Virtual Walks - Italian Dolomites
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Title:  Virtual Walks - Italian Dolomites - Italy CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Our virtual walks dvds are designed to play during your cardio workouts at home or in a fitness centre.
Whether you’re on a treadmill, home trainer, stationary bike or stepper, time flies with these beautiful images of nature. You stay motivated and enjoy your cardio workout.

Our virtual walks dvds help people who need to recover from an injury or accident. During their training on a treadmill they can explore beautiful sceneries. Doctors have indicated that patients recover faster and have more fun during their recovery.

The italian dolomites are famous for their unique shapes and colours. Imagine breathing in the fresh and healthy mountain air and enjoy the soothing sounds of water, birds and crickets. 

WALK 1 – 20:44 MINUTES
Walk or jog this amazing refreshing journey through a lush green valley. You walk along a swirling river and get some magnificent views on the dolomite mountains against a deep blue sky. 
WALK 2 – 19:57 MINUTES
Enjoy different amazing sceneries of green fields, wild flowers, refreshing creeks and constantly breath-taking views on the snow covered mountain tops of the dolomites. As you walk further you get a glimpse of a beautiful castle on top of a hill. 
WALK 3 – 20:46 MINUTES
As you jog along a stunning wild river you enjoy a truly amazing panoramic view over green rolling hills and in the far distance the unique mountain scenery of the dolomites. Walk at fast pace through the green valley with beautiful wild flowers and end up in Cortina d'Ampezzo. 

All walks are complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location. 

All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized hd camera system to create a real life experience.
All tracks repeat automatically for an endless cardio workout.

ISBN:  646809738197
Dvd copy is available for Pre Orders only, You may purchase your download copy at Vimeo.
Virtual Walks - Italian Dolomites - Italy    

What I like about all these Virtual Walks / Cycle DVDs is that they are all so different (I have several from the this company). The "Italian Dolomites" walking DVD has 3 x 20 min walks which a very nice, filmed in HD, with nature sounds, and mostly following along the edge of a fast flowing river, with pine tree forest around you and gorgeous views of the snow capped mountains. You encounter only a handful of people along the way and some small hamlets here and there. I use these DVDs for indoor cycling rather than walking or jogging and play my own music whilst riding. You can play all 3 walks continuously. I think it would be a nice addition to these DVDs if the creators would add a picture of a map on the back cover of the DVD, indicating where these walking areas are located. Maybe one day I can then visit these stunning locations. Highly recommended!
Margarita Ney - Brisbane, Australia

This DVD is perfect for the treadmill and the great scenery and the beautiful colors of these images reminded me of past holidays I spent in Italy. Blue sky, bright green meadows and forests, and sometimes you can see the snowy Dolomites in the background. On this DVD, there are three different videos where you often pass by flowing streams and thereby you can enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature. You can hear birds, crickets or only the noise of the flowing water. Thus, the training is much more fun. I have tried the DVD already using the exercise bike, this also works really well. For anyone, who wants to combine holiday feeling and training together, then this DVD is perfect for you.
Rita, Germany

This is a lovely DVD it is as if you are actually walking with the Italian Dolomites in the distance. The scenery is exquisite and the sound effects very realistic. Makes cycling on the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill much more interesting. There are three scenes to choose from and each is different and nature sounds are included to make it more realistic. I highly recommend this video for your treadmill or your stationary bike ride. It is great for just relaxing, too.
I especially enjoyed the diversification of scenes from the lovely vineyards of Italy to the distant Dolomites.
Lady Song

Beautiful scenery from a stream as it rushes over the rocks along its path to the pristine snow capping the majestic mountains. There are three 20 minute workouts with enough diversity to keep you wanting to walk to see where you'll go next.

Realistic nature sounds from the rushing water to the chirping birds make you feel like you are actually walking and jogging in the mountains.

I have found Tony Helsloot's dvds to be professionally filmed, colorful, diverse, easy to loop either as individual tracks or all together and always a great addition to any nature or exercise dvd collection.
Lady Song

This is a very peaceful and calming DVD. I really enjoy the feeling of walking through the pretty countryside of the Italian Dolomites with fast-flowing rivers and streams, which emit pleasant gurgling sounds.

Part of the walk is on paths beside the rivers, and lush green trees and the famous Dolomite Mountains are visible over the woods. The walk takes me past meadows with long grass and wild flowers, and there is also the glorious sight of a church or monastery perched high in the mountains.

I pass through picturesque local villages, which make me feel as if I am really visiting this lovely part of the world. When coupled with the bird calls and various other sounds of nature, this enhances the restful sensations and makes my exercise session pass very quickly and happily.

Once again 'Nature DVD' have produced a superb DVD with stunning picture quality.
Joanne H

I love the scenery and the sounds. The only problem is that the speed is too fast for walking. It would be ideal for running or cycling, but walking makes it seem as if you had three metre long legs. You can't please all of course, but a description of the speed would be helpful.
Ken Reynolds

Review: Virtual Walks - Italian Dolomites - Italy
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