Fireplaces with Flames and Crackling Burning Wood Sounds
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Fullscreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 115 minutes

Create a lovely, cozy atmosphere during a relaxing evening at home, a romantic moment or a dinner party. Perfect to warm up cold winter nights with the flickering flames and soothing sounds of crackling wood or peaceful music.
This dvd set contains two fireplace dvds with each two warming fireplaces, filmed in various settings and complemented by a variety of soundtracks.
Experience the longest fireplace movies ever! Four fireplace movies of 45 minutes with no edits, showing a complete fire burning all the way through its embers. 

You have three different sound options to choose from:
- fireplace sounds recorded on location
- classical music (Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart)
- a mix of fireplace sounds and classical music  

This relaxing fireplace dvd is film in superb HD cinema quality and professional sound recording equipment. Brilliant colors and HD sharpness make this dvd set an absolute must for anyone who wants the joy of a warming fire at the switch of a button.
All tracks play continuously for an endless fire on your TV. The play all function allows you to play two fireplaces in turn. 


Fireplace XXL    

The promise of brighter, longer and XXL is well fulfilled in this latest release from the company. The quality of all the films is simply outstanding on this set but I love the 45 minutes film. Up to now, the longest of my fire films was about 18 minutes long and it never seemed long enough. Here, because of the length of the main feature and the fact that the flames do NOT disappear at the top of the screen, it all seems super real. So yes this is definitley THE definitive fireplace DVD you will ever need. Just great!

Review of the Fireplace DVD: Fireplace XXL

This is the best set of fire films I have ever owned. The long 45 minute film is just fantastic because it is soooo realistic. I have bought many of these type of Dvd's and a lot of them are just ten minutes loops of fires. With this you start as you would and finish as you should. I think the fact that the flames do show in full without the screen chopping half away is great as well. It adds to the illusion which is what ambient dvd should always be about. We play this one a lot in the winter (although we like sunny DVD's as well) and we love the crackling sounds. We used to have open fires and because we are now in an apartment this is how close we can get to the real thing. So yes, the films are very realistic which is what you want in the first place. A very good price too and I would suggest this is a great Christmas gift as well...
Mr Ed - UK

Review of the Fireplace DVD: Fireplace XXL

Five Stars,
Most realist and very relaxing!
D. wright "mobinut" - lancashire

I have XL Fireplace too. This is double the enjoyment. It's only November but the temperature is hovering around 0 already. I don't know why, but having these fireplace DVDs on DOES make me feel warmer, even though I know there is no heat there. The fires are so peaceful, I love the crackling of the wood sounds. It's so relaxing that I almost fell asleep! We have a long winter coming here, my fireplace videos will be getting a lot of play - I need the soothing fires to get me through..

I also like the fact that the fires burn all the way through. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THESE VIDEOS!!
Carol L

Gorgeous fires! 2 out of the 4 have birds chirping in the background as well as the fire sounds,which did not work for us. Not sure why that was done sort of distracting if you're trying to enjoy the fire. but other 2 are great. If cabin fire was available without the birds,I'd love to have it.
w. gallagher

Who needs a real fireplace and a chimney!

Based on some of the reviews on I bought the XXL DVD. Wow! Living in the Southwest and Maui in a home & condo without a fireplace....but with this DVD, who needs one? Each Fire on this 2 DVD set is different with different sounds as well. Personally #1 and #4 are my favorites. Really realistic, looks beautiful and highly recommended!

The fires on this DVD are very relaxing to look at. Each of these fires looks different and are shown from a different perspective. Some fires are shown from very close, some a little further away. I like this variety on this DVD. I use the DVD in order to create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. The natural fire sounds make this more realistic. It's also nice that you still have the possibility to choose from piano music as added background noise. So you can always vary the mood. A great DVD.
Alina, Germany

"Beautiful. I like that there are a couple of ..."

Beautiful. I like that there are a couple of slow fires and fast fires. I have a choice of whether to listen to music or not. Nice crackling sounds and I swear my body warms up just having it on.
-- Marian Long

"The best and most real one out there."

It s great. I moved a basement flat screen up, and put it into the fireplace with our screen in front of it. It looks very very real. Almost scary. It is professionally done. I think it has four different fires. You can have soft music, fire sounds or both. We use the fire sounds. My wife wants me to keep a bucket of water nearby just in case. She is silly.
-- KJeffreyK

"The best of the best!"

This is the best fireplace DVD I have found. The fire is so real and the sounds are soothing. I highly recommend it!
-- Barbara Smith


This was a gift for a couple who don't have a fireplace and they love it.
-- L. Perry

"Very realistic. We use this in an RV to ..."

Very realistic. We use this in an RV to duplicate our home fireplace experience.
-- New User

"watch it, and relax SOOOOOOOO I bought this DVD ..."

have always had a fireplace or wood burning stove in any house I lived in. But the one we bought a few years ago had had the stove removed. I really missed the sound of a fire and the heat and to be able to just sit, watch it, and relax SOOOOOOO I bought this DVD and I just love it !!
The crackling is great the flames are too and if I stand close to my TV I even get a little heat off the screen. So I'm in heaven with this DVD.
I am going to order another for a Christmas gift too.
-- SJSmiley

Realistic fireplace scenes and awesome holiday music
-- CD miser

"It feels and sounds like a real fire"

It feels and sounds like a real fire. I have a tv screen sitting on top of my space heater.
-- K

"I you view this and think " that's nothing " flying in those conditions, I recommend you go take a flight lesson."

As a pilot myself, I can really appreciate their daily operations. Really wish they would bring the series back.
-- Amazon Customer

"Good quality recording."

Gave it as a gift. It was most appreciated.
-- Peter Reisz

Review: Fireplace XXL
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