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Fireplace and Tropical Aquarium 2016
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Title:  Fireplace and Tropical Aquarium 2016 CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes
NEW IN OUR DVD COLLECTION: a two disc DVD set with warming burning fireplace videos and refreshing colorful tropical fish tanks: all you need to create a lovely atmosphere in your home, office or in a public space.

Sometimes a night is just a night and sometimes some magic happens and a night is one to remember forever: special, warm, with the right people and the right ambiance. With these fireplace videos you will create special nights whenever and wherever you want! Enjoy two roaring log burning fireplaces, one with the calming sounds of flickering flames and crackling logs and one with beautiful peaceful music.

After a long day at work it is important to relax. Turn your TV or computer screen into soothing beautiful wallpapers with these two amazing tropical fish tanks movies. Sit back and enjoy a spectacle of corals and anemones in all kinds of shapes and colors. Watch the beautiful blue tang, yellow tang, discus fish and clown fish dart through the plants and corals. The crystal clear images are complemented by the relaxing sounds of aquarium bubbles.

All tracks are recorded with professional HD cameras to provide a realistic and crystal clear picture. The videos repeat automatically or choose the play all function for endless relaxation and coziness.
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Fireplace and Tropical Aquarium 2016    


" For those very special nights "

I love love love this DVD’s. When I want to add some extra atmosphere to a night with my husband or with friends or family I play the Fireplace movies. I don’t know what it is, but those evenings and nights are always so special and we talk about them forever. And it actually seems warmer with the DVD on. It’s great that I get to choose the sound options: the real deal with sounds of crackling wood and flickering flames or soft ambient music.
The Aquarium videos I play more during daytime in the background when I’m working, reading or cleaning the house. I also use them as a moving painting during birthday parties. It’s refreshing, unique and a great eye catcher. The sound of aquarium bubbles make it realistic.
-- Kim Asma

"Amazing Dvd. Breathtaking photography"

Amazing dvd. Breathtaking photography. Love all the dvds I have purchased from ambient collection.
-- moviebuff23

" I thought the idea was kinda stupid, but I figured we'd give it a shot.."

I thought the idea was kinda stupid, but I figured we'd give it a shot as background noise for reading/lounging - It's actually super relaxing! I actually really love taking naps to my fake fireplace... haha!
-- Angelique Beatty

"Creates a nice atmosphere!"

Great to have playing on the big screen when you have house guests and you do not want them consumed with news or sports. You don't have to stare at a blank flat screen either. Adds atmosphere to the room or social gathering a bit of a conversations piece also. I really enjoy this and my guests have too!
-- LivingExcellent with TJ

They are good, very relaxing
-- philip bernhardt

"So fun. Just what we were looking for to use..."

So fun. Just what we were looking for to use for background scenery & sound on our TV. A crowd pleaser.
-- Ryan P.

It’s really nice to get both a fireplace AND an aquarium in the same box set, because both images and sounds are equally nice to have on in the background. I tend to keep the aquarium on during the day because the bright colours of the fish and plants are cheerful, and the sound of the bubbles is relaxing. Or sometimes without the sound is just fine, too. I might try playing the music when I have a friend over. In the evening I switch to one of the two fireplaces. I really love a nice fire on the TV!

Review: Fireplace and Tropical Aquarium 2016
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