producer, and this one does not disappoint. I will soon be adding more to my collection.
Cathy West

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I have both of the Fall DVDs from World Nature Videos and they're both awe-inspiring. The colors of Fall just cannot be beat by any other season. It's such a joy to watch the flaming orange and red scenery of Fall, You can't be unimpressed with its magnificence. Since it happens for a relatively short time span, owning these DVDS is a must for a "Fall" person like me. I need to see this beauty on a regular basis. It's beautiful, calming, soothing, energizing, peaceful, and many other adjectives I could use. I just love both the Fall DVDs from them. I have all 4 of the seasons in thee Four Seasons series, but Fall HAS to be my favorite!
Carol L

Best DVD I have seen in a long time. Very soothing and relaxing. music was overall ok, would have chosen other instrumental song artist. But not bad. Overall picture and quality were very good. Would recommend these types of relaxations videos to friends of mine. Worth the money.
Denise Winnick-Holady

I am a repeat customer for a good reason of this product! Very happy!
-- Joseph

Love this strolling through an Autumn forest!
Movie Watcher

Review: Four Seasons - Fall
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