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Title:  Virtual Walks - Florence, Italy CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Walk in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante and explore Florence.

Florence is a stunning open air museum showcasing amazing Renaissance buildings and masterpieces of art. Wander through the small streets and visit bustling piazzas with outdoor restaurants and street artists.

Enjoy wide views over the city, visit Basilica of Santa Croce and marvel at the famous statue ‘David’ by Michelangelo. In the late afternoon you walk along Arno River and cross the famous Ponte Vecchio.

These two virtual walks are two to remember! Perfect for a quiet evening at home or to spice up your cardio workout.

Cardio Workout
When you dread on exercising, or get bored easily use this Virtual Walks DVD to make your cardio workout fun, easy and divers. You stay motivated and enjoy your training.So step on your treadmill, stair stepper or elliptical machine and watch your calories burned walking. 

Health Benefits Seniors and Alzheimer
Our Virtual Walks DVDs can support seniors and people who have Alzheimer disease during their daily exercises. It makes it possible to virtually travel around the world and exercise safely and healthily.

The digital download of Walk # 2 in the late afternoon around Florence centre is very nice! You walk around the huge Duomo and squares that surround it, narrow streets with outdoor cafes and great atmosphere and end the walk with an approach and nice views of Ponte Vecchio over the river. There are only a few cars here and there and the pace is perfect for walking. Play some Andrea Bocelli music and you are in the heart of Italy. Recommended!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

If you see the videos showing Florence, you feel as if you are on vacation. You walk or run through the city, you walk on both large and small streets and see attractions, shops or the houses of the locals. You are located among the people on the road and you run past them. The locally natural sounds amplify the feeling of really being there. Sometimes, you have a wonderful view over the city, which is truly breathtaking. I also find the walks through the city very beautiful, here you can really feel the Italian life. Not only for your work out Florence is very good, but it is also highly suitable for just enjoying and dreaming on the sofa.
Rita, Germany

Review: Virtual Walks - Florence, Italy
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