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Atlantic Waves

The Atlantic Waves film is shot over many months on The Atlantic Coast from towering Cliffs to Serene Deserted Beaches with Surreal Rock Formations.

The main film Sea Meditation is complimented with the specially composed music of Edward Smid known for the tranquil cd series The Ultimate Dream Mixes.
The film starts with Dramatic Aerials from within the Sea Fog coming from the Atlantic Ocean and followed with Dream Like Ocean and Beach Scenery really helps to calm you down and very soothing for getting into a Meditative and calm State of Mind.

Wave Pulse is composed again by Edward Smid also know as the Pulse Master.
This track is designed to get you quickly to relax and get you to unwind of today's Busy Life Rhythm.
The pulses are very effective for bedtime to relax and clear one's mind.

A 30 Minute pure Aerial Ocean Scenery with Dramatic Light on the Majestic Cliffs from the Atlantic Coastline full with Seabirds, this film is like you floating above the ocean due to it calm Cinemaphotography style and has a calming soothing Ocean Sound Track.

Segment one: Blue ocean waves, 30 minutes. Stunning HD drone footage captures the beauty of a barren rocky shore. The roar of waves and the cries of gulls accompany the vivid blues of the water and sky which are such a stark contrast with the land. Even the power and intimidation of the ocean won’t dampen your desire to kick off your shoes and explore this place in the sunshine and cool mist with its incredible rock formations.
Segment two: Blue ocean slow, 26 minutes. You begin, floating above the clouds looking down on the ocean. Relaxing music accompanies your view of a stunning shoreline through the sun’s filtered rays. Whatever your belief, there is a spiritual presence here, regardless of whether the sun is shining from above or setting behind the horizon with waves that are at times crashing in to the coast and at others times calm and quiet. The moon reflects over the calm waters as your day comes to a close.
Segment three: Blue ocean calm, 30 minutes. While the Atlantic may at times demonstrate her fury, this is not one of those times! Sit back and relax to the sound of gentle waves while enjoying aerial footage of coastline and unspoiled beaches.

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