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Title:  Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery - Australia CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 109 minutes

Cardio fitness is the best way to lose weight and become and stay fit. Our Fitness Journeys DVDs make your cardio workouts fun, easy and divers. So step on your treadmill, stationary bike, exercise bike, stair stepper or elliptical machine and enjoy yourself.

Get fit while enjoying beautiful coastal scenery, sandy trails and sea views. 

Take a peaceful walk at sunrise - make your way along rugged cliff tops - jog along sandy roads - watch the crashing surf - and enjoy a run towards the ocean:

Track 1 - Desert Dawn (20:33 Minutes)
Track 2 - Coastal Cliff Walk (19:18 Minutes)
Track 3 - Sandy Road (20:32 Minutes)
Track 4 - Big Wave Run (25:35 Minutes)
Track 5 - Ocean Way (22:24 Minutes)

All walks are complemented by nature sounds, recorded on location. Enjoy the soothing ocean waves sounds

This DVD is recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional stabilization equipment. All tracks repeat automatically allowing longer exercise sessions and a Play All function lets you play all 6 in turn.

Do you have a fitness centre and want to offer your customers something extra that allows them to intensify their workout routines? Our series of Fitness Journey and Virtual Walk DVDs are designed for use in gyms for treadmills, stationary bikes, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and steppers.


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Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery - Australia    Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery - Australia    

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

I now have three of your DVDs and alternate their use when jogging on my treadmill. I find they help me to focus and take away some of the monotony. Very good products and would buy more.
Amazon Customer

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

Here’s my good and bad about this one.
It’s well made. The photography, at least on my television, is as if I could reach out and touch the scenery. Another good thing about it is, it’s very much like what most people would be doing if they lived near the ocean, walking or running or cycling down roads near, not at, the ocean or beach. That’s the part that was less than perfect for me. There were times when I saw that ocean waaaaaaay in a distance. I even saw a few waves. I kept thinking we were going to get there soon and run barefoot as the waves break onto the sand. Didn’t happen. The bad was, it was boring. The desert can be interesting, but this one wasn’t. The ocean can be heavenly, but we never really quite got there. There was no music, which is fine for me. I like the natural sound or lack thereof, other than an occasional bird or sound of the ocean. This would be ideal if a person wanted to have absolutely no distractions, nothing interesting, just a quiet walk, cycle, or run. The part where we are running as the woman in the cover is, right by the ocean, may be there somewhere. I just haven’t found it yet. That was what I was hoping this DVD would be about. So whether you like this one or not depends on what you are looking for. That’s why I only took off one star. It isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s good! It just wasn’t what I thought it was when I bought it.
Amazon Customer, USA

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal scenery DVD

I have just ordered my third DVD (Along the Beach, Coastal scenery and Tropical Palm Trees) to help me through long workouts on the treadmill and/or stationary bike... All I can say is WOW!! what a difference to indoor workouts... I can usually push myself to a longer workout and when the outdoor weather isn’t nice, well BONUS. The DVD’s are well done, color is excellent, sound effects so real, etc... Job well done to you! I have noticed with the Along the Beach DVD, you even meet 2 people (virtual) walking on the beach in one of the programs... I don’t know how possible it is, but it would be motivating to have more of this: virtual people in videos either walking, running, riding a bicycle, etc...
Monique Vautour,CA

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

Purchased several of the DVD's for treadmills and I can't really find a word or phrase to express how much I am enjoying the experience. I've walked a couple of miles every day for the last couple of decades, but recently had spinal surgery and am now limited to treadmills, which I previously had always found dull and boring. But due to the circumstances, this is what I'm now limited to. I couldn't believe how easy to was to transition to this mode of exercise until I started watching the DVD's. Now I can walk for miles, enjoying every second of some of the most relaxing scenery one could ever imagine. Thank you so much for making these DVD's available.
Don Covington, United States

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

Item was a described. Very good to watch while I’m on treadmill.
Janine Armstrong, TX

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

Love that u have different areas around the beach. It's not just running on the ocean it's beside it as we'll. and enjoyed the sounds as well. I know I heard seals on the beach!!
Teresa Fox (johnson city, tn)

Product reviews of Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery

I am writing in response to your email below. I find your DVD series to be very well done. I have purchased from other companies, while I find the scenery to be nice and relaxing, they have their speed set extremely fast, which makes it extremely difficult to run at the lower speeds. I have found your series to be very well done. You are able to either run or walk (at various speed levels) without any issues.

Review of Nature DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery

Thank you for waiving the licensing fee for using your dvd at our fitness center. Once I finish installing dvd players and ordering your dvds. I will send reviews and photos. Thank you for your kindness.

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

Great scenery for a walk or run indoors,
I truly enjoy being able to get the feel that I am jogging or walking outdoors rather than being stuck on a treadmill inside in bad weather and these CD's really give me that. I just turn on my music and before you know it I have put miles on the treadmill without the boredom of staring at nothing or out a window. After our move from California I missed some of the areas I hiked and there is a scene on this CD that reminds me of Reef point in California. I have several of these CD's to give me a variety from jogging on an island to the beaches in Spain, maybe one day they'll have one with the bulls of Spain chasing you! (just a thought Tony Ha Ha). If you have a small TV mounted in front of your treadmill then I recommend these CD's to help with your walking or jogging routine rather than watching a TV program. These are great motivators.
E. Silver

Review of Virtual Walk DVD: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery DVD

Love that u have different areas around the beach. It's not just running on the ocean it's beside it as we'll. and enjoyed the sounds as well. I know I heard seals on the beach!!
Teresa Fox "goldenhalo" - johnson city, tn

Another great DVD. I now have eight! All measure up to their trailers. I sent an email query prior to ordering and response time was quick and extremely helpful. Delivery was super-fast. Thank you!

This DVD is very good for a workout after a stressful day. Here you can run, walk or drive on the exercise bike and you meet nobody. You run or ride mostly on deserted sandy paths and hear the sound of the sea in the background. You cannot always see the ocean in the background, but the landscape is also beautiful to look at. I especially liked video 1, you can see amazing limestone pillars in the desert that have fascinated me. But the ways along the coast are very beautiful, you can hear the lashing waves in the background. The various videos are very interesting and relaxing, with them exercising is great fun. I have tried the DVD with the treadmill and the exercise bike, they go perfectly with this DVD.
Rita, Germany

Review: Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery - Australia
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