Virtual Walks for Indoor Fitness and Treadmill Exercises.
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Title:  Virtual Walks - Alpine Lakes - Switzerland - Italy CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Turn your cardio workouts into virtual journeys and stay in shape. Step on your treadmill or stationary bike and explore some of the most amazing alpine mountain sceneries. Take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and start your exercise.

Our virtual walks dvds provide a change of scenery and the possibility to discover the world without travelling. It stimulates the mind and creates a fun, relaxing ambiance.

Experience the amazing scenery and atmosphere of crystal clear water surrounded by high mountain peaks.

Discover the pristine mountain lake misurina, surrounded by impressive mountains that reflect in the water. The green landscape and soothing sounds of the flowing water and birds give you a lovely relaxing experience. 
Enjoy the amazing scenery and atmosphere of st. Moritz, a famous celebrity getaway. The dramatic mountain peaks, aquamarine lakes, refreshing green fields and lush green forest make this a unique, breath-taking place. 
WALK 3 – 20:10 MINUTES
Experience a beautiful run around lago di lugano over boulevards with strolling tourists enjoying the stunning views and warming sun. You walk through a colourful park with lush green vegetation and beautiful flowers. The view over the shimmering lake in the sun is truly magical. 

All walks are complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of birds and flowing rivers.

All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized hd camera system to create a real life experience. Each of the films can be played alone

ISBN:  646809738142
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Virtual Walks - Alpine Lakes - Switzerland - Italy    

I first bought the digital version of these 3 walks to use with my Apple TV and I can highly, highly recommend them!! I have now ordered the actual DVD, because I liked them so much. Switzerland is just so beautiful and these walks are so stunning. The film quality is excellent and the nature sounds are soothing. Play your own music if you wish and walk, run or ride happily. I have a workout/gym music playlist on my iPhone at 130 BPM (Beats per Minute) which works very well with the pace of these walks. I use these Virtual Walks (and I have many of Tony's DVDs) with my stationary bike and the pace (moderate) is just right for me . This is one of my all time favourites!
Margarita Ney

This DVD starts pretty idyllic. A beautiful alpine landscape with bright green grass, a bright blue sky and in the background you can see snow-capped mountains. Then you walk to beautiful lakes and hear birdsongs and the slight rippling water. The second video is a bit busier, there are pedestrians and again you walk pretty close along the water. In video three you make a trip to the famous Lake Lugano and you get to know the beautiful city of Lugano. The walk or run leads you directly on the beach promenades of the city which are very busy. This gives you the feeling like you're part of the action here. I love exercising with this DVD. The beautiful landscapes are gorgeous to look at and the sounds of nature again fit perfectly with the video. I really felt like I was actually in the mountains and a tourist in the city.

Rita, Germany

This is a great video for those of us who love the mountains and the snow. You have a choice of three different walks. My favorite is number one. It is as if you are walking at a higher elevation in the mountains complete with the melting snow along the walkway. The nature sounds are realistic from mountain winds to streams. The clouds are ever changing. One of the walks even includes a darkening sky which I found most enjoyable. One scene actually includes cowbells in the distance. Very nice DVD. The walks can be looped individually or together for continuous play.
I own several of the Isis Visual/World Nature Videos by Tony Helsloot and they are some of the best I've found. I purchased many nature, fireplace, aquarium DVDs for relaxation and exercise accompaniment. However, these are by far the best HD quality and clarity with brilliant color. They are realistic and some have music and nature sounds both.
Lady Song

This lovely workout DVD not only offers the opportunity to take three great walks – all of them through amazing Alpine scenery – but also will appeal to anyone who wants to indulge their own desire for armchair traveling. I believe it would work well for a stationary bike, as well as while using a treadmill.

Walk 1 takes off down a country road by a scenic farmhouse and wood rail fence. The Alps are beckoning beyond the meadow and forest. What a great day for a walk! No wonder the cows look so content… the meadows are absolutely lush and green. I love passing by the picturesque buildings and then come out by a beautiful, sparkling river. This scene gives way to the countryside around Lake Misurina in Italy, including a walk through a wonderful forest on a dirt path with the occasional small mound of snow peeking through. The sounds of water and birds accentuate the beauty of this journey. The occasional passer-by adds to the joy of this walk. I just wanted to sit down on a nearby bench and enjoy the view!

