Scenic Walks in Tropical National parks and Rainforest for Indoor Fitness and Treadmill Exercises.
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Title:  Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees - Philippines CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 98 minutes

When you dread on exercising, or get bored easily use this Fitness Journeys DVD to make your cardio workout fun, easy and divers. You will stay motivated and will enjoy your training longer. So step on your treadmill, stationary bike, exercise bike, stair stepper or elliptical machine and enjoy yourself.

Are you the owner of a fitness centre? Do you want to offer your customers something extra to intensify their workout routines? Our Fitness Journeys DVDs are designed for use in gyms for treadmills, stationary bikes, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and steppers.

Walk past small villages with views over verdant, sun-filled valleys and enjoy the stunning views over the mountains. Explore a rural Asian road surrounded by waving palm trees and catch glimpses of a sapphire blue ocean on a small lane near the coast. Jog past vivid flowers and coconut groves on a gently undulating road. 

Track 1 - Mountain Walk (31:41 minutes)
Track 2 - Through the Palms (19:30 minutes)
Track 3 - Sea Views (22:08 minutes)
Track 4 - Hillside Journey (24:41 minutes)

All walks are complemented by nature sounds, recorded on location.

All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience. All tracks loop automatically allowing longer exercise sessions and a Play All function lets you play all in turn.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees - Philippines    Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees - Philippines    

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees DVD

Walk, jog, run or cycle in peaceful, natural surroundings.” That’s the pitch for The Ambient Collection, “Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees.” There is, however, another reason to have this DVD in your collection. As an 81 year old senior, with physical limitations, I have found this DVD very helpful in maintaining my mental, spiritual and emotional health. Seniors live in the past and dream about the future. The past is fixed, but this DVD enables the senior to realize an inspirational dream of hiking or biking along a narrow palm lined road and changing landscape almost void of people and traffic. I recommend this DVD to anyone, young or old, who wishes to vicariously feel the gentle breeze and inhale the fresh air as you travel this Asian road.
R. Lee Lettow, US

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees DVD

Recent studies have shown that we should give our brains a break from our electronic devices once in a while. Exercising is a great opportunity for that and I found that turning "Fitness Journeys" on while I am on the treadmill helps me clear my mind and get more from my exercise than when I watch a show or listen to loud music on my iPod.

I recommend it!
Marcia O Xavier

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees DVD

Love this virtual DVD.
Took me awhile to find Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees by Tony Helsloot and Liz Jones. There's several virtual DVD's available from other sellers that are unprofessional. Seems like anyone with a movie camera thinks they can create virtual experiences! I loved these especially because there is no music, so I can listen to my own. If you love working out in nature but can't make it this is a great dvd. I use in my home gym.
Thank you ... Well done.
Annette Evers, Healdsburg, CA

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees DVD

I have just ordered my third DVD (Along the Beach, Coastal scenery and Tropical Palm Trees) to help me through long workouts on the treadmill and/or stationary bike... All I can say is WOW!! what a difference to indoor workouts... I can usually push myself to a longer workout and when the outdoor weather isn’t nice, well BONUS. The DVD’s are well done, color is excellent, sound effects so real, etc... Job well done to you! I have noticed with the Along the Beach DVD, you even meet 2 people (virtual) walking on the beach in one of the programs... I don’t know how possible it is, but it would be motivating to have more of this: virtual people in videos either walking, running, riding a bicycle, etc...
Monique Vautour, CA

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees DVD

DVD’s were delivered the same week I ordered them. If you use the treadmill and are tired of getting aggravated while watching tv shows and trying to run, you have to try these scenic dvd’s... your stress level will drop!
Suzanne G., Canada

I bought four of these DVD's (A Day at the Beach, Ocean Serenity, Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees, Fireplace). The winter one of the log fires I have not watched yet but the summer ones of the beach, ocean scenes and palm trees are an absolute treat. So calm and relaxing you could actually be there. Colours are vivid and sounds soothing. I would recommend to anybody.
Andy, UK

Review of Ocean DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees

First time I've watched a video like this. At first it was alittle bouring but it got better. On rainy days I enjoy walking on the treadmill and found this passed the time quickly. The video is a little machanical as it just moves on a straight direction.I would have liked it to pan to the side from time to time like most people would do while they walk but I found myself trying to find object of to the side and made my walk kinda fun. I could see owning a few of these as I like scenery when I walk.
Mr Mack, pittsburgh pa 15005

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees DVD

Yes I have bought about 6 of your Fitness Journey DVDs and I like them very much. I watch them while I am on my treadmill and not only am I getting fitter by walking and running I find that the beautiful scenery shown on your DVDs has a meditative effect on my mind as well, helping me to get fit and also to relax after a stressful day at work. I love listening to the birds and other nature sounds on the DVDs and find I can get myself into the "zone" where I can imagine that I am walking along a tropical road, an outback road in Australia or along the beach.

I hope you continue to produce these DVDs and I have subscribed to your You Tube page so that I can be informed of any newvideos that you upload to You Tube.

Thank you for making my "workout" more enjoyable.

Best wishes, Linda

Review of Nature DVD: Fitness Journeys -Tropical Palm Trees

Thank you for waiving the licensing fee for using your dvd at our fitness center. Once I finish installing dvd players and ordering your dvds. I will send reviews and photos. Thank you for your kindness.

I love this DVD! I find it so relaxing and can imagine myself walking on holiday in an exotic location. I walked along to this today and was feeling very stressed when I started, but by the end of my walk I was feeling so much better. I love seeing the people getting on with their day in the natural environment. The DVD brings nature into the house without the expense or trouble of actual travelling – it doesn’t even matter what the weather is like outside. I think the nature soundtrack is brilliant!

Watching 'Virtual Walk' DVDs while doing my workout makes it fun instead of a dreaded exercise. I love the fact that I can walk at the speed that is right for me; I tend to start slowly and then pick up the pace – the DVD is fine for all speeds. I recommend this range of 'Virtual Walk' DVDs; they are certainly helping me get fit.
Joanne H

The DVD is very well suited for a treadmill with incline adjustment since the walking goes uphill very often. You walk or run past many palm trees, here and there you meet a few people and animals and sometimes you pass houses. It is very sunny, the sky is bright blue, you almost feel the warmth of the tropics. The images are often accomponied by birdsong so you have the feeling of really exercising in nature. There are four videos on the DVD, two of which are very slow. I use these two for walking, the other two videos I use for running. I like the DVD very much, it shows a wonderful landscape with bright colors. Exercising is a lot more fun and you even feel holiday mood.
Rita, Germany

Review: Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees - Philippines
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