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Title:  Ocean Tranquility CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Approx. total duration - 76 minutes

Ocean Tranquility, from cinematographer Tony Helsloot, was filmed along the Pacific Ocean coast of America, France’s côte d’azur and on the beautiful island of Corsica.

The 26 minute long ocean tranquility film is set to the atmospheric music of Edward Smidt who is well known for his work on the ultimate dream mix series.

Four further tracks have the natural sounds of the sea: soothing scenes has slowly changing shots, and 3 natural decoration tracks show a tranquil bay, a sunset beach with a silky smooth sea, and bright, turquoise water lapping onto white sand.

Choose a track and it will play continuously or use the play all function to play each in turn.

Key features:
*all tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Ocean Tranquility    Ocean Tranquility    

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

Aah, that's better. Despite some minor pixillation around the edges, this set of gorgeous coastal vistas - from the Cote d'Azur to America's Pacific coast - is immediately soothing. The disc's main menu is divided into four different ambient scenes (Paradise Beach, Tranquil Bay, Sunset Beach and Soothing Scenes), each one accompanied by the soporific sound of gently lapping waves. A final menu option, entitled 'Ocean Tranquility', comes with swirly New Age music attached. This is pleasant enough if you like that kind of thing, but it's no match for nature's own soundtrack.
Time Out Magazine London, UK

Review of the Ocean DVD:Ocean Tranquility

Just to let you know that the dvdís are great and we have recommended you to our therapists as they do work out with our organisation. Many thanks.
Fiona Moore, Inverclyde Carers Centre

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

THAT BEACH almost loooks unreal its so beautiful..................love .....love to dip my feet in it, so pure,,,,,very divine.
youtube customer

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

Thank you so much for your invitation. Glad to find a channel that shows the beauty of mother nature and gave us awareness and do something to preserved for next generation. Your beautiful videos and soothing music are very relaxing, fresh and inspiring to anyone who would like have a peaceful and quite day. Congratulations and best regards to all of your team. Thank you!...

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

I have about 15 - 20 beach/ocean/wave dvds, blu-ray and regular dvds. By far - like miles and miles ahead - in terms of the color, the translucence of the water, the highlights sparkling on the top of the waves, the light filtering through the waves, the transparency of the waves, the sound of the waves - there is no other dvd that comes even remotely close to this dvd by Tony Helsoot. I just wish it was on blu- ray. Ocean Tranquility has 3 scenes, but the only one I like is simply waves coming up to the shore - it is looped for 10 mintues - and called "paradise Beach". It is beautiful and mesmerizing - easy to slip into a deep meditative state without even realizing it is happening. I thank Amazon for having this available to be purchased. Tony Helsoot/Isis if you are reading this - please release this in Blu-ray - I know you already use special cameras so I know you can get this done on blu-ray! I have a magnavox blu ray player and with the 1080p "upscaling" (the Magnavox's upscaling capability is really amazing)it still looks grainy on my 37" LCD. Much better on my old CRT 27" TV - here it looks spectacular. So - if you plan to just zone out and meditate - you can get this dvd - and I still watch it in in all its graininess and pixelization on my 37" LCD just because it is still worlds better than anything else I own or have seen for relaxation. In fact, since I got this dvd, I have not watched any other waves/ocean dvd - blu ray or regular.
Amazon user,, Vienna,VA United States

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

Gorgeous, amazing quality scenes. So tranquil and hypnotizing. I would highly recommend this to others! It makes you want to go on vacation!
Next Top Seller

The best ocean DVD I have ever seen. Before this DVD I had not realized that the ocean could be gentle, but this DVD transports you to a place of deep peace and tenderness. I never tire of it.

Cherie in Montreal

So beautiful! I love the ocean. This DVD gives relaxing views and soothing music. The additional tracks have natural sounds. They are all quite eye catching and peaceful...beautiful and vivid.

You will enjoy the ocean scenes in this DVD. It has great quality filming. It will make you want to go to the beach for vacation. A must have to add to your ambient collection. Very relaxing and beautiful.

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

A DVD of great gentleness,
All other Ocean DVDs I have seen featured crashing surf. This DVD shows a different gentle side to the ocean and transports you to a place of deep peace and tenderness. I never tire of watching it.
Amazon Customer - Montreal, Quebec Canada

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Tranquility

Relaxing and soothing,
This video was purchased to be shown as complimentary media for a relaxation session for seniors as part of our activity program at a skilled nursing facility. Not only were our residents captured by it, but our staff was, as well.
Teresa S "Teresa S."

This is yet another of the beautiful, relaxing videos from Tony Helsloot. I have Ocean Serenity too, but this one has more differences in the colors, While it too has the sunset colors, the brilliant turquoise colors are just amazing. It's so beautiful to watch and I really liked the music too, which is not really something I'm looking for in an ambient video. I mostly concentrate on the views and ocean sounds. Another peaceful addition to my collection.
Carol L


Fall asleep to this every day
-- Amazon Customer


Me and my wife love watching this DVD it's beautiful and relaxing. We like to have it on in the background when we have company over. Definitely worth buying.

-- Hendy


Gorgeous ocean scenery, lovely music and wonderful photography! Just gorgeous
-- Lambie's MOM

"Very relaxing ocean with relaxing music, suitable for playing..."

Very relaxing ocean with relaxing music, suitable for playing all night while sleeping. There are six different ocean recordings. You can set it to play all six and it will repeat continuously.
-- Michael B.

Review: Ocean Tranquility
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