Sunset Beach and Landscape Scenery with Wave and Sea sounds
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Title:  Sunset Moods CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Approx. Duration 121 minutes

A DVD from the ambient collection® - filmed with high definition cameras.

Feel yourself relax as you experience the calming effect of our sunset moods dvd. Sit back and enjoy the golden sun as it sparkles in the spray of dancing waves, watch as it glances over the horizon or reflects in peaceful lakes. See the sun's last rays painting the landscape, and slow yourself down as it slowly dips behind magnificent mountains ~ enjoy seascapes and landscapes under the warming glow of a low-lying sun, accompanied by inspirational music from simon daum, or two tracks of sunset lakes and sunset seas with the calming sounds of nature.

A final track offers the chance to dream away with an hour-long ocean sunset and the original sounds of the outgoing tide ~ sunset moods was filmed at some of the world's most serene places, using high definition cameras and professional audio equipment to offer viewers great sound and picture quality. The tracks are programmed to repeat automatically, and the play all functions and continuous play features allow you relaxation without interruption.

Key features:
*all tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.

ISBN:  9789089702241
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Sunset Moods    Sunset Moods    

Review of the Sunset Moods DVD

We recently purchased the Sunset Moods and Tropical Freshwater Aquarium DVDs from ISIS. Absolutely fantastic! Both have excellent video quality, offer multiple scene options and the option of beautiful relaxing music or true nature background sounds. The Tropical Aquarium is so realistic it genuinely looks like we have an aquarium in our wall but without the hassle of actually looking after the fish. The Sunset Moods allows you to watch some of thåe mos beautiful sunsets without even leaving you couch! We find them a fantastic way to relax at the end of the day.
Barbara and Paul Kirk - Australia

Mr Helsloot's videos are amazing and his talent for putting these together and finding such beautiful scenes is extraordinary. Since I own many of his, I've seen a lot of different kinds of scenery and it's REALLY impossible for me to say which one is the absolute best. Every one I've seen - I've enjoyed and was very happy I purchased them.
Carol L

This DVD is wonderful for relaxing. It is a great DVD to have on while sitting back with a book or relaxing in front of the fireplace or in bed wanting to calm your mind. I have trouble sleeping at times and have watched the track with the hour long ocean sunset to help me relax my eyes and mind before bed. It's also great with an early morning cup of coffee...a beautiful way to start the day.

This DVD is slower paced which helps you achieve a very relaxing mood. Sit back with a drink and enjoy the sunsets.

Review of the Sunset Moods DVD

Stunning videos -- a work of art!!,
Absolutely stunning ... wonderful videos! Excellent customer service! It is a rare combination.

Tony has a gift which is expressed through his work. Anyone can pick up a camera and film a scene, but it takes great talent and creativity to capture images of nature and create a work of art as Tony has done in Sunset Moods. The music selection that goes with the videos is inspiring and warms the heart; the videos with just the sounds of nature have their own special quality.

Thank you for sharing such beauty!!
M W.

Review of the Sunset Moods DVD

The beauty of the photography, the melodic thrill of the music, the entire concept of relaxation is truly awesome, as well as sleep-inducing!
Mrs.Shirley Friedman

Sunset CD being used in a Long Term Care Unit to help acclimate residents to time of day. We start playing it about 5 p.m. and it really seems to help. Noticeable reduction in anxiety and restlessness in residents who experience sundowner syndrome. The sunrise CD, Nature's Alarm Clock is being played during breakfast and has an uplifting effect. Makes everyone feel ready to start the day. They are beautiful visually as well as soothing auditory. I have found the staff in that unit are also enjoying it.
B. B. Buchholz, Integrative Health Practitioner

Review: Sunset Moods
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