h A Virtual Boat Journey in a Beautiful Rainforest Landscapes Scenery
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A Virtual Boat Journey in a Beautiful Rainforest Landscapes Scenery
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Approx. duration 106 minutes

This unique nature dvd gives you the opportunity to explore lush green rainforests, mangrove swamps and authentic fishing villages in thailand and the philippines.
 Let the rhythm of the river carry you away: slowly on wide, calm rivers and faster as smaller streams drop over pebbles and stones. This extremely relaxing dvd helps you to clear your mind and calm down. 

1. Jungle river (32 minutes)
Float around on a beautiful jungle river, under the overhanging vines of the rainforest. Notice the varying shades of green in the jungle and different shapes of leaves.
2. Wide river (20 minutes)
Start your river journey on a calm river and discover a colourful fishing village. Slowly glide along and enjoy a wide view with mountains in the backdrop and end your journey with an amazing sunset over the water.
3. Thai river (56 minutes) 
Enjoy the unspoilt lush green rainforest of thailand from a small boat. Glide through the river and watch a great variety of rainforest plants, rocks in the water under a sunny blue sky. 

All movies are complemented by rainforest sounds, recorded on location. 

This relaxing nature dvd is recorded with hd cameras and the highest quality professional sound recording equipment. It’s like you are sitting in the small boat yourself.
 All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically or use the play all function. 


Jungle River Journeys    Jungle River Journeys    

Review of the Nature DVD: Jungle River Journeys DVD

Your work is beautiful! Thank you.
Patricia, USA

Review of the Nature DVD: Jungle River Journeys DVD

I purchased 2 of your dvd's (Mangrove River Journey & Jungle River Journey). Let me start off saying that I've searched high & low on the Internet to find these DVDs until I came across "World of Nature" videos. I was so happy that they had what I've been searching for for months. This DVD is as real as it gets.. It's realistic nature sounds & realistic boat ride is simply " genius ". Every morning & before bedtime, this DVD must be played. It helps heal the mind & soul. I thank the genius who filmed this. You have a commited customer. Keep them coming!!
Hope Floyd

The images of the rivers are lovely. My only complaint is that the peaceful journey is interrupted when the video cuts and jumps ahead every four or five minutes. The journey would have been much more soothing without the cuts.
alan davison

This jungle river video is so calming and peaceful. I felt as if I were actually floating along the river listening to the sounds, without a care in the world. It's such a pleasure to escape from the mundane everyday life - I got that feeling with this DVD. It soothes your soul to watch these DVDs - I wish I had them all for the variety that one can choose from in Mr. Helsloot's selection. Keep up the great work!
Carol L

Excellent photography and I loved the sound track. Note - sometimes the scenery is viewed looking out from the back of the boat rather than forward to where you are heading which I did not like but this is merely a personal preference, the DVD quality both visual and sound are superb.

Review of the Nature DVD: Jungle River Journeys DVD

We love being on a boat and we thought it may be fun to get the illusion of that in one of our ambient films (we have a lot of them). This is actually better because you do feel as though you are part of the river itself. You might as well be a leaf or a raft. Stunning images as well and the tropical setting really makes a difference. We play this a lot when friends come round. Love it!
Mr Ed - UK

This DVD has thrilled me. You really feel as if you ride on a small boat through the rainforest. You are surrounded by water on and you often drive slowly over the river, but then you already see the flow and the speed increases. It is a great experience to drive through the untouched nature, everything is very quiet, you will only be accompanied by the sounds of nature. Every now and then you have to the feeling to drive against obstacles in the water, but then you will but pulled along by the flow again. The vegetation along the river is great to look at, everything is deep green and the sun is often seen. In one video you pass a fishing village, which is constructed only on stilts, this really impressed me. This DVD is great for everyone who is looking for relaxation and who just wants to drift.
Rita, Germany

This DVD has made using my rowing machine a lot more fun! The scenery never repeats and is beautiful green and lush. I love that what you hear are the actual sounds as if you were really there, no music. The flow of the river lets me set a decent pace as I row or do double time when there rapids. You could also use this with a bike or walking in place. The only weird thing is when the camera is looking off the back of the boat and the flow of the water makes me feel like I am rowing backwards!
Elizabeth B

Review: Jungle River Journeys
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