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Title:  Ocean World CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 60 minutes

Underwater Relaxation Experience filmed in the Red Sea, Pacific and Indian Ocean

Dive in the world's most beautiful oceans. We take you to tropical waters of Philippines and Indonesia, where you can see amazing sea Animals like whale shark, manta rays, seahorses and lot's coral reefs full with the most amazing coloured fishes you will ever see.

We also have nice exploration in the Red Sea near Egypt, which is famous for its crystal clear water with great visibility and pristine reefs and playful dolphins.
You will see huge sea animals like humpback whales and also the smallest of tiny of sea creatures.
This film has it all from Day to Night.

Complemented with a track composed for The Underwater world in mind from Bjorn Lyne.
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Another great video in the ongoing Ambient Collection DVD series. This one is filmed underwater, on location in the oceans of Indonesia and the Philippines. You will see loggerhead sea turtles, eels, playful clown fish, sharks and many types of schooling fish swimming peacefully in formation, just to name a few. The clarity and colors are so vivid, just out of this world. The soundtrack is ambient New Age - it offers the perfect accompaniment to the peaceful scenery. John Shedd, founder of the famous Shedd Aquarium in Chicago once said, "If there is magic to be found on this planet, it is underwater." After watching this DVD I am inclined to agree.
Kirsten B

This is an amazing underwater adventure!

I am a huge underwater video fan. I've seen many and own several. This one is more brilliant, breathtaking, and colorful than I've seen before. The photography of the countless number of sea creatures is absolutely amazing. From several rays gliding across the screen in unison to the sea turtles, jellyfish, seahorses, and literally hundreds and hundreds of beautifully colored schooling fish filling the TV screen, this is an extraordinary feast for the eyes. It's as if you're actually sitting directly underneath the fish, etc and watching them swim overhead. Fascinating views. The music complements this video perfectly. I'm not usually one to love having any music to distract me from my enjoyment of a film, but this music is so soothing - I really liked it.

If you want to see an impressive view of ocean life, you should really get this DVD.
Carol L

What’s not to love about a seahorse camouflaged in a sprig of coral or a sea turtle grazing in the depths of the ocean? These are only two of the wonderful images from this hour long ocean journey. Rays, alone and in schools, anemones, sharks and whales in ethereal motion will relax and enchant you. The cinematography is wonderful, offering up close and personal views of some of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Peaceful music accompanies the video. This is a perfect DVD for any environment that could benefit from relaxation.

I watched this movie a few times and I think I think this is a very nice movie. Beautifully filmed & beautiful images of the underwater world. An ideal atmosphere / relaxation film to enjoy, especially on an evening when you do not want to have other things on your mind.

Review: Ocean World
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