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Virtual Boat Tour in Doha - Qatar
Indoor Rowing Workout Video and Travel Experience

This is one of the main Doha attractions and not to be missed.

Take a boat ride and enjoy the spectacular view of the towers especially at night while the lighting show started.


The Virtual Boat Tour in Doha-Qatar video has a very even, unhurried pace in both tracks that makes for a steady rowing cardio workout, or maybe just a relaxing background video of a boat tour you might take on vacation. Like all the World Nature videos, this is a stunning high-quality production with sharp, vivid imagery, creating a you-are-there feel.

The first track starts mid-cruise and shows the city-scape coastline from a nighttime, side-on perspective. While it's interesting to see the buildings and skyscrapers lit up, the side view doesn't lend itself too well for the feeling of rowing. Still, as a tour, it's interesting and the personal watercraft that comes cruising by mid way through the track adds a nice change to the relatively calm waters.  

The second track is obviously filmed from the front of the boat and does a much better job of creating the feeling of forward momentum. In my opinion, this makes for a more realistic and enjoyable rowing experience. As you continue to row, the coastline slowly gets closer until you join the docked boats alone the shore, with the lighted city-scape in the background.  

All in all, I think it's a great addition to an exercise library, or just an interesting boat tour video to play at a party or social occasion. If you like being on the water, this video does a great job of capturing the experience.

Review: Virtual Boat Tour - Doha, Qatar
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