Walk 2 starts off right next to a lake in the St. Moritz area of Switzerland. The Alps are covered in snow but the lower elevations look as though they are just dressing for spring. As I cross a footbridge, I’d love to stop and look over the area – but the distant meadows and mountains keep calling. As the walkway winds through the area, it comes out in a forest near a river. Clumps of snow next to the path remind me that winter still has somewhat of a grip on the land. The beauty and tranquility of this area is shared by many other walkers who are out enjoying the sites and fresh air. Nearing the end of the walk, you come into a town and pass by various buildings and roadways. The colorful buildings, stone walls, and small marina add to the charm of this journey.

Walk 3 takes you on a journey around Lake Lugano, a glacial lake located on the border between southern Switzerland and northern Italy. This lakeside stroll is amazing since you not only are able to enjoy the wonderful views of the lake but also are able to enjoy walking through the city and looking at fabulous buildings, parkways, and lovely scenery. While watching this segment and listening to the hubbub and sounds of the city, I felt just like a tourist. The ambiance and charm of the city and its walkways was incredible.

I think this DVD is perfect for either exercising or just relaxing, and it looks wonderful on my HDTV. Thanks to Tony and his crew for once again providing a beautiful workout DVD! Exercise at home has never been so fun!
Jeannine - USA

The scenery on this DVD is wonderful and the picture quality is stunning. The beauty of this picturesque countryside is accompanied by endearing sounds of nature; after the first five minutes including the sounds of bells, the soundtrack becomes quieter. There is the glorious Alpine scenery of mountains and lakes with the superb, lush greenery of trees and fields.

I pass by people who are out enjoying the lovely Alpine atmosphere, and I see the local houses and hotels. I also enjoy walking through a boatyard beside the lake with the snow-topped mountains all around, and strolling in the colourful floral gardens, then into the bustling local town. This disc gives me an informative, well-rounded view of this area

This is another great program in the fantastic, growing range of 'Nature DVD' titles! I never get bored with my exercise sessions if I play these DVDs while I am exercising.
- Joanne H

I really like the first two sections of this DVD. The curving paths provided an ever changing view of the mountains and lakes. I originally bought it for my son who has had heart surgery and now has a treadmill in his home, but I am enjoying using it while using my exercycle and Pilates chair.
Sorry to have to tell you I didn't care for the last part where there were many people and some seemed not to notice your 'vehicle' until it was almost upon them.
June Koenigc

I really like the first two sections of this DVD. The curving paths provided an ever changing view of the mountains and lakes. I originally bought it for my son who has had heart surgery and now has a treadmill in his home, but I am enjoying using it while using my exercycle and Pilates chair.
Sorry to have to tell you I didn't care for the last part where there were many people and some seemed not to notice your 'vehicle' until it was almost upon them.
June Koenigc

I love this DVD of walking through the alpine mountains. I only wish that I could actually stop and look at the animals along the way. I can hear the birds singing and it is quite lovely, again I can only wish to stop and look at the flowers and the beautiful view instead of just flying by it all. Also I think that if there are information signs it would be nice to stop there and read it before moving on. I don't know if that is how everyone else feels but for me the DVD is lovely it just leaves me with wanting a little bit more. Kind of like the difference of when you go for a ride in your car and you take in all the scenery compared to getting out of the car and stopping to enjoy and smell the flowers.

Thank you so much for a wonderfully produced video that brings the outdoors into my living room and exercise routine. Excellent camera work and extremely realistic!


Very good for walking on treadmill. Make exercise pleasant on not monotonous
-- Dachs1

"Perfect DVD for exercising!!!"

I love this DVD! The scenery is beautiful, and the traveling speed is perfect for my Gazelle-type exercise machine. It gives me the encouragement to keep up a good pace, and I enjoy the sights so much that I stay with it longer. I would recommend this DVD to anyone, whether you are walking, running, biking, etc.
-- MZ

"Very nice."

Arrived on time, well packaged, we really enjoyed this one beautiful scenery.
-- Craig

"Nice Bucolic Scenery"

Enjoyable pastoral scenery. A lot of scenery with few people. I use it as a change of pace from the city DVDs that I purchased. I bought this DVD along with the Amsterdam one because I wanted a change of scenery, Liked the views of the hillsides and lakes.
-- LJ


Great video, excellent seller
-- John R.

Used for running, the views are wonderful...the first 2 segments are isolated, restful. The third segment has you traveling through tourists, shops, parks...oh to stop for that gelato!~ Lots to look at here, so pay attention to your footing!

Review: Virtual Walks - Alpine Lakes - Switzerland - Italy
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