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Title:  Virtual Walks - A Day At The Forest - Germany - Netherlands CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Turn your cardio workouts into virtual journeys and stay in shape. Step on your treadmill or stationary bike and explore the most beautiful natural landscapes.

Seniors and people who have alzheimer disease can really benefit from our virtual walks dvds. Several doctors have indicated that the movies stimulate the mind and help to relax. Nursing homes play the movies during exercises or just to create a calming ambiance.

Discover the amazing Eifel National Park in Germany and get a glimpse of the Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. Imagine breathing in the fresh air while you work out and enjoy walking and jogging in lush green forests.

Start your walk with a beautiful sun rise in eifel national park. As you jog further you enter a dense forest with stunning green trees and narrow forest roads. Enjoy the warming sun shine through the beautiful green leafs. 
Start your walk in a fresh green forest of eifel national park and jog over twisty roads surrounded by trees. As you jog further you discover a colourful forest in hoge veluwe national park on a perfect sunny autumn afternoon. 
WALK 3 – 20:25 MINUTES
Enjoy a relaxing run along a forest lake with ducks and amazing reflections of trees in the water. End your run with a beautiful sun set over a glittering calm forest lake. A truly magical and soothing experience 

All walks are complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location.

All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized hd camera system and repeat automatically for an endless workout.

ISBN:  646809738203
Dvd copy is available for Pre Orders only, You may purchase your download copy at Vimeo.
Virtual Walks - A Day At The Forest - Germany - Netherlands    

This is a great dvd. It is great for a treadmill or indoor bike. Great pace all of the way through. Beautiful green forests welcome you as the sounds of the birds are so peaceful. In other parts of the walk, there are beautiful autumn trees and it seems as if you can hear the wind blowing. At the end of the walks, you are walking by a beautiful lake & can hear the ducks and see the reflection of the sun & trees on the water.
Regina Butler

There are 3 x 20 min. walks in this DVD, which I would normally watch whilst riding my stationery bike, but today I decided to actually 'walk on the spot' instead. I did the first 2 walks continuously for a total of 42 minutes. I was wearing my Heart Rate Monitor to measure the calories I burned and also a Fitbit pedometer. After 42 minutes at brisk walking pace, I had burned 216 calories and walked a total of 5248 steps!! The total distance equivalent was 4.42 kms. The time just flew by! The scenery is absolutely beautiful (green lush forest, boardwalks, another with more autumn mood, a beautiful walk around a lake in the afternoon sun, a few cyclists here and there and a few other walkers resting). I played some music to help me keep up a steady brisk pace and I did a variety of steps (knee lifts, kick backs, side steps, etc.) whilst walking on the spot. This pace kept my heart rate at a 'fat-burning level' (moderate) for most of the 42 minutes. Tony's camerawork is excellent and absolutely steady and stabilised. I own many of his 'Virtual Walks' and 'Cycle Ride' DVDs and this is another winner!!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

With this DVD you can work out in the gorgeous forest. Whether you want to work out in Germany or in the Netherlands, here you have the option to choose both. You walk through a green forest while the sun shines through the treetops, then there is something autumnal. You are accompanied by the singing of birds or the sound of crickets. I enjoy this peace, it makes the training even more fun. In video 3 you walk along a beautiful lake, the trees are reflected in the water and slowly the sun goes down. This DVD shows how different forests can be. You can enjoy this gorgeous landscape while exercising on the treadmill. With this DVD you can bring the forest into your house easily. A very nice workout aid, I'm thrilled.
Rita, Germany

Another enjoyable DVD addition to my collection of Virtual Walks. The footage is clear, stabilized, high quality HD, and in brilliant colors from the greens of the forest to the stunning autumn hues. There is three, 20 minute walks that can be individually looped or played together without interruption for a longer workout. When I feel like walking or cycling longer it is easy as these loop automatically.

I enjoy these DVD and find them easy to use for other exercises as well. They are a great tool for enhancing my workouts. I find that the ever changing scenes encourage me to walk longer. The realistic nature sounds make it feel like I'm actually walking in the forest without leaving the air-conditioned comfort of my home or gym. I really enjoy these Virtual Walks. Always looking forward to seeing the new "walks" added to this collection. These are some of the best DVDs for exercising that I have found.


Another great high quality HD Virtual Walks DVD for your workout. There are three different walks to choose from. The walk starts on a wooden walkway as it raises above the forest floor, this is followed by a jog through a narrow winding dirt path, then the jog takes you along a rocky hill on one side onto a twisting road through a scenic forest and you end on a trail with fallen leaves that crunch beneath your feet to walking beside a calm lake complete with ducks and sun sparkling on the calm water. On this jog you will pass people on bikes, walking, benches and changing scenic routes which hold your attention. The DVD is colorful and clear, with realistic high quality nature sounds of rustling leaves, birds, insects, etc.
Each track can be played continuous individually or all can be played as one on a loop, that way your exercise routine is not interrupted by having to change the dvd track.
I apologize I posted this as Virtual Walks In The Forest...while that is a great DVD this is my favorite of the two. I wanted to give this the credit it is due as I found the setting sun and the sparkling waters of the lake absolutely beautiful as well as the diversity of scenes. This is just like a walk in the forest..wonderful DVD!

Pam Moorman

This is a lovely DVD to help me exercise with calmness and serenity. The sun is glistening through the leaves of the forest; and as I walk along the paths with beautiful trees all around me, the sweet sounds of birdsong are very soothing.

There is a raised rustic, wooden walkway through the trees and even a wooden tunnel - all very pleasing and interesting! At one point I am moving through a carpet of gold and copper leaves giving an autumnal atmosphere. I pass hikers and cyclists who are also enjoying this wonderful countryside. There is a lake beside the path with quiet, calm water; and I hear the sounds of ducks, rooks and a cuckoo calling from the distance – generating a great countryside feeling. Throughout the walks there are clear bright blue skies, and there is a marvellous ending with the glorious sight of the sun setting over the lake.
- Joanne H

Love love love this tape, best walk I've had in months!
-- Kindle Customer

"cool item, takes your mind off walking indoors"

cool item , takes your mind off walking indoors .
-- Amazon Customer

Review: Virtual Walks - A Day At The Forest - Germany - Netherlands
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