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Title:  Virtual Walks - Rome, Italy CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Rome is one of the most beautiful and admired cities. Tourists from all over the world visit Rome to marvel at the ancient buildings and masterpieces of Roman architecture.

Wander through the bustling streets of Rome, join the tourists on the beautiful squares with street artists and stunning fountains. Cross the famous Ponte S. Angelo (Angel’s Bridge) to the amazing Castello S. Angelo

Discover the historic Roman ruins and marvel at the spectacular and famous Colosseum. Then enjoy a romantic late afternoon walk through the streets of Rome and watch  the stunning monument of Victor Emmanuel.

Explore beautiful Rome by night. The historical buildings are even more amazing when they are illuminated by soft romantic lights. Join the tourists on their evening stroll through the streets and visit St. Peter’s Square in the late evening.

All walks are complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location

All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience. All tracks repeat automatically for an endless cardio workout.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Virtual Walks - Rome, Italy    

I was impressed by the quality and variety this DVD offers. The footage of Roman at night is stunning. It is as if you are actually there on a vacation enjoying the sites and sounds of the city both during the day and at night. There are three walks to choose from and each offers different scenes of Rome and highlights many of the famous Roman historical landmarks. Realistic sound and excellent footage make this a great addition to my workout. It makes taking my walk on the treadmill a lot more interesting and makes the workout time seem to go faster.
Pamela Moorman

I really enjoy this DVD. I have never been to Rome and this DVD gives me the possibility to see all the beautiful places of the city. It feels very realistic to walk through this beautiful city on a sunny day. I use my treadmill for this workout and the pace of the filming is just right for that. On your walk, you can see Roman sculptures, fountains, the typical street life with street performers and many other beautiful things. You can also hear the crowds talking, music in the background which is played in the city and you can also hear the sounds of cars which are driving next to you. I can only recommend this DVD if you want to explore this magnificent city.

" The Scenes of Rome at Night Make This An Outsanding Workout Video "

Enchanting footage of Rome in brilliant full color with realistic sound. It is as if you were actual strolling the streets enjoying a vacation in Rome. There are three different walks from which to choose. You can see all the beauty of Rome without leaving your home. Especially enjoyed the scenes of Rome at night. High quality filming with no shaking camera. Automatically loops for continuous workout. Great for tread mill or stationary cycle workout.

I am sincere, I was born and I live in Rome.
I like the video, it's beautiful, fluid, with unb real audio (you can hear people speaking in Italian)
Even though 'it is indicated for those who do walk, I personally see it for pure relaxation, for a great view of one of the cities' most beautiful in the world!
Ciinzia C.

Review: Virtual Walks - Rome, Italy
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