Scenic Summer Landscapes Scenery with Flowers and Sunny Beaches
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Title:  Four Seasons - Summer CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 120 minutes

Stunning images of nature in summer season. Get that summer feeling whenever you want! 

The four seasons dvd series brings nature into your home or office and creates a refreshing ambiance. These relaxing nature dvds are also perfect for waiting rooms, health spas and restaurants. 
 Even on the wintriest day, this nature dvd creates a summer ambiance at your home or at the office. Perfect to cheer up yourself, your guests and your interior. The stunning colourful and bright images of nature combined with sounds of singing birds, rivers and waterfalls provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Five amazing and impressive nature movies

1. The main track features a one-hour film with unique ocean views, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and sunflowers. 
2. Another 20-minute track shows slowly-changing images of beautiful beaches with blue skies. 
3. Three more tracks show a lovely colourful garden, a lavender field and a sunset movie at the beach a great natural decoration in your home or office.

Sounds of nature

All movies are complemented by sounds of nature, recorded on location to enhance the natural and real life experience. Let the sounds of the summer, singing birds, ocean waves sounds and flowing rivers transport you back to the calmness of nature. 


This relaxing nature dvd is filmed with high quality HD cameras. All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically. 
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Four Seasons - Summer    Four Seasons - Summer    

Review of the Nature DVD Four Seasons - Summer

That was really relaxing video thank very much.
You Tube Visitor

Review of the Nature DVD Four Seasons - Summer

This is the Relax-station on You tube..
You Tube Visitor

Review of the Nature DVD Four Seasons - Summer

Wonderful ! Away from the crazy world!
You Tube Visitor

Review of the Nature DVD Four Seasons - Summer

Awesome video ... beautiful scenery, nice soundscapes.
You Tube Visitor

Review of the Nature DVD Four Seasons - Summer

Only nature does great things for nothing.Looking into the beautiful natural and calm your mind! Very beautiful video.
You Tube Visitor

Review of Nature DVD: Four Seasons Summer

The Four Seasons DVDS are like living paintings whith sounds. When I'm watching them, it's like having a deep breath. They are an excellent way to relax and meditate, photography is amazing : the colours of the forest, the raindrops on the leaves... Great job ! I'm a fan ! Thank you so much.

This review is from: Nature DVD - Four Seasons - Summer-with Natural Sounds (DVD)
Another fantastic title from the Isis Visuals / World Nature Video team! This disc is from their "Seasons" collection, and transports the viewer to scenes of ocean seascapes, streams, waterfalls, lakes, fields, wildflowers and a water garden. The main film is supported by all natural sounds of the scenery, and takes a journey to all of the above locations. The scenery is clear, fantastically shot and transitions naturally. Some videos have one shot for the whole file, and some race through the scenes so you can't ponder and take in the natural wonders you've paid to view at your leisure. The symmetry of some of the shots is amazing. check out the view of the waterfall through a squared off branch, and you'll see what I mean. The most magic parts of the main film are the shots in which we get to linger looking into the water. There is one at the mountain type of stream that has greenery swaying beneath the flowing water, and another in a rocky water ares that shows the flow of water and the ricks beneath it. . Another favorite scene is the watery reflection of the trees along the shore of the lake, It's mesmerizing. In addition to the main film, there is a "soothing scene" focusing on the ocean gently lapping on a calm beach. There are three natural decoration scenes too. In these we get a longer look at one view of the water garden, a golden sunset at the beach, and my personal favorite from within the middle of a field of lavender focusing on the surrounding countryside. This scene transitions from day to dusk, and even has a few flying insects add to the lovely cacophony of crickets. I make a habit of having nature dvds on as background when at home, and sometimes even at work on a portable player. I can temporarily transport myself somewhere else, and this particular title is a ticket to an unforgettable summer I can enjoy any time. I recommend these dvds to my friends and have given them as gifts to fellow workaholics. This is a title I will reach for often. try it!!
Danna Paul,CA,USA

Just a wonderful relaxing DVD. Its pretty amazing that my dogs seem calmer also when I have it on. Great editing and just enough of each scene to keep it interesting.

Ah Summer! This is another great DVD from World Nature Videos. While Summer is no doubt a lot of people's favorite season, it's usually too hot here for me to enjoy outside for very long. But put it on a DVD and you've got me. I LOVE watching all the different types of scenes, from the beautiful flowers to all kinds of water scenes - my favorites. Then there's the awesome sunset - this DVD is simply mesmerizing. It relaxes and takes all the stress away. I just think this DVD is amazing and I watch it often, as I also do the other 3 season DVDs - I have them all and love them all.
Carol L

-- Karen

Review: Four Seasons - Summer
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