Sunset Beach Scenery with Wave and Sea sounds
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 84 minutes


If you like the tranquillity of a glorious sunset over the sea or the feeling of being transported to a land where nature is all around you to relax and soothe you, look no further than this dvd. With 84 minutes of fabulous footage for you to delve in, your flat screen will take you on a vacation of a lifetime.

Ocean Serenity is made of two main half hour movies that are a blend of sunsets, gentle waves and beaches, the sort of images that you only can dream of….Enhanced with nature’s sounds of gentle waves , the overall effect of ocean serenity is one of peace and relaxation. Filmed on some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe and North America, Ocean Serenity will relax you from head to toe in a matter of minutes. This DVD is perfect for a chilled out evening at home, with a good book or some friends! It is also an ideal choice for your business, from restaurants to spas. Furthermore, you have total freedom of playing the tracks one by one or loop them together automatically….

Ocean Serenity is part of an ever growing ambient collection of a staggering 135 DVD’s by World Nature Video. Filmed by Tony Helsloot and his team, this dvd has been produced by the highest quality professional equipment, as all the other dvd’s are. Tony has worked for over 15 years with clients such as the BBC, MTV and numerous hospitals and care centers around the world. Ocean Serenity is also proof that an ambient DVD should not be just static and boring, but involve its viewer and be a true life experience. We hope you enjoy it! All tracks repeat automatically for continuous relaxation.


*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.
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Ocean Serenity    Ocean Serenity    

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Serenity

THAT BEACH almost loooks unreal its so to dip my feet in it, so pure,,,,,very divine.
youtube visitor

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Serenity

Thank you so much for your invitation. Glad to find a channel that shows the beauty of mother nature and gave us awareness and do something to preserved for next generation. Your beautiful videos and soothing music are very relaxing, fresh and inspiring to anyone who would like have a peaceful and quite day. Congratulations and best regards to all of your team. Thank you!...

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Serenity
I bought four of these DVD's (A Day at the Beach, Ocean Serenity, Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees, Fireplace). The winter one of the log fires I have not watched yet but the summer ones of the beach, ocean scenes and palm trees are an absolute treat. So calm and relaxing you could actually be there. Colours are vivid and sounds soothing. I would recommend to anybody.
Andy, UK

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Serenity

I guess it did say serenity in the title but it was so slow and sunsets so dark it was boring even if I wanted to be put to sleep; however I did love ,love the over dvd by same called Blue Seas- just breath-taking! Costumer

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Serenity

This DVD is very peaceful without being distracting. Automatically loops regardless of which section or play all you chose. Love this. I work from home and often find myself glued to the TV, instead of working. Since the day I received it, I have willingly moved away from the recliner and started getting things done. I can focus and concentrate much better. I also meditate with it and intentionally sit and stare, it helps me to think and daydream. I am already feel better.
So glad I found this website. I prefer to hear the pureness of nature and not music. This web site has allowed me to view before I buy. Great hit for me.
Debbie Brewer - LUBBOCK, TX, US

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Serenity

wonderfully relaxing,
Loved the variety of beach scenes.
The rhythm of the waves is very calming.
Would love to be able to smell the sea air as well.
The colours of the sea at sunset are beautiful.

I was having a really bad week and in need of some new ambient videos to take me away from all the discontent. I received Ocean Serenity in the mail. Perfect timing. I watched this beautiful, relaxing DVD and just drifted away. The soft, calming waves with the gorgeous sunset colors were just what I needed. It is such a peaceful feeling to relax and just watch this. I have many ambient videos - to say this is now one of my favorites for meditation is not an exaggeration. I donít actually meditate, but it is just so gentle and soothing that I couldnít help but be drawn into it. Love it so much!
Carol L

Review: Ocean Serenity
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