Fireplaces And Camp Fires with Beaches and Beautiful Sunsets
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Title:  Campfire By The Beach CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 80 minutes

Dream away with romantic campfires on paradise beaches and passionate red sunsets over the ocean.
The Beach DVD Campfire by the beach creates that extra atmosphere you are looking for during a romantic evening at home, an intimate dinner with friends or family or a great (birthday) party.

This Beach DVD shows two amazing sunset movies on secret paradise beaches of El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines and campfires on diverse locations.
Watch the campfires slowly burn against a jaw dropping, colourful, glowing sky. When the sun sets you enjoy a beautiful spectacle of warming fire against a dark sky.

Dream away with soothing ocean waves sounds completed with the sounds of flickering flames around the burning wood, recorded on location.

This romantic and relaxing DVD is filmed with a high quality HD Canon Cinema camera for a realistic experience.
Play one track continuously or choose the Play All function.

ISBN:  9789089707291
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Campfire By The Beach    

Review of the Fireplace DVD - Campfire By the Beach

This disc took me back to when I was a kid and we sometimes went on holidays with the family to the South of France where we would picnic on the beach. Our fire was never as great as the ones filmed here but it was that feeling of being free and it's great to have it back. Gorgeous scenery and great idea as well... really fab. Almost real enough to toast the marshmallows!
Mr Ed - UK

Review of the Fireplace DVD - Campfire By the Beach

This is a brilliantly relaxing video with stunning scenery captured beautifully. I played the video at work last Friday on my second monitor while I was working (honest). It had a very calming effect with the sound of waves lapping gently and the always conforting sound of a gently crackling fire while I finished off the weeks tasks. Even with people coming in and out to see me it helped chill me out ready for the weekend. When played at home I found the campfire gave me something to focus on that is sometimes missing from more open panoramics. The colour changes as the sun sets are great and I strongly recommend this video to anyone wanting to recapture a holiday memory of an evening on a beautiful beach or who is just looking to escape the world for a bit and chill out.

Review of the Fireplace DVD - Campfire By the Beach

This is my favourite relaxing DVD- such a great idea to combine fire with the ocean at sunset. The slow crashing waves and the crackle of the wood in the fire are such relaxing sounds. The colours of the sunsets are just amazing. I quite often put on a relaxing DVD in the background (I also have the fire and rain DVDS by this company) but between the sun setting, the waves and the fire I prefer to give this one my full attention and just lay back and watch. The only reason I've given it four stars instead of five is that on the main menu there is an option to play all, and then there are 2 scenes to choose from- but there are some different camera angles and at the end a fire in the darkness, once the sun has set

Review of the Fireplace DVD - Campfire By the Beach

I just watched this DVD a little while ago and I am still in a relaxed state. The combination of the crackling sound of the campfire with the gentle waves coming up on the beach takes any stress you might have and removes it. The colors of the sky - soft pinks and orange - it's just peaceful and restful. It goes all the way through the sunset over the ocean to total blackness with just the fire left. A crackling fire is especially helpful in when you're in the grip of a bitter winter - it almost makes you feel WARM! I'm very glad I have this DVD and I know I'll be watching it often!

Review of the Fireplace DVD - Campfire By the Beach

The warmth of fire in an apartment.
At a Christmas party our host had a yule log DVD playing throughout and it added atmosphere on what would otherwise have been a blank TV screen. I went further with the Fireplace DVD with sound. The music is very subtle and non intrusive. Best of all the DVD is All Region so that I can send it as a gift to my friends around the world.
Helen Cannon-Brookes

Review: Campfire By The Beach
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